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Surprising Essentials for a Perfect Backyard Party

Now that CDC restrictions have relaxed for indoor gatherings, friends and families can get together for a fun and unforgettable backyard party. Every party needs basic supplies, like plates, cups, and utensils. You’ll also need food, drinks, and a setup for music. 

But here’s a party must-have you probably didn’t consider: screen enclosures in West Palm Beach.

That’s right! 

Nothing creates a more comfortable, relaxed, and intimate atmosphere than a screen enclosure. In this list, we’ll share some practical solutions to make your backyard party a blast.

Patio Enclosures

Patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach allow you to enjoy the good part of the outdoors while keeping the bad part safely on the other side of the screen. Enjoy the sunshine and clear blue skies, but not the insects that buzz around your face or crawl all over your food.

Enjoy the relaxing pitter-patter of the rain without getting drenched. Stay outside from sunrise until sunset, entertaining your friends and family in complete comfort. 

Not only do patio screen enclosures increase your resale value, but they also make for enjoyable summer nights outside.


Another option for screen enclosures in West Palm Beach is a sunroom. Instead of having a patio enclosure, a sunroom can improve the original living space with tinted windows and extra sun protection, along with custom designs for a stylish and clean look. 

Here at Screen Builders, we design and build custom sunrooms with acrylic or vinyl pane windows. Acrylic may be the better option for South Florida residents. The acrylic pane is stronger than glass and it does not transmit heat like glass.

Creating a sunroom is a great way to convert your existing outdoor roofed area and expand your living area for leisure living. When you’re serving food and beverages to your guests, you won’t have to worry about bugs hovering and landing on your food or a fly floating in your punch. This is all thanks to the vinyl or acrylic panes designed for long-term performance.  

Pool Enclosures

If you want to take the party to the pool, screen enclosures in West Palm Beach can be used to protect yourself and your guests against harmful UV rays, and keep bugs at a distance while you enjoy outdoor poolside dining in peace. 

Swim without having to deal with dead leaves, tiny branches, and bugs finding their way in the pool. When you spend less time worrying about these nuisances, you spend more time having a great experience with your friends and family.

Natural Bug Repellants

You can buy sprays to keep bugs away, but then you must deal with the toxic, unpleasant smells they exude. 

Why not take a more natural, but equally effective route? 

Choose from beautiful bug repellant plants, like lavender and marigold. Not only do they look pretty, but they’ll douse you and your guests with a wonderful fragrance. 

More importantly, a bouquet of bug repellant flowers will keep the biggest pests away.

Lavender, for example, works so well that it hinders mosquito’s ability to smell. Mosquitoes don’t like marigolds either, so stock up on these brilliant yellow flowers. 

Citronella grass is effective at keeping a variety of pests away, so don’t forget to add some to your shopping cart.

In the end, though, it’s your choice: fragrant flowers, or chemical bug sprays?

Outdoor Patio Lights

When the sun dips out of sight, set the mood with outdoor patio lights. When it comes to lighting, you have a few choices, including:

  • Wall lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Post and pier mount lights
  • Security lights
  • Landscape lights

You don’t have to choose one option. Be creative and mix and match to create a spectacular ambiance. Just remember not to get carried away: less is more. Don’t use bulbs that are too bright. Don’t underestimate lower wattage bulbs, as they can illuminate a dark night for a beautiful atmosphere, not a glaring one.

Contact Screen Builders

For screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, contact Screen Builders. We’ll help to install your sunroom, patio, and/or pool enclosures for backyard parties and everyday use. We are the pioneers for the screen industry having been in business for over 30 years. We also have a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Fill out the form to get in touch or call (561) 793-6029 for a free quote.

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Patio Screen Enclosure Options in West Palm Beach

Patios are a great place to relax and unwind with friends and family or even alone with a good book.

They offer an outdoor experience with the comforts of your home. However, you can always enhance your patio experience by opting for a patio screen enclosure. They let you bring the outdoors inside and give you the option to expand your indoor living spaces.

They are also great to beat the heat and keep dirt and debris away from your patio. There are many options when it comes to patio screen enclosures and we have come up with some of the best ones offered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Let’s discuss them in some detail to give you a better idea of what is possible with a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach.

Always remember to consult Screen Builders for the best patio screen solutions in West Palm Beach. That being said, let’s discuss your patio screen enclosure options.

Patio Screen Enclosure Options in West Palm Beach

Here are all the great patio screen enclosure options to enhance your patio experience in West Palm Beach.

  • Shade Screen

The Sunshine State can often get a bit too sunny, especially during the summer season, a simple way to beat the Florida heat is with some outdoor shade. You can enjoy the outdoors without having to burn in the sun and harm your skin.

In this situation, shade screens are an excellent choice. You can easily opt to install shade screens to cover the seating areas of your patio. Shade screens add immense comfort to your West Palm Beach patio experience.

  • Pet Resistant Screen

Most homes have pets as part of the household, which may present a problem for your patio’s screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. Fortunately, there is a solution for this issue — pet-resistant screens. You can have these installed for superior durability below chair rails.

They protect against any damage caused by pets playing, jumping, biting, or clawing and even prevents damage from outdoor landscaping instruments. Now, you can keep nurturing any flowers or grass around your patio without worrying about damaging the patio screens.

  • Custom Pet Doors

Speaking of pets, they will need access through your patio screen enclosure as well, which is why a custom pet door from Screen Builders is the perfect solution. Custom pet doors give easy access for them to freely roam the outdoors from your West Palm Beach patio screen enclosure.

  • Kick Plates

Have your hands full? 

Not a problem.

Kick plates allow you to prevent damage to your patio screen enclosure and kick them open anytime you have your hands full. You can opt for kick plates ranging anywhere between 8-36 inches.

  • Florida Glass

Florida glass is one of the best patio screen enclosure options in West Palm Beach. It offers a laminated screening with translucent vinyl to keep all the ground dirt and sprinklers away from your patio. 

Moreover, it is an excellent privacy option for your patio screen enclosure.

Most people find the privacy and protection of Florida glass an absolute necessity for their patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. It allows them to bring in the outdoors without worrying about peering neighbors or damaging their patio screens.

  • Removable Screen Panels

During the wet seasons, Florida is fraught with harsh winds, hurricanes, and storms. 

Most people need to keep their patio screens free of debris and let the harsh winds pass through. Here, removable screen panels are the best patio screen enclosure option in West Palm Beach.

They allow you to remove the patio screens in a way that allows easy flow of air through your patio. These screen panels protect your investment by removing the element of damage. It puts the power of preparedness in your hands and keeps your patio screen enclosure safe from damage.

Contact Us to Learn More

All the mentioned options make a great choice to enhance your patio experience. You can get them for your patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach from the best screen solution provider – Screen Builders.If you want to learn more about patio screen options in West Palm Beach or about the many screen solutions from Screen Builders, please visit our website today.

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Why a Custom Sunroom in West Palm Beach is a Wise Investment

If you live in South Florida and want to improve your home’s market value among other reasons, then building a sunroom in West Palm Beach might be the ideal option for you. Imagine enjoying the sunshine year-round from the privacy of your own enclosed custom outdoor living area. Today much can be said about bringing the outside in to not only enhance our spaces but also boost our mood. Sunshine is one of the best remedies to lift your mood and help make every day a great one. In the sunshine state sunlight is one of the most precious commodities we have, and what better way to take full advantage of it than with your own custom sunroom built right on your West Palm Beach property.

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine

In South Florida, we enjoy beautiful warm sunshine almost all year round and one of the ways Floridians might choose to enhance their quality of life is with a sunroom. If you are thinking about adding a sunroom to your West Palm Beach Home, look no further than Screen Builders to design and builds your custom sunroom. Our expert craftsmen can install your sunroom with wither acrylic or vinyl pane windows. We like to use acrylic pane because it is stronger than glass and it does not transmit heat like glass. At Screen Builders, you have many different options to choose from when it comes to sunrooms. Choose from stylish custom designs and clear or tinted windows for extra sun protection. You can convert your existing roofed patio into a sunroom or we can even add a roof with skylights for you.

What are some of the reasons a sunroom is ideal for South Florida living?

  •                   Expands one’s living space

In need of an extra room for outdoor entertaining, an office, a pet room or a playroom? A sunroom is a perfect way to add extra space to your home without breaking the bank! At Screen Builders, we offer affordable options and we always work within your budget.

  •                   Enhances Quality of life

Imagine being lulled to sleep while listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the warmth of the sun through your cool, new acrylic tinted sunroom windows.  At Screen Builders, we understand how important it is to live well and enjoy your best life. Many people relocate to beautiful West Palm Beach for that very reason. Rest assured that with Screen Builders, we have many options and accessories to create a beautiful sunroom that will no doubt improve yours and your family’s quality of life!

  •                   Increases your home’s value and aesthetic appeal

Let’s face it, adding any room to your home will increase its value, but adding an aesthetically pleasing stylish room with windows that open directly into nature will add the wow appeal that will get your home sold fast. With one of Screen Builder’s custom sunroom’s, you’re sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

  •                   Weather resistant and year-round comfort

Enjoy the beauty of natural light and protection from the elements in your newly built sunroom in West Palm Beach. Sunrooms, unlike a screened-in porch, are usually crafted with a roof and three walls. This allows for more privacy and protection from the elements. Enjoy your morning coffee while listening to birds call to each other or gaze out onto your rippling lake. You can enjoy all this without the annoyance of pesky bugs and mosquitoes.

There are many benefits to installing a sunroom in West Palm Beach. With the experienced trusted team at Screen Builders and a little creativity on both our parts, your dream sunroom can become a reality. To get started on your sunroom in West Palm Beach, call the experts at Screen Builders today at (561) 793-6029 for a free quote!

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Benefits of Using Patio Screen Enclosures in West Palm Beach

If you spend a lot of time on your patio, it’s time to upgrade it with our patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. Patio screen enclosures allow you to get the most out of your patio, especially with the unpredictable weather in South Florida. Read on to learn the benefits and why you should contact the experts at Screen Builders for fast, reliable installations.

Extended Patio Use 

If you find that you don’t use your patio often because of the heat, screen enclosures in West Palm Beach are an ideal solution. It will turn your patio into a four-season room, always keeping you cool and protected against the heat.

We all enjoy the sun, but exposure to UV rays can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer and sun damage. While enclosures don’t completely block UV rays, they do provide considerable protection for you and your family.  It’s still recommended that you wear sunscreen for extra protection.

If you want to stay on your patio during midday heat, an enclosure will keep you space cooler, so you can stay outside for as many hours as you want, anytime of the year. You can also add a shade screen to shade certain areas of your patio, like where you and your guests typically sit.

Keeps Bugs and Pests Outside 

Even if you love being outside, bugs can quickly turn into ants at a picnic.  Mosquitoes run rampant all year, bees are great for the planet, but suck when they sting you, and let’s not forget the hundreds of other bug species popular in South Florida. 

You can either use bug repellant every time you step outside your house, or you can install patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach

When you opt for the latter, you also get additional protection against heat and UV rays, as previously mentioned.

While we’re on the subject of pests, you can rest easy knowing your screen will be protected against potential damages caused by pets. When they want to come in, the enclosure has custom pet doors for small, medium, and large pets.

Recreate a New Room 

A patio without a screen is just that: a patio. When you have our contractors install an enclosure, your patio can become an additional room. 

What will you turn it into? There are many options, including:

  • Man cave                          
  • Home office
  • Guest room
  • Play room
  • Sunroom
  • New living or dining room

No matter what you turn it into, you can guarantee lasting results when you purchase our products. The DuPont 500 powder coated paint we use is second to none and is 300% thicker than the industry standard. That equals strength, durability, and a longer color/gloss retention.

Increased Home Value 

This is one home improvement that will increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell. It adds curb appeal, but even if your neighbors can’t see it from the street, it still makes the house more attractive. 

Let’s not forget it also makes your home bigger. We all know that square footage is an important aspect for home buyers. All in all, patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach increase the chance of seeing a return on your investment.

Hurricane Protection 

If you’re worried that your enclosure won’t fair well during hurricane season, think again. We use the strongest alloy aluminum 6061-T6 on the market. As a result, it’s capable of withstanding winds of 150-170 mph. 

Not only is this material strong, but it’s practically corrosion resistant. However, if you want to take it down during hurricane season, there’s the option of having removable screen panels, which makes it easier to prepare for a hurricane.

EZ Drain Doors 

You have the option of adding EZ drain doors in between each vertical screen wall post. When a tropical storm or hurricane comes, this will allow the rainwater to pass through quickly instead of stand on the deck. As a result, it protects your screen enclosures in West Palm Beach from mildew and corrosion.

Contact Screen Builders 

We have been in business for 30 years and consider ourselves to be the pioneers of the screen industry. We specialize in custom-designed patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, and we have a full department for all your screen repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Patio Screens in West Palm Beach that Make a Statement and Increase Property Value

West Palm Beach is about style, elegance, and making your property look the best to enhance its value. The patio screens in West Palm Beach play a role in determining how your home looks and the resale price. 

You might not be selling right away, but it is always nice to know that what you do is making a difference when this time comes. Properties in South Florida are experiencing an upsurge in prices from low inventory and buyers offering sellers $60 thousand more than what they are asking. 

Now is the time to think about doing something to your home that makes the property increase in value and helps you to maximize your investment. Several ways you can do this is by doing things that improve the quality of life and security for future homeowners. 

Both of these factors are critical in determining how your property is valued and the long-term total returns you realize. 

Keep reading to learn more!

The Patio

The patio screens in West Palm Beach decide the protection you have in the summer and against the elements. Several different choices include fiberglass, heavy-duty, clear, solar, pet, and noseeum. Each one offers unique benefits that improve your patio and make it something you can enjoy throughout the year. 

Fiberglass is the most frequently used material when it comes to patio screens. It offers excellent visibility, and these screens are durable with no creasing or dents in them. Fiberglass comes in gray or charcoal, and there is a mesh design that keeps out the pests during the hottest months of the year.  

Heavy-duty patio screens are used on the patio, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. They are typically used when you need protection for large spaces in these areas or extra strength is required. 

They don’t crease or dent and offer outstanding visibility for the outer parts in your backyard. These are mesh types of screens that come in black, and it matches any style or design. 

Clear screens provide outstanding visibility when you are inside looking out, and they are appealing from the outside. They allow you to catch the breeze and create a maximum flow through all open areas. Clear screens are almost invisible to the naked eye, they are flexible, and dent, and crease-resistant. These screens come in mesh and black to give your patio that unique South Florida look and feel.

Solar patio screens in West Palm Beach are used to protect against heat, sunlight, and they increase privacy. Solar patio screens block out 90% of the UV rays, usually come in black, and distorts the outside visibility so no one can see inside. It has a mesh that comes in lengths of 54 by 18 inches and is .11 inches thick to give you maximum protection. 

Pet screens are designed to prevent pets from damaging them by laying, clawing, biting, and jumping on them. They stand up to the biggest dogs and cats with the sharpest claws that tend to take joy in scratching at everything in sight. 

There is good visibility, and you can get them in black to provide added levels of privacy. These work well with fences surrounding the yard to improve your security. 

Nosseeum screens protect against the wave of bugs and mosquitoes that come throughout the summer. During hurricane season, noseeum screens are invaluable by preventing them from entering your patio so that you can enjoy it more. They offer good visibility, can be utilized on doors, windows, and to surround your porches. These are popular in South Florida from the protection they provide during the hot and humid summer months. 

Screen Builders Can Help You 

These are some of the best options for patio screens in West Palm Beach that will give you the protection, look, and style you need. They enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your property when you are ready to sell it. Call Screen Builders today at 561-793-6029 to see how a patio can add to your home. We specialize in patio screens and fences in West Palm Beach and throughout South Florida and we can help you find the perfect screen options for your patio.

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Factors to Think About with Your Pool Screens in Boca Raton, FL

Summer is here, and it’s time to sit around the pool to take advantage of the hot and humid weather here in Florida. The problem is that these conditions bring out pests like mosquitoes and flies, which can make things uncomfortable for you. 

There are over 80 different types of mosquitos here in South Florida, and summer is the time they are breeding the most. The key to avoiding these pests is to install pool screens in Boca Raton, FL, which will keep them away from you. Not all pool screens are the same, and there are different factors you should think about to install the right one. This will make everything more enjoyable, and you can improve the experience with more protection for you, your family, and your friends. Keep reading to learn more about the factors you should consider when choosing a pool screen for your home.

 Length of Time You Are Staying at the Property

Pool screens in Boca Raton, FL, are a long-term investment that you can expect to last you for some time. You’ll definitely want to install them if you plan to stay at the property for many years to come. Pools screens will help enhance the value of your home and make things more enjoyable when you are sitting around the pool. 

You also need to look at your budget, the number of bugs in the area, pets, and the time to clean the screens. These factors make it easier to determine the maintenance costs and the expenses of future pool screen repairs in Boca Raton, FL. You want to look at the pool screen as a long-term investment but do so in a way that works for you. 

The Type of Pool Screen You’ll Need

Pools screens have an average lifespan of between 7 to 10 years and can be affected by the sun, wind, and rain. You can extend their lifespan and reduce the effects of the elements with pool screen repair and maintenance from the team here at Screen Builders. The type of maintenance you will require and the frequency of it will vary depending on the type of pool screen you have. 

Fiberglass is the most common pool screen on the market and is used as a go-to material for many homeowners. It is durable, does not unravel, dent, or fold, and gives you the protection and durability you require. 

Solar pool screens are one of the most popular options because of the unique benefits they provide. The most notable include reduced air conditioning costs and protection for your pool furniture and any other outside furniture you may have. 

Solar pool screens reflect 75% of the sun’s UV rays giving you a nice cool place to relax and enjoy the sun. The glass screen is a heavier type of mesh made of fiberglass, and it is durable. There is a dark laminate outside to give you total privacy, where you can see out, but no one can see inside. 

Pet screens are heavier and more durable than the other pool screens in Boca Raton, FL. They offer the same levels of protection but can handle pets running into them, sitting, biting, and scratching them. These are ideal if you have pets or anticipate a lot of wear and tear.

Installation & Warranty Coverage

You want to go with a well-established company with a track record of installing different kinds of pool screens. The best approach is to ask if there any warranties or guarantees on their quality of work. Then, do a Google search and check to see their reviews and what past customers have to say. 

Make sure the pool screen installation company you choose is insured and bonded to protect against any accidents or mishaps while they are working on building your pool screen. Get everything in writing and keep all of the paperwork for your records to show the costs. 

Contact Screen Builders to Learn More

These are many of the factors to consider when looking for pool screens in Boca Raton, FL, to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here at Screen Builders, we have both the experience and the resources necessary to help you determine which pool screen is best for you. Call Screen Builders today at 561-395-0801 to see how we can help you with pool screen installation, repair, maintenance, and more!

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Here Are 6 Ways Your Home Can Benefit from Solar Screens in West Palm Beach

Do you love the view from your large windows but hate the harsh glare? 

If so you should consider screen enclosures in West Palm Beach to keep your home cool. Screen enclosures, also known as solar screens or solar shades, allow every home in your room to feel cool without scarifying your beautiful view. 

At Screen Builders, we offer Suntex 80 solar screens to block out the sun, UV rays and help lower your power bills. 

Keep reading for six more reasons you should consider adding a screen enclosure to your home.

What is a solar screen? 

Before we get into the benefits of screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, also known as solar screens, what exactly are they? 

In general, solar screens are made from special window screen mesh and they are used in outside areas. Screen options are more customizable than other enclosure options.

For example, we sell Suntex 80, which is made out of a unique woven mesh that comes in a variety of colors.

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark bronze
  • Stucco
  • Grey

Solar screens are installed outside and help to reduce the amount of heat that gets transferred through the glass, ultimately reducing your utility bills while it keeps your home cool. 

They’re a much more affordable alternative when compared to replacing windows for UV protection.

UV Protection

It’s not just the heat you should be worried about when it comes to the sun, but you should also consider the harmful UV rays.

Large windows create light and an incredible view, but exposure to UV rays can cause sun damage, sunburns, and skin cancer. Screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, like the Suntex 80 solar screens can block out UV rays by 80%. 

Lower Utility Bills 

Since we’re talking about a decreased power bill, it’s important to mention that an energy-efficient home can save you thousands in the long run. 

The cost of cooling your home, especially in South Florida where we depend on AC year-round, can do a number to your utility bills. Not to mention running your AC year-round requires a lot of electricity, which is terrible for the environment. 

Our screen enclosures in West Palm Beach can help lower your dependence on AC, and drastically reduce your utility bills.

Protect Your Furniture 

Did you know that prolonged sun exposure can damage your wood, causing it to fade permanently? 

This is concerning, as most rooms have the furniture situated very close to the window. This type of damage is bad for anyone, but especially those who place expensive furniture near large windows. 

By purchasing solar screens, you protect your furniture from harsh sunlight and UV rays, ensuring that it lasts longer.

Patio Dining 

You can easily turn your Suntex 80 solar screen into convenient patio screens in West Palm Beach. This makes it so enjoying a day out in South Florida weather is much more enjoyable.

One major downside of patio dining is the glaring sunlight. Even if you slather yourself in sunscreen, unless you have screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, you still won’t be fully protected from the heat. 

If you’re dining in the evening or at night, you may not have the sun to worry about, but you do have bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, bees, and even wasps can turn a lovely evening into a nightmare. With solar screens, these issues will no longer be your problem.


Another great aspect of solar screens is they create a private barrier between you and your neighbors. If you’re someone who’s concerned about privacy and whether the neighbors are looking into your yard, solar screens will add additional protection.

Protect Your Windows 

You don’t have to live on a golf course to have the occasional ball shatter your window. Truth is every day activities can lead to broken windows and other damages. Whether it be a stray ball during your kids’ football game, a stray rock from the lawn mower or something else, a screen adds another layer pf protection to keep your windows in tact. 

Contact Screen Builders For Solar Screens Today

Enjoy the beautiful weather South Florida offers, without any of the harmful side effects of the sun or without the nagging of bugs. 

Contact Screen builders to install your custom screen enclosures in West Palm Beach. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and over 30 years in business, we are the best and most reliable pool screen company in Florida. 

Call today to learn more about our solar screens. You can reach us at 561-793-6029!

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3 Signs You Can Benefit From a Patio Screen Enclosure

Are you looking for a way to spice up your patio and backyard? If so, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is one way to do it. With the patio screen in place, you can enjoy your backyard in a more intimate manner. 

The protective screen also enables you to decorate knowing that your furniture has a layer of protection from the elements. But, we know that having a patio screen enclosure installed is a big decision to make. 

You might have some questions and be unsure if it’s something you can benefit from. If that’s the case, our team at Screen Builders can help. To see if a patio screen enclosure can benefit you, keep reading. We review the three signs that indicate you may enjoy your patio more with one built.

  1. Pests Keep You From Enjoying Your Patio

After being inside all day, nothing is better than getting some fresh air. And the patio is one of the best places to kick back and relax. However, one thing that will quickly put a damper on your relaxing time outdoors is pests. Whether these pests are those flies that won’t leave you alone or mosquitos that constantly bite you, they can prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors. 

But you don’t need to let pests get in the way of you getting some fresh air outside. 

With a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, you can relax on your patio without being bothered by the countless pests. There’s no better time than now to invest either. With summer around the corner, you can expect to see more bugs.

  1. You’re Bored of Your Patio

After living in your home for some time, you might get bored of the look and feel of your backyard. Or, maybe you bought the house with the intention of one day switching up the backyard entirely. 

Either way, you might be looking for a way to change up the look of the patio. If that’s the case, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is a great way to spice up the outdoor patio.

Some people find that with the patio screen, they feel more comfortable adding furniture outside. Taking the one step of getting the patio screened in could lead to your dream backyard set-up. 

If you have a pool, it might also give the backyard a more intimate feel. One thing is for certain, with a patio screen enclosure, you make an impact on the way your backyard looks and you make an impact on the amount of time you spend enjoying it!

  1. You Constantly Find Debris in Your Pool

There’s no way around it; keeping a pool clean is timely and expensive. Regardless of if you clean the pool yourself or have a professional come out and do it, it doesn’t come without a price. After spending the money or time, or both, dedicated to your swimming pool, it’s frustrating to see debris always in it. As a homeowner, you likely expect to see some dirt, bugs, and debris in the pool from time to time.

However, seeing it every single day, and to a large extent, gets exhausting. 

It either means you have to shell out more time and money or live with a dirty pool. With summer right around the corner, the last thing you want to do is swim in a dirty pool. The best way to ensure your swimming pool is clean and ready to take a dip this summer is to protect it from debris with a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach.

Contact Screen Builders Today!

Are you ready to change up your backyard or want to prepare for summer? 

If so, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is the solution. With these enclosures, you can enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air without worrying about any pests or debris flying around. 

You can also enjoy a greater sense of privacy as the enclosure makes the patio a more intimate setting. To learn more about these enclosures and how Screen Builders can help you by getting one built, visit our website https://www.screenbuildersinc.com. Or, give our team a call today at (561) 793-6029 to get started or get a free quote.

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5 Best Pool Enclosure Options

Thinking of buying a pool enclosure?

Pool enclosures are great for keeping your pool area clean, protected, and private among other things. They provide exceptional value in the long term and can help create a great fusion between the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home.

If you are looking for the best pool enclosure solutions in Florida, we strongly recommend Screen Builder.

That being said, let’s discuss that 5 of the best pool enclosure options you should consider before getting a pool enclosure installed.

But first…

What Are Pool Enclosures?

Pool enclosures are structures that cover and enclose your pool. However, they should not be mistaken for simple fences surrounding the pool. These structures are typically made from large glass panels or polycarbonate panels.

These large panels require a strong frame to hold them in place, which is typically made from strong high-quality aluminum, or sometimes wood. The final pool enclosure is not like your typical pool cover or shed, it is more like a greenhouse or an atrium that allows plenty of natural light to enter the space.

5 Best Pool Enclosure Options

Here the best pool enclosure options you want to consider when purchasing a pool enclosure. As always, remember to opt for Screen Builders for the most experienced and best pool screen and enclosure solutions and options in Florida.

  1. SunTex80 Shade Screen

SunTex80 is a very useful and cost-effective shade screen. By opting for SunTex80 shade screens for your pool enclosure, you can effectively lower temperatures inside your pool enclosure. SunTex80 protects against the sun’s heat, keeping temperatures cooler inside.

If your pool enclosure is cool, it will also keep the side connected to your home cooler, which means you can lower your power bill. Your HVAC systems won’t have to push as hard to keep your home cool with this natural coolness.

Your lowered power bill makes the SunTex80 shade screen a cost-effective solution to heating issues in your home. Moreover, SunTex80 blocks 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays so you can enjoy the outdoors without the worry of developing certain skin issues.

The SunTex80 shade screen is an excellent option as it’s cost-effective, protects from UV rays, and keeps the enclosure cool.

  1. Custom Dog Doors

Pets are a big part of the American family, and most people love their pets as much as any family member, which is why they have free-roam in their homes. If you are a pet lover who owns one or more pets, a custom dog door is a must for you.

These come in three sizes, namely small, medium, and large, and you can pick one depending on the size of your pets. Installing this door in your pool enclosures will give your pets easy access. If you are a pet lover, get a custom dog door as it’s one of the best pool enclosure options.

  1. Pet Resistant Screens

Pets, especially large ones, can cause a lot of damage, which is why a pet-resistant screen is necessary. Screen Builders offers pet-resistant screens for greater durability below the chair rail for protection against damage caused by your pets.

Not only does this keep your pool enclosure looking sharp, but it also protects your investment and lowers maintenance costs in the long run. Additionally, pet protector screens also help protect pool enclosures against landscaping weed whacker instruments that may spoil your screens.

If you own pets and have ample greenery around your pool enclosure, pet-resistant screens are a great solution and one of the best pool enclosure options for you.

  1. Florida Glass

Florida glass is a laminated screening with a translucent vinyl detail that keeps your sprinklers and ground dirt away from the pool enclosure. It is also excellent for privacy because the vinyl detail prevents onlookers from seeing inside.

Screen Builders offer this Florida glass for dirt protection. However, you cannot place it on the roof of your pool enclosure. It remains one of the best pool enclosure options for those who want to keep their pool area private and the dirt out.

  1. Removable Screen Panels

Hurricane season can be a disaster for anyone, especially if you have a pool and other equipment outdoors. The challenge of keeping your pool enclosure screens free of debris so the hurricane winds can pass through is where removable screen panels from Screen Builders offer the best solution. 

Removable screen panels give you the power to easily prepare for hurricane season in Florida and protect your investment by allowing you to create ventilation. The smooth flow of air through your pool enclosure will ensure its safety and maintain the frame’s integrity.

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Whether you opt for the SunTex80 shade screens, removable screen panels of a custom dog door, Screen Builders have the experience and solutions to guide you through it all. With over a hundred thousand successfully completed jobs since 1987, there is no one better in Florida.

They offer the mentioned 5 best pool enclosure options along with many others, which you may also be interested in. To learn more about the best pool enclosure options or to get the best pool enclosure solutions and consultations, please visit our website today.

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Tips for Childproofing Your Screen Enclosure.

Kids are curious and always seeking adventure. Your backyard screened porch or patio is a great place for them to play while allowing you to keep an eye on them. A childproof screen enclosure can be easily built and installed by our team of experts. 

Below we give you some great tips to make this sanctuary a safe haven for your toddler. 

7 Tips to Childproof Your Screen Enclosure.

  1. Choose the right furniture. Make sure any furniture you have in their play area doesn’t tip over easily. Also, be sure to buy lounge chairs and any other seating that won’t easily fold up. Pinched fingers and skin are a far too common and easily avoided injury. Check to make sure they are made and painted with only non-toxic materials.
  2. Place furniture away from the screens. Kids love to climb on things, especially furniture. Properly placing furniture away from railings and screens will keep them from tumbling outside.
  3. Block stairway entrances. Installing a safety gate will keep your kids from falling down the stairs and wandering outside. This is an easy and safe solution to give you peace of mind. Make sure to securely fasten the gate with screws, don’t just rely on pressure locks.
  4. Install childproof doors. You want to make sure your little ones only go out when you want them to. Make sure the doorway that leads to your screened patio or porch has a reliable locking mechanism that your child cannot easily access. 

The bottom of the exterior door that leads to the yard should be solid or plexiglass. A screen in the bottom of the door can be ripped by your child or pets, giving them access outside.

  1. Install a door hinge guard. Pinched fingers or worse – a broken digit can easily be avoided. We will gladly install hingeguards for you when building your screen patio or porch.
  2. Make sure the handrails and guardrails are up to code. There are municipal codes in place to ensure the safety of your loved ones. They must be properly spaced and at the correct height. We will expertly install all guard rails around your screened deck or patio and handrails along the stairs. 
  3. Keep your space clear. An uncluttered screened patio is the best way to keep your child safe. Yard tools, fertilizers, and insecticides should be stored in a shed or garage. Make sure the bbq grill is shut tight and any fuel you use for it is locked away. Put away any tongs and forks you use to eliminate an invitation for a “sword fight”.
  4. Install childproof flooring. You might want to consider a synthetic flooring option for your patio or porch. This solution will eliminate splinters in little toes and toxic fumes from treated wood. It also prevents your little ones from slipping when the floor is wet.
  5. Check your electrical outlets. Make sure your outdoor outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters with locking outdoor receptacle covers. You should block them with bulky furniture, making them harder for your kids to access. Remove light fixtures that a child could reach. You will also want to make sure electrical cords are out of reach.
  6. Make routine inspections. Look out for splintered wood and sand or plane down sharp edges and corners. Remove and replace any loose nails as well as tighten any screws sticking out. Replace any broken or loose boards. Painted surfaces should be inspected for flaking and/or chipping.

Screen Builders in West Palm Beach has been in business for over 30 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.
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