Is it Time to Buy Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL?

Though it’s only May, hurricane season is just around the corner. Experts have predicted a particularly tough hurricane season this year, so it’s important to ensure that your home is protected properly. At Screen Builders, we know that accordion storm hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL are a popular choice for storm protection. These shutters can protect your home from hurricane winds, rain and debris as well. But, why choose accordion storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL? There are plenty of reasons that accordion shutters stand apart as the best choice for your home.

Strength is perhaps the most important factor in your home’s hurricane shutters. You need shutters that are strong enough to protect your windows and doors in the event of debris and heavy winds. Plywood shutters and glass windows just can’t withstand many hurricane conditions. Instead, we suggest trusting in the time-tested solutions of accordion storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL.

At Screen Builders, we only use the best materials for our accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. We use custom designs to create shutters that can cover any space. Whether you have large windows or oddly shaped windows, we can successfully keep things covered with our custom shutters. All of the shutters we create at Screen Builders are made from the strongest alloy aluminum on the market. You can count on that strength!

When it comes to hurricane protection, preparedness is absolutely key. You need to ensure that your home is protected in the event of a storm. At Screen Builders, we know this starts with great accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. But, shutters aren’t the only type of hurricane protection your home can use. We also offer unsurpassed strength and structural integrity when it comes to your home’s screen enclosures.

Pool screen enclosures are often heavily damaged during hurricanes, creating costly damage and even debris as the enclosure sustains damage. At Screen Builders, we’ve developed several systems to help keep your screen enclosure from sustaining considerable damage during a storm. We’ve included features such as:

  • Reinforced wind bracing
  • Corrosion-resistant screws
  • Removable panels
  • Finer Phifer Brand panels

These features help your pool screen enclosure avoid costly storm damage. For example, the reinforced wind bracing helps keep the structure securely attached to your home. The removable panels allow wind to travel freely through your enclosure’s frame, keeping wind buildup from creating further damage. To learn more about our hurricane preparedness assistance, please call (561) 793-6029.