Prepare for Summer Early & Install Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL!


Everybody needs hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. Homes from the smallest apartments to the largest mansions all have spots which are clearly susceptible to damage during a hurricane or strong storm: the windows. Windows easily let light and fresh air into your home, but they can just as easily let the damaging winds and rains of a storm inside. Protecting your windows should be your first line of defense against the forces of a hurricane. There are many options for hurricane shutters, many of them are unwieldy and require a huge amount of storage space. At Screen Builders Inc, we can provide solutions that protect your home’s structure and style.

Everybody knows that preparedness is key when it comes to hurricane protection in West Palm Beach. When a storm warning is issued, stores quickly run out of hurricane supplies. The same preparedness is vital in protecting your home. The time to consider storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL isn’t after a hurricane watch has been issued. Instead, the best time to research your storm shutter options is months before hurricane season when a dangerous storm isn’t a day away. Planning your home’s protection well in advance lets you choose between your storm shutter options. Work with us and work with the best!

At Screen Builders Inc. we work to bring beauty and functionality to Floridian homes. We can install accordion storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL that are perfect for anybody. Old fashioned storm shutters are taken down and reinstalled whenever there’s an approaching storm. This can become incredibly expensive, with people paying to have the shutters professionally installed each hurricane. Or worse, people may opt to install the shutters themselves, resulting in inconsistent quality and even endangering their home. Accordion storm shutters provide unparalleled protection, they’re designed from aluminum which is both durable and strong. They require minimal maintenance and virtually no storage space. When a storm comes, accordion storm shutters are the most convenient choice. You don’t need to rush out to buy flimsy plywood to drill into your walls. Instead, you can simply unroll your accordion storm shutters and protect your West Palm Beach home. In fact, some accordion shutters can be unrolled by one person! Imagine, preparing your home for a hurricane in one simple step!

We have been dedicated to helping West Palm Beach homes solidify their hurricane preparedness with quality storm shutters for decades. We understand that the hurricane shutters we install will be protecting not only homes but the families within them as well. The business of installing storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL isn’t just a business of selling aluminum and installing it on the side of houses. It’s a business of building lifelong relationships with the customers we protect. When you call on Screen Builders Inc, you can rest assured your home will be prepared for hurricanes and storms with our high quality products and service.

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