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Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round with Pool Enclosures in Wellington

Living in South Florida means we have the benefit of being able to enjoy the outdoors and swimming pools year-round. Unfortunately, debris, dirt, and unwanted pests and insects can quickly turn your fun in the sun into a headache. Our patio and pool enclosures make sure nothing gets in your patio or pool area if you don’t want it to get in. We can also install a pet door to allow the family dog or cat to freely come and go without bothering you to open the door.

One of the best features that come with living in sunny Florida is being able to enjoy your swimming pool year-round. Temperatures rarely dip below 80 degrees meaning every day can be fun in the sun, day.  With such consistently good weather, it’s no wonder why so many Wellington residents have invested in swimming pools. One unfortunate aspect of owning a pool is having to clean out all the debris that gets blown into it. All pool owners agree upkeep can become tedious. However, Screen Builders has a solution. A pool screen enclosure will help keep your pool looking fresh and allow you to spend more hours enjoying the crisp water rather than cleaning it.  

Aside from keeping out the bugs and dirt, a pool screen enclosure is a great area to entertain guests.  Your guests can come and go inside and out without tracking mud and dirt throughout the house. Plus, all your guests will talk about how beautiful your home looks with your new pool screen enclosure. We can even install a pet door that allows the family dog to come and go as it pleases. 

Another fantastic reason to invest in a pool screen enclosure is to block out some of the sun’s harmful UV rays.   At Screen Builders, some of our most popular screen enclosures are our SunTex solar screens. These screen enclosures block out 80% of UV rays, keeping you protected from the harmful rays emitted by the sun.  

We have been in business for over 30 years and have completed over 100,000 jobs. When it comes to pool screen enclosures, there is no parallel to the quality and craftsmanship we offer. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to take on any sized job. When you need a pool screen enclosure for your backyard count on our team at Screen Builders. Call us today for more information and to learn more about the pool enclosures we offer.


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With a New Pool Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton, You Can Enjoy Your Next Pool Party Free of Bugs or Debris

South Florida is a beautiful place to live and enjoy warm weather sports all year round. Swimming is one of the things South Floridians enjoy most to beat the heat, and that’s probably why so many homeowners invest in their own pools. Many homeowners agree that the best way to enjoy pool time is to protect it with a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. When you build a pool, a pool screen enclosure will probably be the next thing on your list. Why? 

Because South Florida’s natural environment is home to many living things that may or may not be welcome inside your pool area. Not to mention leaves from trees and other debris may fall into your pool. High winds from a storm can kick up mud and grass that could end up in your pool as well. 

And what about the annoying bugs and mosquitos?

Luckily, your new pool screen enclosure will bar their entry for good. Your new pool screen enclosure also allows for more privacy and protection from the elements such as the harsh, tropical Florida sun. 

What are Some of the Other Benefits of a Pool Screen Enclosure?

  1. Lowers pool maintenance costs. Spend less time shoveling leaves and mud and more time enjoying your new pool and your guests. You don’t have to worry about bugs clogging up your drains or harmful objects damaging parts of your pool, costing you money in repairs and replacements.
  2. Keeps out harmful mosquitos and other bugs. A bug bite can put a damper on the day and keep you and your guests from enjoying pool time for days. You can alleviate that worry with a new pool screen enclosure, keeping out ants, flies, mosquitos, and other pests.
  3. Protection from UV rays. While sunshine can be a great thing (after all, it is South Florida), too much of a good thing can be unhealthy for you. A pool screen enclosure cuts down on the harmful UV rays getting through so you and your family can rest easy knowing that the chances of sunburn and other skin issues are significantly reduced.
  4. Adds value to your home. The value of a pool screen enclosure has been estimated to increase your home value significantly. The protection, safety, and hours of pleasure a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton will bring are immeasurable.

Are You Ready to Get in Touch?

There are many benefits to installing a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. Screen Builders offers clients only the strongest pool screens made with the highest grade of aluminum and other superior materials. 

With the experienced, trusted team at Screen Builders and a little creativity on both our parts, your dream pool screen enclosure can become a reality. To get started on your pool screen today, call the experts at Screen Builders today at (561) 395-0801. We also offer a wide selection of décor screen doors, patio screen doors, and aluminum fences. Call us for a free quote today!

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The Many Benefits of Having a Porch Screen Enclosure in South Florida

Living in South Florida means that the weather is unpredictable. One day, you may have sunny weather, and the next day you may have thunderstorms. Don’t forget the random hurricanes and rainstorms. With this spontaneous weather, the best thing you can do is have something that outlasts it all, something like a porch screen enclosure. If you look around your neighborhood, we guarantee that you will find that many of your neighbors already have one and spend a lot of time on their porch. Despite the weather, you can still enjoy the great outdoors with a porch screen enclosure to keep you protected.

Here are a few reasons to consider a porch screen enclosure. 

Aesthetic Addition to Your Home

There are a few reasons why people decide to get a porch screen enclosure, and aesthetics is one of them. A porch screen enclosure is a minimal addition to add to your home, yet it makes your home look that much nicer. Usually, when people are trying to upgrade parts of their home, they tend to go all out with remodeling and paint jobs; however, a simple spruce up can start on the outside! Something like a porch screen enclosure can do the job for you. The best part is that the porch screen can add to already existing parts of the home


Protects Your Porch Furniture

Another perk of porch screen enclosures is that it helps you protect your porch furniture. Having porch furniture is a necessity; however, it’s still a gamble in South Florida. You buy this furniture and get excited about using it, all for it to get ruined not too long after you purchase it. But, the good news is, there’s hope! if you want to protect your furniture and make it last longer, you can invest in a porch screen enclosure. With this enclosure, your furniture will be protected and kept dry. 


Keeps Pests Out

Living in Florida doesn’t just mean storms and hurricanes; it means all kinds of strange pests and bugs. We have it all down here. From iguanas to cockroaches, there’s always some kind of bug or reptile waiting to make a home on your porch. While keeping bugs out of your home is a breeze, keeping them out of your porch can prove to be a difficult task. Pests are always going to find their way onto your furniture and onto your porch. However, with a porch screen enclosure, you can keep them out.


A Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Have you ever wanted to sit outside and get some fresh air, but decided against it because of the heat? This occurrence is far too common in sunny South Florida. And it shouldn’t have to be the case. After all, nothing beats fresh air and the beautiful sunshine here in South Florida. With a porch screen enclosure, you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about the intense heat. The best part is that the porch is a happy medium between outside and inside, meaning you can get indoor comfort while getting the benefits of the outside.


Contact Us Today!

If you have been eyeing your neighbor’s porch screen enclosures, then it’s time you consider getting one for your home. With a screen enclosure, you can get all of the benefits of relaxing outside with the comfortable furniture and cool weather that you get sitting inside. It truly is the best of both worlds. To learn more about the porch screens we can offer you, give us a call today!

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Get the Best Patio Screen Repair in West Palm Beach

When it comes to living in South Florida, closed in patios are a luxury many people cannot live without. What’s the point of living in the sunny state if you would rather stay inside your cool home? That’s why so many Floridians invest in a screened-in patio. We all know that with the heat comes bugs and they are almost unbearable. But what happens when that screen is damaged by strong wind or other severe weather? If you need patio screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL, our experts at Screen Builders can help.

For our family at Screen Builders, repairing and installing the best screen enclosures is of the utmost importance. We know what can go wrong when you let a rip, some rust or other issues take hold of your enclosures. Over time, these structures can wear away and your enclosure can lose its overall effectiveness. Soon, bugs, mosquitoes, debris, and other frustrations can find their way into your screen enclosures. Don’t let this happen to your pool or patio! The moment you notice some rust ripped screens, or other issues, please give our experts at Screen Builders a call.

Our patio and pool screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL includes many different services. We can replace old torn screens with stronger options, such as our SunTex 80 screens. These panels offer extra strength UV protection, helping to block 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays. This helps prevent sunburn, allowing your family to enjoy your pool or patio for much longer on sunny days.

We can also replace broken or torn screens with options such as clear view screens that allow for better longevity. Our screen panels can last three times longer than traditional screens, bringing up to 10 years of durability! Even if your screens aren’t all torn or broken, it’s a great idea to make the switch to our great screens at Screen Builders.

As a South Florida homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities around the house. A patio screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL should be the least of your worries. Your patio should be like an oasis for you to sit back and relax without any bugs or other four-legged creatures encroaching on your space. So why delay the repair of your patio screen and trap yourself in your home? With our team at Screen Builders, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will go to your home and fix that screen so you can take back your oasis and cross that off your list of things you need to do around your home.

Sometimes you need to get out of your house and get away from the outside world, a screened-in patio is the perfect place in between so get yours fixed today! It doesn’t matter if it’s significant damage or small damage, our team of professionals can do any patio screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. You can put your trust in us, after all, we haven’t been around for a couple of years. We have been around for more than 30 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call today!

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Aluminum Fencing is the Perfect Low-Maintenance Choice for Your Boca Raton Home

When it comes time to purchase a fence for your Boca Raton home, you have many options to choose from. But some of those options don’t always hold up well under a tropical sun or in a hurricane. While wood or wrought iron fencing may offer some pluses, nothing can beat aluminum for strength, durability, and reliability. Aluminum fencing does not rust like wrought iron or rot like wood. It can also withstand hurricane-force winds up to 250 mph. 

That’s an important feature when you live in Florida, where a hurricane or a tropical storm can occur at any time. Not only are aluminum fences strong, but they are also very attractive and come in a variety of styles and colors for residential, pool, commercial, and industrial-grade fencing. They also provide security for kids and pets and depending on the style you choose, much-needed privacy.

What are the Major Benefits of Aluminum Fencing?

1. Affordability. When compared to other options, aluminum is more affordable than expensive wrought iron and even wood. Aluminum costs less than the most weather-resistant types of wood and is much easier to maintain. If cost is a concern, then installing aluminum fencing will save you money.

2. Attractive looking. Aluminum fencing does not disappoint in the looks department. Aluminum fences look and feel just as expensive as wrought iron. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing looks for cost here.

3. Easy maintenance. Aluminum is virtually maintenance-free because of its powder coating that will retain its beauty no matter what the weather looks like outside. It does not rust, rot or tarnish and never has to be painted like wood, which requires much more upkeep.

4. Versatility. Aluminum fencing comes in a wide variety of styles and colors such as bronze, white, and black. And, the best part is you can customize it any way you like. 

5. Adds security. Aluminum fencing provides a layer of protection due to its reliable, strong material. An aluminum fence creates a haven for your kids and pets, and you can rest easy knowing they are safely nestled inside with a secure barrier to protect them.

6. Increases property value. When you install an aluminum fence in your Boca Raton home, you can rest assured that your property will not only be protected but that it will increase in value. If curb appeal is essential, then an aluminum fence conveys an expensive look and feel to potential buyers.

7. Increases privacy. Along with security, an aluminum fence provides privacy for you and your family. Unlike wrought iron fencing, a style that does not always provide privacy for a back yard or patio, aluminum fencing can be customized to provide as much privacy as is needed for your space.

Get in Touch Today

Obtaining the best quality and superior craftsmanship for your money these days makes sense, and aluminum checks all of the boxes for superior fencing products that deliver in all categories: affordability, reliability, durability, and beauty. 

If an aluminum fence is the right choice for you, then Screen Builders is the perfect company to build it for you. Screen Builders has been building aluminum fences, patio screens, and patio enclosures for many Florida communities for more than 30 years. Our gates, railings, and fences are constructed using only the highest-grade alloy aluminum the industry has to offer. Our maintenance-free, powder-coated fences are available in bronze, white, and other colors. T

Reach out to us to experience the difference. Our experienced and trusted team of technicians can build you an amazing aluminum fence in Boca Raton in no time.  To get your free quote on your new aluminum fence, call Screen Builders today at (561) 395-0801. One of our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions and set up a convenient appointment.

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Bring the Outdoors in with a Patio Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton

A patio screen enclosure is an amenity that is worth every penny if you live in sunny Boca Raton. With the addition of a patio screen enclosure, you can enjoy morning coffee in peace without the nuisance of insects and other pests around you and the annoyance of the South Florida sun beating down on you. The stress of worrying about your kids and pets is also substantially reduced. They can play safely, and you’ll worry less about them wandering off or suffering from heatstroke. The South Florida sun can be brutal, and sometimes sunscreen is just not enough.

The Many Reasons Why a Patio Screen Enclosure is Beneficial:

  • A patio screen enclosure allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The installation of a patio enclosure in Boca Raton allows you to enjoy lunch or dinner with a view of nature without worrying about the hot sun, insects, or gusts of wind. With a screen enclosure, you can enjoy nature with total protection from the elements.

Protection from the elements. A patio screen enclosure provides a sheltered space where outdoor elements are kept at bay. South Florida’s frequent tropical rainstorms and wind that accompany it can certainly put a damper on your dinner party or morning coffee routine. You can be sure that a screen enclosure will protect your family and friends no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you.

  • A patio screen enclosure offers protection from bugs and other pests. 

Wanting to enjoy the beautiful outdoors year-round is probably one of the reasons you moved to Boca Raton. A patio screen enclosure protects you from the hot sun, harsher elements, and annoying pests all year round. But along with the warm weather South Florida is famous, comes a variety of native insects and pests that are seeking shelter from the sun and nourishment — on your patio. Biting mosquitos can be especially annoying after a rainstorm and if you have any standing water. A screened-in porch enclosure gives you and your family a secure protective shield against unwanted pests from entering your domain.

  • A patio screen enclosure adds aesthetic value. 

At Screen Builders, we create custom patio screen enclosures that can be customized to your specifications. A custom enclosure can be created to complement any style of home, adding beauty and charm to any space.

  • A patio screen enclosure increases indoor/outdoor space to entertain.

 With the holidays upon us, an indoor/outdoor space to entertain would be a wise decision. Whether you enjoy hosting a large or small, more intimate gathering, a patio screen enclosure allows for more space to dine comfortably outdoors. Living in Boca Raton has its perks, and one of them is the ability to entertain outdoors nearly all year-round. When you install a patio screen enclosure, the party can go on for as long as you want without worrying about the weather.

  • A patio screen enclosure increases property values. 

A patio screen enclosure adds value to your home by increasing its living space. Buyers will be more inclined to buy a home that offers a sheltered area for outdoor dining and protection from the elements.

  • A patio screen enclosure reduces patio maintenance.

Patios are popular in South Florida, but many of them are built unscreened. An unscreened patio not only invites insects and other pests inside but also attracts dirt and debris. Screening in your lanai prevents dirt, leaves, soil, and other debris from entering the patio. Another reason a patio screen enclosure is a great investment is that it saves you money from costly cleanups.

Get in Touch With an Expert Today

 At Screen Builders, we provide you with everything from patio screens and pool enclosures to sunrooms and fences, and more. We use only the strongest exclusive alloy aluminum and can withstand an excess of 150-170 mph winds. Rest assured that we have the skills and expertise to repair your current patio enclosure if it has any rips, tears, or holes. There are many reasons why having a screened-in patio enclosure in West Palm Beach is a smart move. So, whether you’re looking to acquire a new patio enclosure or you are looking to repair an existing screen or pool frame, call the professionals team at Screen Builders for a free estimate today at (561) 395-0801.

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Why You Can’t Do Without a Fence in West Palm Beach

If you’ve found your dream home but you’re on the “fence” about it because it lacks a private fence, there are many ways to fix that without breaking the bank. The cost-effective way to create privacy away from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors is to build a fence. Let’s face it, our home is our private oasis, a space where we can relax in comfort and above all, enjoy our privacy. A fence is something that most homeowners feel is essential to establish boundaries between you and your neighbor’s property. In West Palm Beach, many homes today are built close together, so it’s no wonder that a fence becomes one of the most important features to install in your backyard. Within your backyard, you can enjoy your garden, hot tub, pool or just some peace and quiet on your patio or lanai in your pajamas if you so choose! In South Florida, a fence is one of the most desirable options that home buyers look for. Your backyard is your sanctuary and a fence provides not only privacy but a feeling of safety and solitude.

What kinds of fence materials are available for my yard?

Frame your home with a simple wood fence or a more elaborate iron one. Depending upon the rules of your HOA, who may have certain fence restrictions, you can build a fence in West Palm Beach designed to complement the beauty of your home. At Screen Builders, a licensed and insured Florida contractor, our welded fence gates are custom designed with hinges, swing or rolling options. We offer our customers premium quality gates, railings and fences that are constructed using only the highest grade materials the industry has to offer. Our gates are installed by our team of professional craftsmen who have decades of experience. Many homeowners are excited to not only have a choice of fencing materials, but also to have a choice of colors such as bronze, white, black and many other colors. At Screen Builders, we pride ourselves on using exceptionally durable paint that will stand up longer to the elements as well as minimize the possibility of corrosion. Rest assure Screen Builders, only the highest quality materials will be used to build your fence in West Palm Beach.

What else can a fence provide my family with?

Of course, privacy is the number one benefit of adding a fence to your West Palm Beach home. But there are many other benefits such as:

  •                   Increased home value – just like you were hesitant to buy a home without a fenced yard, so might a potential homebuyer who might pass your home by for just that reason. Your professionally crafted custom-built fence is an investment in your future and can only help to enhance your home’s marketability when you decide to sell one day.
  •                   Aesthetic beauty – Whether you go simple or ornate, your fence will be a reflection of your personality adding beauty and elegance to complement your home.
  •                   Security – Whether you choose to build a large or small fence, it will no doubt help keep your kids and pets stay safely inside if they are prone to wander. You can relax and your children can also play relatively undisturbed by looky-loo neighbors who tend to be nosy. It also adds a layer of safety to your home and will act as a deterrent to burglars when the unknown is waiting for them on the other side of your fence.

If you are interested in building a fence on your West Palm Beach property, give the professionals at Screen Builders a call today. Licensed in Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin County, we have over 30 years in the business. We specialize in patio and pool enclosures, sunrooms and fences, and are a trusted name in South Florida communities. Over the years we have helped many satisfied customers add beauty and value to their homes. Call us today for a free quote on a custom fence, sunroom, patio or pool screen and more at (561) 793-6029.

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Here Are a Few Signs That You Need to Replace Your Patio Screen Enclosure

Having a patio screen is a must in Florida. Not only does it keep the patio secluded from bugs, but it also provides a cool area where you and your loved ones can relax. However, like anything else, patio screens need to be replaced or fixed from time to time. If your patio screen has begun to look a little aged and frail lately, it may be time to have it replenished. The best thing to do is contact Screen Builders in West Palm Beach and have them come on out and check out your patio screen. In the meantime, if you are unsure if your patio screen needs a fixer up, then keep an eye out for the following signs. Our team has listed these as the top signs that you need a replacement.


  •  Not Providing Much Shade from Sun

The easiest way to tell if your patio screen requires some revamping is if it doesn’t seem to be providing the amount of shade and cooling that you need. Even though patios are outdoors, they should not feel overwhelmingly hot. The point of the screen is to keep the heat out and some of the cooler air in. While your patio may not feel like an air-conditioned home, it should be more comfortable than when you leave the patio. The heat will be noticeable throughout the patio; however, it will be even more noticeable when you get closer to weaker parts of the screen.


  • Puddles of Water

 Seeing puddles of water on the floor is another distinct sign that something is wrong with your patio screen. The screen is there to protect your patio and patio furniture from being hit by the elements. This area of your home is a relaxing one that should not be uncomfortable. So when excessive water enters the patio area, it’s a sign that something needs to be fixed or replaced. Of course, your patio can’t provide full-on protection from the elements, but it does provide enough to make a puddle a concern of yours. If this happens, be sure to reach out to Screen Builders to get the problem fixed. The last thing you want is for you to walk into the patio and find everything soaked.


  • Structural Damage

Another thing you can look out for when examining your screen is structural damage. The patio screen should be held upright and look sturdy. Of course, living in Florida means that your screen is put through the wringer. From intense summer storms to those category five hurricanes, Floridians deal with it all. Even with these storms, your patio screen should be able to go unscathed for some time. Some examples of structural damage are damages such as holes in the patio screen, wire poking out, and debris being on the floor of the patio. You may also notice rips and tears on your screen that will only get worse with time. 


Contact Us Today!

No matter how long you have had your patio screen, ensuring it is in good condition is the best way to enjoy your patio. While your screen should not break or have any issues after a short time of having it, things happen, and Florida is a storm hotspot. If any of the above signs seem like something you have dealt with recently, then it may be time to call in the experts and get their opinion. Don’t let your patio screen ruin a relaxing area; reach out to the Screen Builders team at (561) 770-6576.

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A New Patio Screen Greatly Improves Your Quality of Life In Jupiter

Have you had enough of pesky flies or mosquitos annoying you while you are trying to enjoy your morning coffee or mid-day BBQ on your porch or patio? Are you over the embarrassment of inviting friends for a barbecue only to find flies feasting on your burgers even when you constantly shoo them away? Well, if you live in Florida and currently have an open patio, porch or lanai, you might want to think about investing in an affordable patio screen in Jupiter. Screening in your porch or patio has never been more affordable or more necessary going into the summer months in Florida. So many Floridians enjoy relaxing on their porch or patio throughout the year. But no doubt could do without the pesky bugs or mosquitos that tend to plague us in the summer months especially when humidity is at its highest peak and the temperatures soar without much relief in the evening hours. In the winter months when milder temperatures allow for even more enjoyment of the outdoors for prolonged periods of time, a screened-in porch makes sense, while also adding value to your home. No longer will you or your guests have to bat away pesky flies and mosquitos while dining on the patio. A new patio screen from Screen Builders will insulate everyone you love from nasty weather as well as bugs insects, birds, and other unwanted animals.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Installing a Patio Screen in Jupiter?

  • Patio or porch screens are created to withstand winds of 150-170 mph, which adds another layer of protection to your home and belongings.
  • Keeps pesky bugs and mosquitos outside while you dine inside.
  • It can easily be converted into a sunroom spare room.
  • Protects your children and pets from mistakenly falling into the pool.
  • Adds landscape design and square footage to your home.

How is a Patio Screen Created?

At Screen Builders, we know that quality speaks volumes to our customers, so that’s why we create our patio screens with only the highest quality materials such as strong alloy aluminum and screen enclosures that can withstand high winds. This is a particularly important feature as Floridians have pretty harsh hurricane seasons. All of the materials we use to create our patio screen are rustproof and A+ safety rated.

Contact Us Today

If you’re thinking about how a patio screen in Jupiter could bring you or your family and hours of outside fun, then reach out to the professional team at Screen Builders today! Whether you’re looking to get a new screened enclosure or you already have one in your home that is in need of repair, or you want to convert it into a sunroom, call our team today at (561) 793-6029 to discuss the details. We’d be happy to come out to your home and give you a free estimate.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Patio Screen Enclosure?

As the rest of the country gears up for changing weather and Fall leaves, Florida’s perpetual summer is still going strong. Enjoying the warmth and sun that comes with our subtropical climate is one of the perks of living in South Florida, but the bugs and pests that also thrive in this weather can make it difficult. Gnats, mosquitos, and other annoyances can keep others indoors, but with patio and pool screens, you can bask in the sun without worry. However, just as with any other structure in or attached to your home, maintenance of your patio screen enclosure in Boca Raton is important to enjoying its benefits. Don’t wait until your patio or pool screen enclosure needs to be completely replaced. If you spot any of these five signs, it’s time to get it repaired. 

Pool screen enclosures in Boca Raton are designed to keep your pool insect and debris-free. Over time, this can lead to small tears and rips forming in the screens. Left unaddressed, these rips can open further and further, until the entire thing needs to be replaced. Instead of waiting for your enclosure to fall into disrepair, let Screen Builders keep it in working condition!  

From small tears to larger rips caused by rowdy children or pets, we can fix it all. Even if your screen needs to be replaced, we can complete the job quickly and for much less than completely replacing your enclosure. 

While Florida is known for its sunshine and beaches, the rainy season can bring torrential downpours in just a matter of minutes. Hurricane season is especially trying when it comes to rain and flooding. Even weather-treated items will eventually rust if exposed to these conditions over time. If you notice the screws and joiners in your patio screen enclosure in Boca Raton, getting these parts replaced can save you money down the line.  

As noted previously, the wear and tear of weather and time will eventually cause damage to any screen enclosure. Odds are, by the time you notice the thinning, it’s become substantial. If you see thinning areas in your patio screen, replacing it before they become holes or tears helps to guarantee your continued protection from bugs and debris. Screen Builders only uses the highest quality mesh materials when repairing or replacing your pool or patio screen in Boca Raton. Our screens are tougher, last longer, and provide an unobstructed view to enjoy your backyard. 

Ideally, your patio screen should be taut with some give to compensate for weight added by falling debris. If you notice the screen drooping, it may be caused by this weight or slow deterioration. This dip is more than just unsightly—it shows that your screen is vulnerable to collapse sooner rather than later. Luckily, your local pool screen repair in Boca Raton is ready and able to help you continue protecting your family and property with a quick and easy screen repair. 

If it’s been over five years since your patio screen enclosure was installed, take some time to examine it closely for signs of wear and tear or other damage. The professionals at Screen Builders in Boca Raton can inspect your screen enclosure for you and walk you through your next best option. Call us today to schedule your consultation and get a quote for your new patio screen enclosure in Boca Raton. 

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