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Tips for Childproofing Your Screen Enclosure.

Kids are curious and always seeking adventure. Your backyard screened porch or patio is a great place for them to play while allowing you to keep an eye on them. A childproof screen enclosure can be easily built and installed by our team of experts. 

Below we give you some great tips to make this sanctuary a safe haven for your toddler. 

7 Tips to Childproof Your Screen Enclosure.

  1. Choose the right furniture. Make sure any furniture you have in their play area doesn’t tip over easily. Also, be sure to buy lounge chairs and any other seating that won’t easily fold up. Pinched fingers and skin are a far too common and easily avoided injury. Check to make sure they are made and painted with only non-toxic materials.
  2. Place furniture away from the screens. Kids love to climb on things, especially furniture. Properly placing furniture away from railings and screens will keep them from tumbling outside.
  3. Block stairway entrances. Installing a safety gate will keep your kids from falling down the stairs and wandering outside. This is an easy and safe solution to give you peace of mind. Make sure to securely fasten the gate with screws, don’t just rely on pressure locks.
  4. Install childproof doors. You want to make sure your little ones only go out when you want them to. Make sure the doorway that leads to your screened patio or porch has a reliable locking mechanism that your child cannot easily access. 

The bottom of the exterior door that leads to the yard should be solid or plexiglass. A screen in the bottom of the door can be ripped by your child or pets, giving them access outside.

  1. Install a door hinge guard. Pinched fingers or worse – a broken digit can easily be avoided. We will gladly install hingeguards for you when building your screen patio or porch.
  2. Make sure the handrails and guardrails are up to code. There are municipal codes in place to ensure the safety of your loved ones. They must be properly spaced and at the correct height. We will expertly install all guard rails around your screened deck or patio and handrails along the stairs. 
  3. Keep your space clear. An uncluttered screened patio is the best way to keep your child safe. Yard tools, fertilizers, and insecticides should be stored in a shed or garage. Make sure the bbq grill is shut tight and any fuel you use for it is locked away. Put away any tongs and forks you use to eliminate an invitation for a “sword fight”.
  4. Install childproof flooring. You might want to consider a synthetic flooring option for your patio or porch. This solution will eliminate splinters in little toes and toxic fumes from treated wood. It also prevents your little ones from slipping when the floor is wet.
  5. Check your electrical outlets. Make sure your outdoor outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters with locking outdoor receptacle covers. You should block them with bulky furniture, making them harder for your kids to access. Remove light fixtures that a child could reach. You will also want to make sure electrical cords are out of reach.
  6. Make routine inspections. Look out for splintered wood and sand or plane down sharp edges and corners. Remove and replace any loose nails as well as tighten any screws sticking out. Replace any broken or loose boards. Painted surfaces should be inspected for flaking and/or chipping.

Screen Builders in West Palm Beach has been in business for over 30 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.
For a FREE estimate call Screen Builders at (561) 793-6029

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors with a Patio Screen Enclosure

With summer right around the corner, you might have the urge to spend more time outside. The weather is warming up, the days are longer, and there are tons of outdoor activities. But summer also comes with a few downsides, such as tons of bugs. You might decide to tough it out and that the pros of the great outdoors outweigh the cons. However, there is a middle ground in the form of patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach that may offer some peace of mind. 

With these enclosures, you can enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer with the added benefits screen enclosures from Screen Builders can give you.

What Are the Benefits of a Patio Screen Enclosure?

There are many reasons to get a patio screen enclosure. From the perks to the general aesthetic of them, most homes can benefit from them. One thing many people find frustrating over summer is the immense amount of bugs that come outside. These bugs are everywhere and can be disturbing. There’s simply not enough bug spray to keep them away and there aren’t enough candles to keep them away either! 

But, with a patio screen enclosure, you can avoid bugs. The screen blocks out bugs and other pests from entering your patio area. This leaves you to enjoy the great outdoors without any annoyances. The patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach also protect against heat and can keep you nice and cool. In South Florida, the weather is gorgeous but can get blistering hot at times. With the patio, you can enjoy the heat and some shade when you want it.

What Are the Benefits of a Patio Screen Enclosure?

Furthermore, these enclosures are also affordable. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enhance your outdoor area. And here at Screen Builders, we can give you a free estimate when you give us a call. Whatever your dream patio is, we can make it happen and give you the price point. Also, the good news is that if you ever decide to move, your patio screen enclosure will pay for itself. The return on investment for patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach is pretty high. Potential homeowners will fall head over heels in love with your backyard with this addition.

Who Should Get a Patio Screen Enclosure?

Patio screen enclosures are perfect for people who have additional room in their backyard and want an area covered. You can see through the screen, allowing you to have a view of the backyard. But, this view also comes with a little bit of seclusion which gives you a sense of privacy. 

If you want some part of the backyard that you can call your own, this is the way to create it. But wanting a place to call your own isn’t the only reason for getting a patio screen enclosure. For those looking for ways to spice up their backyard, this is one of the best ways to do so. The patio screen will add to the backyard and can even get upgraded to a sunroom one day. The Screen Builders team can also assist with that if you ever decide to do so.

What Does the Patio Screen Enclosure Process Look Like?

When you reach out to our team at Screen Builders, the process of building your patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach begins. We can talk to you about what your goals are and how large you want the patio screen enclosure to be. Once we have all the information, our team can come out to your house and get started.

Contact Us Today!

To learn more about patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, check out our website (https://www.screenbuilders.com/estimates.php) or reach out to our team at (800) 859-3044. We can answer any questions you have or give you a free estimate. Whatever you want your backyard patio enclosure to look like, we can bring your vision to life.

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Why Use Pool Screen Enclosures in Boca Raton

Pool screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL are an absolute necessity. Being able to bask in your pool or poolside is a luxury, and the last thing you want is to deal with heat, mosquitos, and other grievances. They have so many benefits that pool screen enclosures, also known as pool cages, are increasingly becoming commonplace in South Florida. If you have a pool but don’t know the benefits of a pool enclosure, this article is for you. Here, we list five reasons to contact Screen Builders in Palm Beach County and purchase your very own today.

Protection Against UV Rays 

If you’re a South Florida resident, then you’re familiar with the weather down here. The sunshine is great, but the heat is often unbearable. With a pool screen enclosure, you can still enjoy the sunny day, while staying protected against harmful sun exposure. Whether you’re enjoying a customized one- or two-story enclosure, it will filter out the sun and protect your skin from UV rays. Let’s not forget that an enclosure can help you stay cooler on those hot summer days.

With our SunTex 80 shade screen, you can specifically shade certain areas where guests may be predominantly located. In turn, this adds to the overall shaded comfort of your poolside experience. This is one reason to make Screen Builders your first choice when shopping for pool screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL.

Keeps Out Mosquitos and Animals

During the summer months in Florida, mosquitos make it difficult to relax or entertain by the pool. A screened enclosure keeps mosquitos and other animals away. If you were accustomed to finding frogs, ducks, and other animals in your pool, a screen enclosure completely eliminates this problem.

It also makes maintaining the pool much easier, as it keeps leaves and other debris out of the pool. You no longer have to worry about cleaning it before diving in.

Protects Small Children and Pets 

A pool screen can block the pool from all sides, essentially becoming a safety barrier around your pool. This can really come in handy if you have small children or pets.

While your pets are on the outside, you don’t have to worry about them damaging the enclosure. Our screens have greater durability, which makes them pet-resistant. When you want to invite them in, we have pet doors for small, medium, and large pets.     

Less Need for Chemicals 

Adding chemicals to the pool is a necessary part of pool maintenance to keep it safe to swim in. That said, it’s not an easy chore. However, you don’t have to add as much when you have a pool screen enclosure, as it reduces chemical evaporation. If your chlorine doesn’t evaporate as much, it can do a better job of preventing algae growth. So, another benefit of enclosures is that it helps slow down the growth of algae, which helps keep your pool safer for a longer period of time.

Can Withstand Strong Winds

If you’re put off by the idea of taking down your pool enclosure during hurricane season, we completely understand. Fortunately, most pool enclosures are designed to withstand winds of up to 130 mph. It takes a lot more than that to topple our pool enclosures. Made with the strongest, exclusive alloy aluminum 6061-T6 available on the market, our pool enclosures can withstand an excess of 150-170 mph winds. Our products are made with the strongest alloy in the industry.

If you must take down your pool during hurricane season, our enclosures are designed with removable screen panels, a necessary detail when searching for pool screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL.

Why Screen Builders 

Now that you know the most important benefits of pool enclosures, why would you purchase one from Screen Builders? A few of the benefits we haven’t mentioned so far are:

  • Our premium grade Phifer screen cloth serves terms of up to 3 times longer than traditional screens, pushing 8-10 years, respectively.
  • Our DuPont500 powder coated paint is up to 300% thicker than standard industry paint.
  • We use thicker-sized roof and wall bracing for industry-leading strength assurance.
  • Our concrete masonry footers are placed 12-16 inches deep, offering greater resistance versus Florida’s powerful storm winds.

When searching for pool screen enclosures in Boca Raton, FL, make us your first choice. Contact us today to learn more about our products. Our contractors also do pool screen enclosure repair in Boca Raton, FL so you can rest easy knowing all your pool enclosure services can be taken care of right here with Screen Builders.

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Enjoy Your Pool Year-Round with Pool Enclosures in Wellington

Living in South Florida means we have the benefit of being able to enjoy the outdoors and swimming pools year-round. Unfortunately, debris, dirt, and unwanted pests and insects can quickly turn your fun in the sun into a headache. Our patio and pool enclosures make sure nothing gets in your patio or pool area if you don’t want it to get in. We can also install a pet door to allow the family dog or cat to freely come and go without bothering you to open the door.

One of the best features that come with living in sunny Florida is being able to enjoy your swimming pool year-round. Temperatures rarely dip below 80 degrees meaning every day can be fun in the sun, day.  With such consistently good weather, it’s no wonder why so many Wellington residents have invested in swimming pools. One unfortunate aspect of owning a pool is having to clean out all the debris that gets blown into it. All pool owners agree upkeep can become tedious. However, Screen Builders has a solution. A pool screen enclosure will help keep your pool looking fresh and allow you to spend more hours enjoying the crisp water rather than cleaning it.  

Aside from keeping out the bugs and dirt, a pool screen enclosure is a great area to entertain guests.  Your guests can come and go inside and out without tracking mud and dirt throughout the house. Plus, all your guests will talk about how beautiful your home looks with your new pool screen enclosure. We can even install a pet door that allows the family dog to come and go as it pleases. 

Another fantastic reason to invest in a pool screen enclosure is to block out some of the sun’s harmful UV rays.   At Screen Builders, some of our most popular screen enclosures are our SunTex solar screens. These screen enclosures block out 80% of UV rays, keeping you protected from the harmful rays emitted by the sun.  

We have been in business for over 30 years and have completed over 100,000 jobs. When it comes to pool screen enclosures, there is no parallel to the quality and craftsmanship we offer. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to take on any sized job. When you need a pool screen enclosure for your backyard count on our team at Screen Builders. Call us today for more information and to learn more about the pool enclosures we offer.


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With a New Pool Screen Enclosure in Boca Raton, You Can Enjoy Your Next Pool Party Free of Bugs or Debris

South Florida is a beautiful place to live and enjoy warm weather sports all year round. Swimming is one of the things South Floridians enjoy most to beat the heat, and that’s probably why so many homeowners invest in their own pools. Many homeowners agree that the best way to enjoy pool time is to protect it with a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. When you build a pool, a pool screen enclosure will probably be the next thing on your list. Why? 

Because South Florida’s natural environment is home to many living things that may or may not be welcome inside your pool area. Not to mention leaves from trees and other debris may fall into your pool. High winds from a storm can kick up mud and grass that could end up in your pool as well. 

And what about the annoying bugs and mosquitos?

Luckily, your new pool screen enclosure will bar their entry for good. Your new pool screen enclosure also allows for more privacy and protection from the elements such as the harsh, tropical Florida sun. 

What are Some of the Other Benefits of a Pool Screen Enclosure?

  1. Lowers pool maintenance costs. Spend less time shoveling leaves and mud and more time enjoying your new pool and your guests. You don’t have to worry about bugs clogging up your drains or harmful objects damaging parts of your pool, costing you money in repairs and replacements.
  2. Keeps out harmful mosquitos and other bugs. A bug bite can put a damper on the day and keep you and your guests from enjoying pool time for days. You can alleviate that worry with a new pool screen enclosure, keeping out ants, flies, mosquitos, and other pests.
  3. Protection from UV rays. While sunshine can be a great thing (after all, it is South Florida), too much of a good thing can be unhealthy for you. A pool screen enclosure cuts down on the harmful UV rays getting through so you and your family can rest easy knowing that the chances of sunburn and other skin issues are significantly reduced.
  4. Adds value to your home. The value of a pool screen enclosure has been estimated to increase your home value significantly. The protection, safety, and hours of pleasure a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton will bring are immeasurable.

Are You Ready to Get in Touch?

There are many benefits to installing a pool screen enclosure in Boca Raton. Screen Builders offers clients only the strongest pool screens made with the highest grade of aluminum and other superior materials. 

With the experienced, trusted team at Screen Builders and a little creativity on both our parts, your dream pool screen enclosure can become a reality. To get started on your pool screen today, call the experts at Screen Builders today at (561) 395-0801. We also offer a wide selection of décor screen doors, patio screen doors, and aluminum fences. Call us for a free quote today!

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Should You Invest in a Pool Screen for Your South Florida Home?

Summer is here and it is now in the sunshine state. This means that we are all going to be jumping into the pool to cool off. There is no debate about it, nothing beats spending the day lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand during the summertime. It’s the only way of relaxing outdoors without letting the burning heat get to us. With a pool comes the question we often hear; do I need a pool screen? Whether you need a pool screen or not depends on a lot of different factors and of course, personal preference. While many people say they best decision they made regarding their pool was the screen, some swear by never getting a screen. To clear up this debate our team at Screenbuilders has crafted a guide for you. This way if you need a screen you can get one put in before summer is in full swing.


Here Are 4 Reasons to Add a New Pool or Patio Screen to Your Home


More Shade  for Your and Your Guests

One of the biggest reasons people move to Florida is that nice weather year-round and the tropical summers. However, this heat can become pretty intense over summer with the temperature hitting as high as the low 100’s. This makes for great pool weather but if the summer rays become to be too much for you then you may want to consider putting a pool screen in. Pool screens are effective ways of blocking out some of the sun’s UV rays while still allowing you to get enough in the enclosure. This means that you can still tan by the pool but can now worry a little bit less about burning. Of course, still wear sunscreen to protect against the rays.

Prevent Bugs

With the positives of summer come the negatives, aka bugs. The summer bugs in Florida are particularly annoying. You have the lovebugs that do not leave any surface alone, sticking to every chair, person, and table in their path towards your pool. And we can’t forget about all of the weird caterpillars that roam all over. Florida has some strange critters roaming about. The only way to ensure these bugs do not go near you during your time of relaxation is to get a pool screen. The pool screen will keep bugs out of your pool area and from escaping into your home.


We often hear people who live in neighborhoods complain about the privacy aspect of going to the pool. One thing that south Florida has a lot of is gated communities, and these communities tend to build their houses very close to one another. This makes privacy a little bit difficult for some. One of the benefits of the screen is that your entire pool area can be screened in for just your family to access. You can feel more like your pool area is your little private area as opposed to the entire neighborhood walking on by.


An expertly designed screen for your patio or pool area can also provide protection from all the things that cause damage, and unnecessary maintenance work. As hurricane season approaches and winds increase, the chances of debris, tree and lawn clippings, and other undesired materials can easily find their way into your backyards, pools, and patio areas. A screen from Screen Builders can not only prevent this from happening, but it can also save you money by preventing damage.


Start your summer off right! Invest in a pool screen from Screenbuilders today to get some awesome benefits such as more shade, no bugs, and privacy. The pool screens have the power to transform your summer into a relaxing one with none of the little problems being stressors. All you have to do is focus on what kind of drinks you are going to have lounging around. Give us a call today at (561) 770-6576 to learn more.

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The Many Benefits of Having a Porch Screen Enclosure in South Florida

Living in South Florida means that the weather is unpredictable. One day, you may have sunny weather, and the next day you may have thunderstorms. Don’t forget the random hurricanes and rainstorms. With this spontaneous weather, the best thing you can do is have something that outlasts it all, something like a porch screen enclosure. If you look around your neighborhood, we guarantee that you will find that many of your neighbors already have one and spend a lot of time on their porch. Despite the weather, you can still enjoy the great outdoors with a porch screen enclosure to keep you protected.

Here are a few reasons to consider a porch screen enclosure. 

Aesthetic Addition to Your Home

There are a few reasons why people decide to get a porch screen enclosure, and aesthetics is one of them. A porch screen enclosure is a minimal addition to add to your home, yet it makes your home look that much nicer. Usually, when people are trying to upgrade parts of their home, they tend to go all out with remodeling and paint jobs; however, a simple spruce up can start on the outside! Something like a porch screen enclosure can do the job for you. The best part is that the porch screen can add to already existing parts of the home


Protects Your Porch Furniture

Another perk of porch screen enclosures is that it helps you protect your porch furniture. Having porch furniture is a necessity; however, it’s still a gamble in South Florida. You buy this furniture and get excited about using it, all for it to get ruined not too long after you purchase it. But, the good news is, there’s hope! if you want to protect your furniture and make it last longer, you can invest in a porch screen enclosure. With this enclosure, your furniture will be protected and kept dry. 


Keeps Pests Out

Living in Florida doesn’t just mean storms and hurricanes; it means all kinds of strange pests and bugs. We have it all down here. From iguanas to cockroaches, there’s always some kind of bug or reptile waiting to make a home on your porch. While keeping bugs out of your home is a breeze, keeping them out of your porch can prove to be a difficult task. Pests are always going to find their way onto your furniture and onto your porch. However, with a porch screen enclosure, you can keep them out.


A Comfortable Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Have you ever wanted to sit outside and get some fresh air, but decided against it because of the heat? This occurrence is far too common in sunny South Florida. And it shouldn’t have to be the case. After all, nothing beats fresh air and the beautiful sunshine here in South Florida. With a porch screen enclosure, you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about the intense heat. The best part is that the porch is a happy medium between outside and inside, meaning you can get indoor comfort while getting the benefits of the outside.


Contact Us Today!

If you have been eyeing your neighbor’s porch screen enclosures, then it’s time you consider getting one for your home. With a screen enclosure, you can get all of the benefits of relaxing outside with the comfortable furniture and cool weather that you get sitting inside. It truly is the best of both worlds. To learn more about the porch screens we can offer you, give us a call today!

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Get Quality Screen Repair in West Palm Beach

The pool screens that keep your swimming pool comfortable all year can face their share of wear and tear as time goes on. A windy day or stormy afternoon can create damage to your enclosures. But no need to worry, our team at Screen Builders offers the very best pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL! We can get your enclosure back to normal with screen repair services. 

Sometimes, pool screen enclosure damage isn’t so easy to spot. Smaller tears or holes may go unnoticed until pests start finding their way into your enclosure. If your enclosure looks like it’s holding together yet you’re finding mosquitoes and other pests in your pool screen enclosure area, then it’s time to call on our team at Screen Builders. 

We’re here to help with smaller holes or rips, and we can also assist with entire panel replacement. With our pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL, we can help make the most of your enclosures. Keeping your pool clean, your patio pest free and your outdoor spaces enjoyable is easy with our repair services. 

At Screen Builders, we can also assist with structural repairs as well. We have in-house fabrication services utilizing the best materials, such as the strongest alloy aluminum on the market. This gives us the flexibility to provide the very best pool enclosure and pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. 

At Screen Builders, we offer more than just pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. We can offer replacement services that help improve your enclosure with the best pool screen solutions around. 

For example, we can enhance your spaces with new SunTex 80 solar screens. These screens bring protection from the sun’s burning rays, allowing you and your family to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about getting sunburns. This can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors while also helping to keep skin cancer’s dangers at bay. 

With our SunTex 80 screen solutions, your enclosure can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays. That’s a lot of protection! At Screen Builders, we also recommend SunTex 80 screens for enhanced privacy and protection. 

In addition to SunTex 80 screens, we offer many other types of screen solutions at Screen Builders. For example, we offer finer thread Phifer Brand Bettervue Mesh Screen Panels. These panels offer optical clarity and serious storm resistance, holding up against winds up to 110 mph. To learn more about our screens call our team at Screen Builders today!

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Upgrade Your Pool Screen Enclosure in West Palm Beach Today

Many people underestimate the importance of a good pool screen enclosure, but little do they know that the quality of a screen enclosure can make a huge difference. This is especially true when Florida gets into hurricane season. With excessive rainfall and mighty winds, you’ll want something that is durable and can protect your home against Mother Nature’s forces. If you need an evaluation on your screen, or you need a new screen, Screen Builders in West Palm Beach are here to help.

When it comes to pool screen enclosures, the durability is everything. You’ll want to make sure that your screen can be held up and embrace any force of wind from any different direction. One of the best ways to do this is by using a .090 heavy-duty roof and wall K-brace that then connects to a stainless steel bolt. Generally, other companies focus less on durability. They’ll use .050 aluminum, but needless to say, stainless steel is a much better way to guarantee that your pool screen enclosure will outlast the others.

Another downside to Florida’s weather is that many metal surfaces corrode very easily. It’s important to have a professional do an inspection of your pool screen enclosure, especially to check on rusted screws, washers, and fasteners. These pieces, when rusted, can significantly make a structure, much less reliable, weakening the entire system. Luckily, when working together with Screen Builders, we use a primer that helps avoid this common rusting issue. Many homeowners may have to repair rusted bolts every year, but with a company that strives to provide long-lasting perfection, you’ll be able to save your money instead.

Another benefit of working with Screen Builders is that we offer removable panels to assist with hurricane season here in South Florida. Having these panels can be extremely beneficial, especially because debris and dirt are two of the most common causes of destruction during hurricanes, next to flooding. These panels are easily removable and installable, allowing homeowners to have peace of mind when that time of year comes around.

Our homes are very important to us and making sure that they are in perfect conditions for any unexpected weather gives us so much relief. Working with professionals can also give homeowners overall relaxation in knowing that their homes are in good hands who value true quality. If you’re looking for pool screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, come and see us. Our team can take a look at your pool screen enclosure to see what we can do to provide a sturdier and more durable structure for you and your family.

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Revamp Your West Palm Beach Deck with ScreenBuilders!

The deck, the patio, and the backyard are great spaces for family gathering spots, relaxation hubs, and party zones during birthdays. At Screen Builders, we know that with a little TLC, decks in West Palm Beach, FL can become the perfect entertainment and family space. There are many ways our experts can improve your home’s deck. No matter your budget, family size, or style, we can create the best decks in West Palm Beach, FL. There are many ways to improve your deck, such as:

  • Safety Factors. Do you have a swimming pool off of your deck? Then it’s time to keep things safe with safety gates in West Palm Beach, FL. For our team at Screen Builders, pool gates can also be stylish gates. We can create safety barriers around pools so the youngest in your family can still enjoy your deck without facing pool-related dangers.
  • Sun Protection. Whether you have a small patio or a large deck, you need to keep sun exposure under control. At Screen Builders, we’ve made this easier than ever before! We offer customized screen enclosures of all shapes and sizes for decks in West Palm Beach, FL. We can protect just one section of your outdoor space, or we can even include birdcage pool screen enclosures that encompass decks, pools, and balconies as well.
  • Repurpose the Space. At ScreenBuilders, we can turn your unused deck into a stylish sunroom that helps reclaim this outdoor space! We include insulating roofs and stylish windows to help create the perfect sunroom. Sunrooms are the perfect addition to single-story homes and two-story homes as well.

These are just a few of the ways our team at Screen Builders can help enhance patios, pools, and decks in West Palm Beach, FL. A great deck can increase your home’s value, and your family’s fun in the sun as well! Whether you’re looking for a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen or you’re in need of some serious sun protection, our team at Screen Builders is here to help. Call today to get started.

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