What Are My Options for Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL


Everybody likes to have a little protection. From online passwords to home security systems, people go out of their way to ensure their property and loved ones are out of harm’s way. You probably lock your doors at home right? Well there are other ways to protect your home and it starts with hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. Protecting your windows and doors from the high winds and heavy rains of a tropical storm is essential and only Screen Builders, Inc. has the high quality hurricane shutters in a variety of styles to fit every style home and window. Hurricane shutters from Screen Builders, Inc. are designed with safety, strength and aesthetics in mind so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for strength and vice-versa. Working with Screen Builders, Inc. is a great way to not only save money on high quality hurricane shutters, but also benefit from friendly service and expert installation from qualified professionals.

According to the National Hurricane Center, even a Category 1 hurricane can do extensive damage to a property with winds between 74 and 95MPH. The wind itself may not be strong enough to break your windows or glass doors, but the projectiles it picks up certainly can. From tree branches to all manner of other debris, hurricane winds can send things flying around at high speeds and when they hit your home, bad things can happen. Hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL are a great way to protect your home from whatever a hurricane sends your way. For those who are not sure what to expect when looking to buy hurricane shutters, speaking with the experts at Screen Builders, Inc. can be very helpful. The friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Screen Builders, Inc. can show you all the different varieties, colors and styles including explaining the advantages of each one.

Don’t spend way too much on hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL that won’t stand up to the test of time. Instead, trust the protection of your biggest investment to the experts at Screen Builders, Inc. With professional service and quality products, Screen Builders is the best source for accordion storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. Call or stop by today and give your home the protection it deserves.

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