Can Hurricane Shutters Alone Protect Your Home?

Anyone who has lived in South Florida for more than a few years can attest to the incredible strength of hurricanes. These major storms can bring heavy winds and rain for hours on end. The storm conditions also create flying debris, big and small, that can increase damages exponentially. The dangers of hurricanes cannot be prevented, but you can prevent these dangers from harming your property with the right preparation. At Screen Builders, we believe that hurricane preparedness is in the hands of all West Palm residents. Together, we can plan and protect ourselves from flying debris and heavy winds. The key to protection is more than just hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Fl, it’s also adding protection on other parts of your property.

Storm shutters in West Palm Beach, Fl are a vital part of hurricane preparedness. Our team at Screen Builders can create and install customized storm shutters from the strongest materials, helping protect your home from hurricanes and tropical storms. Shutters can keep your windows from sustaining damages during a hurricane. When your windows break during a hurricane, the flying debris, wind and rain can find their way into your home creating further damages. Our customized hurricane shutters can keep your windows fully covered, even windows which are large or oddly shaped.

Shutters are a vital part of hurricane preparedness and protection, but there’s more on your property which needs to be protected. Your swimming pool enclosure experiences added risks during a hurricane or storm. Hugh winds can tear through the mesh screen panels, debris can also create holes within the screens. Small debris, such as little rocks or glass pieces, can also create major damages to your enclosure. They can fill the pores of your mesh screens, creating higher wind resistance which actually brings more harm to the entire enclosure, putting the structural frame at risk. We have developed removable screen panels which can help resist storm damages. These panels can be removed entirely, allowing air to flow freely through the structure helping to prevent damages from wind tunnel effects. After the storm, you can easily put the screen panels back into place, without the need of expert help.

Our pool enclosures are constructed with hurricanes in mind. After destructive Hurricane Wilma, we realized that the primary reason screen enclosure structures failed was due to inadequate roof frame bracing. We construct our enclosures with reinforced bracing which allows wind force to flow from the roof to the ground, rather than getting stuck in the structure. We also use the highest strength materials available, working to offer you the strongest framework possible.

Hurricanes are dangerous storms which can bring substantial destruction. Still, with the right preparation you can work to lessen hurricane damages to your property. Our team at Screen Builders can help with many of your hurricane preparation needs, installing customized hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Fl. We can also protect your exterior spaces with storm-conscious pool enclosure construction including removable panels, reinforced frames and heavy duty materials. The time to prepare for hurricanes is well before the season begins, call today to get started.

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