Hurricane weather isn’t something Floridians aren’t accustomed to. We hadn’t had a large hurricane in quite some time, leaving many Florida residents unprepared for the mega storm, Irma. This hurricane left many families in a state of panic, as they tried to ready themselves as best as possible before moving North, out of the hurricane’s path.

One of the major hurricane necessities is hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. These can make a massive difference in the state your home could be in when you return home. Hurricane shutters are meant to keep your home from being destroyed by flying debris, and landscaping that has come loose. Hurricane shutters are very affordable and extremely common in Florida, but many homeowners don’t know the first thing about how to take care of them or what to expect.

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If you did stick around for hurricane Irma long enough, you may have noticed the millions of families and business nailing plywood pieces to their windows and doors. At Screen Builders in West Palm Beach, we highly advise against this, as this does not help withstand the winds and debris in the same way hurricane shutters would. In the possibility that the next hurricane, it’s better to be safe than to have a house or business destroyed and flooded from the powerful hurricane wind and rainfalls.

There’s a lot of maintenance to hurricane shutters that many people don’t realize. When property owners invest in these safety devises, yet ignore the upkeep, it may mean that their home or property won’t be as protected as the shutters that have been cared for appropriately. Before hurricane season, it’s good to get your home or business inspected once a year to be sure that everything us up to date. First and foremost, you’ll want to clean your hurricane shutters. Usually warm water with soapsuds will do the job. You’ll also want to check for any imperfections, such as cracks, holes, or any other disruptions for functioning correctly. Certainly be sure to check your hurricane shutter’s motor, as you’ll want to know if it doesn’t work before a hurricane strikes, giving you enough time to fix the issue.

One important thing we cannot stress enough is that hurricane shutters need to be installed by a professional. The worst possible outcome is that someone without the correct knowledge decides to install on his or her own, and does the job incorrectly. This could lead to the hurricane shutters not doing what they are meant to do, leaving your home, once again, destroyed. If you suffered the last hurricane without the right protection and are in need of hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, call us today so that we can get your home safe and secure from Mother Nature.

Improve your Space with An Outdoor Kitchen in West Palm Beach!

If you live in Florida, then you know how many people enjoy the luxury of using their outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can provide entertainment during Florida’s beautiful months, giving visitors in and out of a town a reason to come see your home. Outdoor kitchens can also be wonderful for lunch get-togethers with family or a breakfast with friends. However, is there room to improve your outdoor kitchen in West Palm Beach? At Screen Builders, we specialize in creating optimal spaces that you’ll use and love forever.

What is Your Outdoor Kitchen Missing?

Besides remodeling with new furniture, there are a few other options that your outdoor kitchen may be missing. One of the most important additions any home needs are screen enclosures, especially in Florida. On evenings spent with good friends, nothing can get in the way more than pesky mosquitos. They can be a serious issue, and can ruin a wonderful night. This is also a great way to keep pests out of your kitchen. Even the smallest amounts of accidental leftovers can leave curious critters wanting to visit. If you like to sit outside but are sensitive to the heat, a screen enclosure can provide shade, which may be very helpful during those warm summer months.

Another addition, you might be missing extra space. Your kitchen may be a wonderful hangout, but perhaps it’s beginning to feel somewhat small. If you enjoy having get-togethers or love hosting dinner parties, outdoor kitchens might need more space to give your guests the ultimate outdoor experience. If you do expand, we can also help you fill your space with new storage compartments and countertops.

If you have young kids or grandchildren, you may worry that your kitchen area isn’t a safe place for them to be around. While it’s exhausting watching them every second of the day, not to worry! At Screen Builders, we offer gates to help you seal off any location you wouldn’t want the little ones. These can provide peace of mind for any parent or grandparent, keeping everyone safe and happy.

Outdoor kitchens can be a wonderful addition to any home, but having a company who is dedicated to giving the best quality may be the push you’ve been searching for to do a few upgrades on your outdoor kitchen. Our team are licensed professionals, giving you the luxurious, safe, and ultra-quality any homeowner deserves. If you’re searching for upgrades to your outdoor kitchen, contact us today to make your new outdoor dreams a reality.

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Is it Time to Update Your Deck in West Palm Beach, FL?

Where do you enjoy spending time? Some people head to the beach, others a ballgame, others still prefer to pass the time enjoying their back deck in West Palm Beach, FL. A deck is a great addition to any backyard, especially for those interested in putting in a new pool screen enclosure from Screen Builders, Inc. If you’re about to a have a screen installed over your pool, why not improve your deck and patio area at the same time? Screen Builders, Inc. is a full service company meaning they have experienced industry professionals who can not only build you a new pool screen enclosure, but totally transform your property into the backyard paradise it deserves to be. A new deck in West Palm Beach, FL is one of the best ways to transform a backyard as it’s almost like adding a whole new room to your home.

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The weather is so nice in Florida all year round that having a back deck is a real luxury without costing like one. Decks in West Palm Beach can act like a whole new room to your home with nothing more than some outdoor furniture and an umbrella. It’s the perfect place to entertain guests or simply relax with an ice cold lemonade on a hot South Florida afternoon. When it comes to decks, there are a whole lot of options in terms of material, style, color and more so consulting with experts like those at Screen Builders can be a big help in determining what you’re looking for. There are standard decks like platform and raised decks, or you could have a custom design built just for you. It all depends on the knowledge and skill of the company you hire to handle it all. When you trust your new deck in West Palm Beach, FL to Screen Builders, Inc., you’re getting a dedication to superior customer service, quality craftsmanship and outstanding communication. Call today and have your deck in West Palm Beach built by the best!

Top 5 Reasons to Build a Screen Enclosure

Do you like the outdoors? Does the spring weather make you happy? Are you someone who loves it when summertime comes around so that you can jump in the pool and go enjoy all that nature has to offer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it will be a good idea to keep reading and see why you should think about investing in a new screen enclosure.

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Here are the top 5 reasons to build a screen enclosure:

  1. It keeps out pests. A screen enclosure can keep pests such as mosquitos, lizards, snakes, and alligators out of your pool area or outdoor area. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space without those pests.
  2. It reduces your maintenance costs. A screen enclosure or pool screen enclosure will keep debris out of your pool, saving you money on pool maintenance and supplies. It allows your pool to be cleaner for a longer period of time giving you the privilege to use your pool more and more.
  3. It tames the elements of nature. There are four elements of nature: air, water, air, and earth. Well, a screen enclosure reduces both the amount of sunlight and the amount of wind entered in the area. Although seemingly transparent, a screen enclosure blocks a large portion of the sun’s UV rays. In fact, you will receive 30% less UV rays with a patio screen enclosure.
  4. It gives you an increased living space.  A screen enclosure effectively increases your living space, opening up a whole new area to relax and enjoy comfortably. It allows you to utilize your outdoor areas as comfortable living space. You can read a book outside in your living area. You can watch the sunrise and sunset from your living area. You may use that area however you want.
  5. It gives you more selling power. Basically, what this means is that your home will look more appealing to potential buyers because of your screen enclosure. It adds value to your home. Also, if properly constructed, a patio screen enclosure can last for 10 years with minimal maintenance.

Now that you have seen the reasons why you should get a screen enclosure, it is time to call Screen Builders in West Palm Beach, FL. With over 36 years of quality service, our team has been building custom enclosures that have been built to last, keeping your pool, patio, and home looking good. We also install gates and fences, storm shutters, and build sunrooms.  Call us today!

Attention to Detail Makes Screen Builders the Best

What makes Screen Builders the best? Attention to detail and high quality materials!

Yes, it’s Screen Builders dedication to the little things that make them such a great company. In 26 years of business, Screen Builders has worked on over 86,000 screen enclosure projects in the West Palm Beach area. Each one of those projects was unique, meaning that special attention was necessary to ensure that everything went smoothly. Screen Builders has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau and won the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

We’re the top Pool Screen Company in South Florida!

Aside from attention to detail, Screen Builders also provides their customers with a better overall product. When you purchase a custom built screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, FL, you expect it to hold up to the test of time. When hurricane season rolls around, you want a pool screen that can handle the high winds and rain of the season. Screen Builders uses a special triangle brace design because triangles are the sturdiest geometric shape. Screen Builder’s braces, made from high grade aluminum, are also 80% thicker than the industry standard. Strength is key in the screen enclosure business and nobody builds a stronger enclosure than Screen Builders. With a pool screen, it only takes one loose bolt or weakened brace to bring the whole thing down. That’s why Screen Builders is committed to every detail when building a screen for a valued customer.

Screen Builders also designs pool screens with removable panels which can also be retrofitted for existing screen enclosures. Removing the panels is quick and easy and can be done when a hurricane is imminent. Removing the screens from the brace allow wind to pass by the braces without getting caught on the screen like it’s the sail on a boat. In the screen enclosure business, cheaper translates to weaker, so go with the company with a track record for high quality pool screens, Screen Builders, Inc.

Do I need Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach?

Living in South Florida brings us the threat of hurricanes every year. Instead of worrying about running around and having to board up your windows, consider getting hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. At Screen Builders we can design and install new hurricane shutters to fit every window and door in your home. You’ll be best protected the next time there is the threat of a hurricane without having to run around and board up your windows.  

What are the benefits of hurricane shutters?

Your home is a big investment and you want to make sure that your home is safe in the event of a hurricane. Strong wind, heavy rain, and flying debris have the potential to cause serious damage to your home. Our professionals at Screen Builders will help you get high quality hurricane shutters to best protect your home. Some of the ways hurricane shutters can help protect your home include:  

  • Reinforced wind bracing  
  • Corrosion-resistant screws 
  • Mesh screen panels 
  • Removeable panels  

If you have a patio or pool screen enclosure getting removeable panels can be very helpful in protecting your home during a hurricane. When you remove these panels before the storm you allow the wind to pass through without damaging your pool or patio screen. After the storm you’ll be able to replace these panels and you won’t have to worry about any damage or repairs from the high winds.  

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If you’re looking for new hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach call Screen Builders today. We have many different style options and will help you select the perfect new hurricane shutters for your home. With these shutters you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your home is always protected in the case of a hurricane. You won’t have to run around trying to find plywood to board up your windows and doors any longer. New hurricane shutters can relieve a lot of pressure when a hurricane is approaching. Call Screen Builders today to see how we can help you find new hurricane shutters for your home.  


How Can I Improve Outdoor Kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL?

Outdoor cooking has become a staple throughout West Palm Beach, FL. With many beautiful outdoor spaces, such as Central Park, Flamingo Park and even CityPlace, outdoors reign supreme in West Palm Beach. At Screen Builders, we’re here to help people enjoy the outdoors even more by improving outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL. If you’re looking for the best improvements for your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to call on our experts at Screen Builders!

What are improvements that can be made to outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL?

When it comes to improving kitchens, things are a little different for indoor and outdoor spaces. While new appliances and added countertop space can improve an indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL have different needs. Sure, countertop space and storage are a great start, but our experts at Screen Builders know there are many other ways to improve outdoor kitchens.

If you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, we suggest following our tips for stepping up the space’s overall style, storage and usefulness. We can help by adding:

  • Screen enclosures. Screen enclosures are the number one perfect addition to outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL. Enclosures can offer sun protection along with keeping pests out of our kitchen area. They’re also perfect for keeping your kitchen a little shadier on those sunny days.
  • Railings or gates. Fending in an outdoor kitchen with railings and gates is one way to help keep the space safe. For example, if you have little one’s you’d like to keep out of your outdoor kitchen space, fences can help! We offer custom fences that can fit any outdoor kitchen. With our powder coated finishes, these fences and gates are sure to last!
  • Added space. Ready to expand your outdoor kitchen in West Palm Beach, FL? Our experts at Screen Builders can help! We can expand the square footage of outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL. We can also add features such as expanded counters and better storage. With these features, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor kitchen!

Ready to improve outdoor kitchens in West Palm Beach, FL? It’s time to call on our team at Screen Builders! We offer the features your kitchen needs. And if you’re looking for a brand new outdoor kitchen, we can help too! Call us today at (561) 793-6029 to get started on designing and installing your new outdoor kitchen.

Who Designs the Best Fences and Gates in West Palm Beach, FL?

Looking to beautify the exterior of your property? At Screen Builders, we know it starts with new fence and gates in West Palm Beach, FL! New fences and gates can help improve your property’s curb appeal while boosting its security as well. Whether you’re adding railings to a balcony or gates to your driveway, our experts at Screen Builders can help. New fences and gates are one of the best ways to improve your property.

What goes into the best gates and fences in West Palm Beach, FL?

At Screen Builders, we know that designing the best fences and gates in West Palm Beach, FL starts with the best materials. We go above and beyond to ensure your gates and fences are created from the sturdiest materials. This includes the strongest alloy aluminum on the market.

In addition to using the strongest aluminum, we also finish our fences and gates with maintenance-free coatings that help reduce rust and upkeep costs. We use powder coated DuPont paint finishes that are 300 percent thicker than the standard. These features combined create the best structures for your gates and fences in West Palm Beach, FL.

Why choose Screen Builders for my fences and gates in West Palm Beach, FL?

Our experts at Screen Builders know you have a variety of options when it comes to your fences and gates. We use the best materials for your project, along with the best dedication to client satisfaction. We’ve completed jobs all around the area with lasting results, and we’re ready to help improve your property as well. When you choose our fences and gates, you’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Improved property security
  • Maintenance free style
  • Durable abrasion resistance
  • Thermoset screws & bolts
  • Welded hinges & rolling options
  • Improved property aesthetics

Adding new gates and fences to your property can help enhance security while also bringing beauty to the overall look of your property. At Screen Builders, we know that the best gates and fences in West Palm Beach, FL start with our experts.

If you’re ready to bring enhanced security to your property, it starts with new gates and fences in West Palm Beach, FL. Our experts can work with fences, gates, railings and many other welded structures throughout your property. Call us today at (561) 793-6029 to get started on your custom project!


Where Can I Purchase Quality Gates for My Home in West Palm Beach, FL?

If you need a gate for your yard, Screen Builders provides our customers with the best options around. Regardless of your reasoning, the benefits of a gate can ensure you have your own space. Not to mention, our gates in West Palm Beach, FL are custom designed so they also add the finishing touches to your home.

Because our gates are made of welded alloy aluminum, there are no other retailers that can compare. We take pride in our products and want our customers to do the same. Most gates are prone to rusting and bending over time. Our gates in West Palm Beach, FL are bonded to minimize any corrosion and built with the strongest alloy in the market.

We also offer different openings depending on what you want. Whether you would rather hinges, swings, or rolling options, we have all the choices you desire. You are not limited to the traditional colors when it comes to choosing your gate in West Palm Beach, FL either. We offer choices of bronze and white colors to choose from so you are not limited.

Your home is your biggest investment, and if you do not surround your home with the best quality of gates in West Palm Beach, FL, your home may depreciate. By looking at the different choices of gates in West Palm Beach, FL you are guaranteed to get the best product for the most reasonable prices. Please contact us today at (561) 793-6029 to get a free quote on a gate for your home in West Palm Beach, FL!

What are the Benefits of Fences in West Palm Beach, FL?

When you want to protect you and your family’s privacy, fences can do you justice in West Palm Beach, FL. However, privacy is only one of the benefits a fence can provide for you. There are multiple reasons to install a fence around your home in West Palm Beach, FL. Screen Builders installs fences that provide a barrier that is not only reliable, but beautiful.

Installing a fence in West Palm Beach, FL around your yard can protect your home from any intruders, unwanted strays and neighborhood pets. Fences provide an easy way to keep your yard out of harm’s way. Also, if you have a pet, a fence allows your pet the ability to roam free, but keeps them in your range of comfort. Not to mention, they will not be able to get into your neighbor’s yard.

If your fences are installed correctly, they can add to the beauty of your home. At Screen Builders, our fences are painted with powder coated paint that is 300 percent thicker than the standard paint. As your fence outlasts time, your neighbors and those passing by will appreciate the clean-cut look of your fence in the community.

As mentioned before, fences are also used to keep your business private and separate from your neighbors. Fences ensure that you have your own space and ensure the lines are not blurred. Whether you like to have gatherings and you don’t want to disturb your neighbor, or vice versa, fences are a great asset to add to your home in West Palm Beach, FL.

If you were interested in our options, please contact us at (561) 793-6029 to speak with us. We are always more than happy to help figure out the best fence option for our client in West Palm Beach, FL.

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