Which Storm Shutters are Right for My West Palm Beach, FL Home?


There are a lot of ways to protect your home, but for those in West Palm Beach, FL, storm shutters make the most sense. People go out of their way to install elaborate home security systems and they spend thousands on the best roofing materials, but unfortunately many don’t think to add storm shutters to their home and that can be a big problem when a hurricane comes ripping through the sunshine state. High winds and driving rains can cause damage, but it’s the projectiles swirling around in the wind which can come crashing through your window. West Palm Beach storm shutter producers like Screen Builders, Inc. are dedicated to helping homeowners protect their investment through their high quality materials and craftsmanship. Each shutter is designed for maximum strength and efficiency without being a bulky eyesore on the side of a house. Screen Builders produces a number of different kinds of storm shutters to fit every style home so call today and learn more.

What most don’t realize is that there are many different types of storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL each serving a unique purpose and style. Storm panel hurricane shutters are some of the most popular as they provide a high level of security without added bulk to the side of a home or building. Storm panels are made from corrugated metal which improves the strength to weight ratio. It’s easy to slide the panels across a window or sliding glass door when a storm is brewing and that’s what makes them perfect for residential homes. They are also the most economical option in terms of price vs. level of protection.

West Palm Beach storm shutters also come in a colonial variety which mimic the wooden shutters which were popular back in the early days of America. Colonial shutters offer less protection than other forms of storm shutters, but they make up for it in aesthetics and curb appeal. For those who are more interested in protection, colonial shutters are not the best option, but they do offer a layer of protection against projectiles none the less.

For those interested in finding the perfect West Palm Beach storm shutters, talking to the professionals at Screen Builders is a great place to start. With a large selection of shutters available in multiple colors and styles, Screen Builders can help you protect your home against the elements. Call today and learn more about all the benefits of installing storm shutters on your West Palm Beach home.

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