The Benefits of a Sunroom in West Palm Beach, FL

Drive through most neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL and you’ll probably see your fair share of sunrooms. More common in the Southern states, sunrooms began growing in popularity during the early 1960’s. Essentially a sunroom is a room attached to a home which...

New Pool Screen Construction in West Palm Beach

One of the best things about Screen Builders, Inc. is since they’ve been in business for decades, they know pretty much every pool construction company in South Florida. If you’re having a new pool built in your back yard, why not have a company...

Preparing for a Hurricane with Storm Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL

What does your hurricane preparation checklist look like? For most people, the staples include: Drinking water Non-perishable food Batteries Candles Radio Cash First aid kit This is a pretty basic list of things you need inside your home when a hurricane hits, but what...
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