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Top-Notch Hurricane Shutters in Jupiter

Are Hurricane Shutters in Jupiter Reliable? 

Many people wonder if hurricane shutters in Jupiter are reliable, especially as there is a new wave moving towards storm windows. However, what most people won’t tell you is that hurricane shutters can be beneficial in a handful of ways. They’re what keep your home safe in the most devastating of disasters. They’re what ensures that you get to come back to an interior that’s intact.

3 Reasons for Hurricane Shutters in Jupiter 

While storm windows can cost thousands of dollars, hurricane shutters remain relatively inexpensive. This allows for homeowners to get the protection they need without forfeiting their entire bank account over in the process. While homeowners can nail boards to their windows all day long, lumber becomes scarce and pricey each hurricane season.  

The second reason is that hurricane shutters are more efficient than attempting to buy lumber and hang it over the doors and windows. Homeowners can remove hurricane shutters, which leave their house looking clean all year round. Plywood, on the other hand, can leave damaging holes or scratches to the exterior. By choosing hurricane shutters, homeowners are choosing ease, cleanliness, and re-usable materials.

The third reason is that at Screen Builders, Inc. we have over thirty years of experience. With a practice in South Florida, it’s no surprise that we’ve learned practical and knowledgeable skills over the years and throughout the hurricanes. Our hurricane shutters are built with resilience and strength, with wind load calculations and so much more. If you’re ready to find a company that can help you prepare for storm season, check out hurricane shutters in Jupiter at Screen Builders! Call us today at (561) 793-6029.

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The Best Fences in Jupiter

Top 3 Benefits of Using Fences in Jupiter

It’s not every day that people decide to put in fences in Jupiter. However, there are many benefits. In South Florida, many homes are open to the public, but that can bring a handful of issues including robberies, vandalism, and unwanted creatures. When using fences or gates, homeowners put their homes in a safer environment. Here are three of the top reasons to install fences and gates around your house!   

1. Keep Small Children Safe with Fences in Jupiter 

The number one reason to install fences is to keep small children safe. Whether you’re keeping them away from the pool or outside strangers, barriers can ensure that your child can play safely, without worrying about the mishaps. Another benefit is that small children can avoid running out into the street.

2. Keep the Critters Away 

For those who have sunroofs, pools, or patios, you may face the many critters that South Florida has to offer. These small animals may not be harmful, but they can be pesky. At Screen Builders, Inc. we’ve watched as thousands of homeowners have had raccoons in their trash or their leftover food. It also ensures that pets are safe while still enjoying the outdoors.

3. Keep the Home Secure 

As mentioned, gates and fences keep any unwanted visitors out. It also is a detouring item for robbers or vandalism. By having a driveway gate, for example, you’re making it more challenging for people to disrupt your serenity.

At Screen Builders, Inc. we have over three decades of experience. Our materials are top of the line, as we know that the Florida elements can be harsh. We also have a plethora of colors to match any home style or palette. To top it all off, the professionals at Screen Builders, Inc. are there to help you design your perfect enclosure. If you’re searching for fences in Jupiter, today is the day you can finally have the one you’ve always envisioned. Call us today at (561) 793-6029.

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Pool Screen Enclosure in Wellington, FL

How Can I Benefit From A Pool Screen Enclosure In Wellington,FL  

One of the best features that comes with living in sunny Wellington Florida is being able to enjoy your swimming pool year-round. Temperatures rarely dip below 80 degrees meaning everyday can be fun in the sun, day.  With such consistently good weather it’s no wonder why so many Wellington residents have invested in swimming pools. One unfortunate aspect of owning a pool is having to clean out all the debris that gets blown into it. All pool owners agree upkeep can become tedious. However, Screen Builders has a solution. A pool screen enclosure will help keep your pool looking fresh and allow you to spend more hours enjoying the crisp water rather than cleaning it.  

Aside from keeping out the bugs and dirt, a pool screen enclosure is a great area to entertain guests.  Your guests can come and go inside and out without tracking mud and dirt throughout the house. Plus, all your guests will talk about how beautiful your home looks with your new pool screen enclosure. We can even install a pet door which allows the family dog to come and go as it pleases. 

Another fantastic reasons to invest in a pool screen enclosure is block out some of the suns harmful UV rays.   At Screen Builders, some of our most popular screen enclosures are our SunTex solar screens. These screen enclosures block out 80% of UV rays, keeping you protected from the harmful rays emitted by the sun.  

We have been in business for over 30 years and completed over 10,000 jobs. When it comes to pool screen enclosures, there is no parallel to the quality and craftsmanship we offer. Our technicians are full trained and certified to take on any sized job. For more information call us today at (561) 295-8011).

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Aluminum Fences in West Palm Beach

A great looking fence can really add to a home’s beauty and even its curb appeal. There are plenty of reasons residents in West Palm Beach would be interested in an aluminum fence. For one, a fence is a great way to outline your property as well as add to your home’s security. When you choose a fence from Screen Builders you can rest assured you are getting the highest grade of materials available.

Our Fences Are The Strongest

While shopping for fences you will probably notice the wide variety of materials used to make fences. There’s a reason people regularly favor aluminum fences over all others and that is due to the durability aluminum offers. We use the strongest alloy available to make our fences. They are built to handle everything mother nature can throw year after year. You won’t have to worry about rust either thanks to our DuPont powder coated finish.

A big motivating factor that convinces people to purchase a fence is the added security they provide. Your property will be clearly marked while protecting pets and children. Intruders and buglers are also less likely to burglarize a home that has a proper fence erected. Our aluminum fences are built solid too, intruders can’t just cut the links like they can with chain link fences. Maintaining one of our fences couldn’t be easier. With wooden fences they must be repainted or stained often, and chained fences rust easily. That’s not a problem with our options, a quick wash with the hose every so often will keep your fence looking as new as the day you bought it.

Call For More Information

If you are considering having a fence installed at your home, why would you choose anything else other than the best? When you choose Screen Builders you know you are choosing top quality and professional work. Our aluminum fences are sure to give your family the extra security you desire as well as make your home look great. Call us today at (561) 793-6029, for more information.

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Patio Screen Enclosures in Jupiter, Florida

We have all experienced warm beautiful nights in South Florida that get cut short due to mosquitoes and other insects. If you’re tired of pesky bugs ruining your outside fun, then it is time to call Screen Builders. Our high-quality patio screens not only make your home look great, they will also help you reclaim your outdoor property from the elements and unwanted pests. Let’s take a closer look into how our patio screen enclosures are a fantastic investment for your property.

Patio screen enclosures are a great way to add curb appeal to your property as well as increase your homes overall value. You also never have to worry about rusting. At Screen Builders, we use the highest available grade of aluminum which makes our enclosures strong enough to stand up to the worst of what mother nature can do. We also professionally powder coat all our metal pieces which ensures rust will never be an issue. Your patio screen enclosure will continue to look spectacular year after year.

Living in South Florida means we have the benefit of being able to enjoy the outdoors and swimming pools year-round. Unfortunately, debris, dirt and unwanted pests and insects can quickly turn your fun in the sun into a headache. Our patio enclosures make sure nothing gets in your patio or pool area if you don’t want it to get in. We can also install a pet door to allow the family dog or cat to freely come and go without bothering you to open the door.

There’s plenty of great reasons to invest in a patio screen enclosure in Jupiter Florida. When you choose Screen Builders you know you are choosing the professionals. Our work is top notch and all of our projects are completed using the highest quality of materials available. For more information and a free estimate, call us today at (561) 403-0029!

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Storm Shutters South Florida

Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Storm Shutters in South Florida

If you’ve been a resident of the sunshine state for many years, it may be time to change your storm shutters in South Florida. There’s nothing more terrifying than realizing that your form of protection didn’t hold up when it needed to most. Fortunately, at Screen Builders, Inc. we’re helping hundreds of Floridians safeguard their homes before the next Hurricane Irma arrives. Your valuables are important to you! Don’t let negligence be the reason you lose it all.  

Insurance Claims and Storm Shutters in South Florida 

If you have storm shutters, instantly your insurance premium goes down. You’re taking the appropriate precaution before a hurricane rips through the beautiful tropical shores. However, what happens when a hurricane does ruin your home? What if your storm shutters were not up-to-date enough to keep the inside of your home safe? The insurance company may see that as a failure to perform proper maintenance, and they may not give you the adequate financial assistance your policy would otherwise entitle you to.  

Resale Values and Storm Shutters 

If you’re planning to sell this season, it may be time to buy new sets of storm shutters. Homebuyers, in most situations, are looking for homes that are ready to go, as is. If they need to replace storm shutters, you could be losing out on a large part of your financial profit. Additionally, new storm shutters can be an enticing reason to buy. They know that their insurance will be lower and that your home will provide a safe haven for their family. 

Save Money with New Storm Shutters  

Last, but not least, you can save money by purchasing new storm shutters. How is this so? If a hurricane ruins your old and inadequate protection, then the torrential downpours, flooding, and winds can reek havoc on the internal portion of your house. Not only will you be dealing with flood removal and furniture repairs, but you’ll also be looking at a potential mold case. Mold and mildew are very expensive to remediate.   

If your storm shutters in South Florida aren’t up to date, start fresh with the professionals at Screen Builders, Inc. We’re a team the prides ourselves on giving our customers quality care and durable materials. In fact, our products are meant to withstand Florida’s many different weather patterns. Don’t be caught in a surprise hurricane without the proper protection. Call us today at (561) 793-5804 and see how we can get you geared up for the next named storm!

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Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

We Offer the Best Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

In case you didn’t know, hurricane season isn’t officially over until the end of November, and as you can see from the recent hurricane activity, we still have an active scene. This means that it’s not too late for you to get hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. – especially those that protect your screen enclosure. When looking for the best hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas, contact Screen Builders, Inc.

We Can Quickly Install Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach

You see it often in the news after a major storm or hurricane- badly damaged screen enclosures. And you may not know this, but the primary reason for structural failure during Hurricane Wilma was inadequate bracing in the roof frame. The other main issue was debris blocking the screen mesh holes causing excessive strain on the screen cloth.

Our exclusive removable panels are engineered for easy removal by the homeowner, opening the flow of air from one side of your enclosure through to the other side. After the hurricane season has ended, you can easily remove the panels and store them away. And now we have new mesh screen panels that provide better visibility without sacrificing strength and durability, in the process.

We offer a free on-site evaluation of your current screen enclosure and its structural condition. We’re extremely knowledgeable about hurricane screen shutters and screen enclosures, and we continually invest in research and new development initiatives on withstanding brutal weather conditions. Protect your home with our help.

Screen Builders, Inc. are pioneers in the screen enclosure industry, and we specialize in custom designed screen enclosures for the following areas:

  • Pool or patio
  • Fences
  • Sun rooms
  • Remote controlled electric roll-up screens
  • Storm shutters

We also repair all screens and fences.

If you’re looking for the best storm or hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, contact Screen Builders, Inc. at (561) 793-6029. We also have locations in Jupiter and Wellington.

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Why Install Driveway Fences in West Palm Beach

Florida is a paradise to many, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers lurking in every neighborhood and city. This is just one reason to install driveway fences in West Palm Beach! You’ve worked hard for your home, and at Screen Builders Inc. we know that you strive to keep your family safe. If you’re considering new methods of security, here are a few reasons why you might want to try a driveway gate.

Security, Privacy, and Resale Value for Driveway Fences in West Palm Beach  

Homes are private in most cases. It’s the place we come back to recharge and refuel after long days. Homes offer safety and security that you can’t find in the outside world. No place will have your belongings, your loved ones, or your favorite place to watch tv or invite friends. Whatever the case may be, it’s crucial to keep your space, your space. One of the top ways to do this is to have a driveway fence. The fence ensures that strangers stay out of your home and away from your loved ones. Additionally, driveway fences keep any critters out that may be a threat to young ones or your pets.

Other essential aspects of gates and fences are that they provide an extra layer of security.  A large barrier ensures that passing neighbors can’t see inside your property, nor can they snoop on what you drive, how your garage looks, or what you’re up to every minute of every day. For theft, gates add protection against spying or timing work shifts. Having the extra security only adds to your home’s resale value, so know that when you’re investing in a driveway fence, you’re investing in something that you can gain a return on.  

At Screen Builders Inc. we understand how important it is for your home to stay safe and secure. That’s why our team comes with incredible knowledge and skills so that we can help provide those needs to Florida residents. With a combined 128 years of experience, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about what types of materials to use and how best to install them. Whether you’re looking for patio enclosures, pool enclosures, sunrooms, storm shutters, or fences in West Palm Beach, Screen Builders Inc. has you covered. If you’re ready to secure your home, call 561-793-6029 today!  

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Why Gated Driveways in West Palm Beach Sell Better

Did you know that adding gates to driveways in West Palm Beach, Florida could boost a home’s value by over $50,000? Believe it or not, gated entrances are in high demand, and it’s not just because of their curb appeal. Gates give homes significant safety features, and it provides homes with an instantaneous luxurious ambiance. If you’re thinking about selling your house, you may want to consider adding on a driveway gate.  

Pretty, Protective, Private: The 3 P’s of Gated Driveways in West Palm Beach, Florida    

There are three words that sum up why adding a gate to your driveway is a good idea, especially regarding resale. First and foremost, aesthetics do matter. When you’re selling your home, it’s your job to ensure that each and every angle of the house is in pristine condition. Having a gate automatically gives visitors a sense of importance, and they simply make a home look better. 

More importantly, the protection and privacy a gate brings are crucial, primarily for families with pets or children. A protective barrier between young children and the street or strangers can be life-changing. Gates also assist in detouring burglars and small animals you want to keep away from your beloved pet. Additionally, South Florida doesn’t necessarily provide middle-of-nowhere homes, which means that almost every South Florida resident is going to have one or two neighbors. A gate gives some privacy and is in great company next to a few tall shrubs or trees. 

If you’re looking to sell your home, a gate could significantly boost your sales price. Gated driveways in West Palm Beach, Florida have always been in style, and their efficiency is what will keep them around forever. Screen Builders provides beautiful and luxurious custom gates, made out of only the highest grade of alloy aluminum. Colors consist of whites, bronzes, blacks, and other colors. Opening features range from hinges, swings, or rolling options. Screen Builders is a company that values their clients and will work tirelessly to ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time. With 128 years of combined experience and 30 years in business, they’re a team you can trust. Call 561-793-6029 today to start creating your custom driveway gate. 

Advantages of Using Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida

When the South enters storm season, it’s time for homeowners to get out their accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida. The tropics can produce massive storms that leave houses and building vulnerable. However, a simple installation of these storm shutters will ensure that the property stays safe all year round.  

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida are Easy to Install 

First and foremost, hurricane shutters are extremely easy to install. One person can deploy them with ease, and the entire property can be safeguarded in only a matter of minutes. When a storm is approaching, homeowners don’t have a lot of time to gear up. In fact, time is of the essence.  

Accordion Shutters Increase Resale Values 

Selling a home comes with its many challenges, but storm shutters can give the property an extra appeal. When new buyers are looking for somewhere to live, they want to know that they’ll be secure regardless of the weather. Just like a person desires a new roof, free of leaks, they’ll also want windows that won’t shatter during a hurricane.  

Accordion Shutters Offer Increased Security  

When strong storms occur, there’s a chance for burglary. People know that most homes are empty, leaving properties vulnerable and easy to access. Hurricane shutters are deterrents for many thieves, as they will have to spend time removing them and risk the chance of being seen. Most shutters are relatively rigid, acting as a set of bars to protect your precious home.

At Screen Builders, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we have an exceptional reputation with our former clients. With over 100 years of experience, we’re one of the most knowledgeable companies around. Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t uncommon in the South, so it’s crucial that you consider using accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, Florida today. We’ll help you find a perfect match for your home, and we’ll even help you install them. For materials that last and customer care you can’t beat, call 561-793-6029 today.

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