Driveway, Patio and Deck Resurfacing Services

Screen Builders has long held the reputation as one of the best pool screen enclosure companies in South Florida thanks to their excellent commitment to customer service and of course their superior craftsmanship. Screen Builders does more than just screen enclosures however. They also specialize in resurfacing projects such as driveways, patios and decks in West Palm Beach. Using only the best materials and employees with tons of experience and knowledge, Screen Builders can help your yard reach its full potential.

Many people who are upgrading part of their property need to go to several different companies to get things done. This wastes time and money and can create a disconnect between everyone at the job site from different companies. Screen Builders is a one-stop shop as they say because they can handle everything from pool deck and patio renovations while also re-doing walkways and driveways with elegant paver stones or anything else. Working with one company helps keep everyone on the same page which eliminates mistakes and miscommunication. It can also help keep the costs down as you only have to write one check for the entire project.

Check out our newest video about patios and driveways in West Palm Beach for more information and examples of the great work done by the pool screen enclosure experts at Screen Builders, Inc.

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