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The Top 3 Benefits of Having Electric Roll Down Screen in West Palm Beach

Summer is here and the weather is changing with you focusing on doing outdoor activities. The problem is that South Florida’s weather can make conditions unbearable. You have to deal with the heat, humidity, insects, and wildlife.

Electric roll down screens is the solution that can make life more enjoyable on your patio or pool. Here are the top three benefits of having electric roll down screens in West Palm Beach for your home.


One of the biggest issues when enjoying your patio is privacy. We all want our privacy and don’t want the nosy neighbors or people passing by seeing what we are doing. Electric roll down screens are thick enough that you can see out but those looking in can’t see what you are doing.

You have greater amounts of privacy and will enjoy your outdoor space more with these solutions. We recommend electric roll down screens in West Palm Beach to give you the privacy you deserve.

Screen Builders are the outdoors experts. We specialize in patio, pool screens, gates, and fences. Our goal is to give you customizable solutions that match your needs. No one knows more about how to make your home something special than our trained, licensed, and professional teams.

Protection against the Elements

South Florida’s sun can be unbearable at times. The summer months are when the sun is shining directly overhead. Situations like this make enjoying the outdoors more difficult.

Electric roll down screens keep out the sun and give you shade during some of the hottest times of the day. You can sit outside, relax, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about UV rays or the heat.

We recommend electric roll down screens to give you more shade and have a solution that is easy to use. It is retractable and you can adjust the screens with the click of a button. You can create shade anytime you want when you are sitting outdoors.

Screen Builders has been in business since 1987. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our outstanding service, professionalism, and knowledge.

You Improve the Design of Your Home

Electric roll down screens will enhance the design of your home. You have a wide selection of styles that will go with any structure.

We can help you in selecting the best electric roll down screens to give you that perfect outdoor solution.

Screen Builders is the best in the business. We have five-star reviews for our knowledge and the quality of workmanship we provide to our customers.

Get Your Electric Roll Down Screens Today!

These are the top three benefits that electric roll down screens offer. Call Screen Builders today at 561-793-6029 and see how we can give you the perfect outdoor oasis. We specialize in everything from electric roll down screens to patio screen enclosures in West Palm Beach.

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