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Patio Screen Enclosure West Palm Beach

Patio Screen Enclosure West Palm Beach - Looking to expand or get the most out of your patio, porch or balcony?

Patio screen enclosures are just what you need.

One of the most under-utilized areas of a home is its patio, porch or balcony. Screening this does wonders for the possible uses of this rediscovered area. Kids and pets can play without constant exposure to the sun and elements. Safe from pests and insects, guests can kick back and enjoy the outdoors without the negatives that can come with South Florida outdoor living. Dine outdoors or just conversate, with your screened in porch you can recreate a new living room, outdoors. Did you know that we can convert your screened porch into a window sun room?

High Quality Patio Screen Enclosures Bring the Outdoors In


  • Showcasing only the strongest exclusive alloy aluminum 6061-T6 available on the market, our enclosures are capable of withstanding an excess of 150-170 mph winds.
  • The screws we use are given a ceramic coated finish, chemically bonded basecoat and color stable top coats all to minimize corrosion. Screen Builders offers covering the screws with plastic caps preventing rust and keeping the new look always.
  • Our paint ranks second to none with regards to durability and long term strength. The Exclusive DuPont500 powder coated paint we use is up to 300% thicker than the industry standard. This translates to longer color and gloss retention.
  • The optional EZ drain doors placed inbetween each vertical screen wall posts allowing the rainwater to pass through quickly and not standing on the deck, preventing mildew development and problematic corrosion.


  • Expands living space – bringing the outdoors in
  • Increases the value and appeal of your home at time of resale
  • Allows gentle breezes through your house
  • Keeps children and pets secure inside
  • Eliminates insects, pest and debris


  • Screen Builders offers shade screen so you can specifically shade certain areas where seats or guests may be dominantly located. This adds to the overall comfort of your outdoor living experience.
  • Custom Pet doors available for small, medium and large pets.
  • Pet resistant screen for greater durability below chair rails for protection against damage caused by pets and landscaping instruments.
  • Kick plate below the horizontal chair rail bar – available in a variety of heights (8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 30″and 36″)
  • Florida glass – laminated screening with a translucent vinyl to keep sprinklers and ground dirt out, great for privacy. This cannot be used for a roof.
  • Last but not least our enclosures come with removable screen panels – The challenge of keeping screens free of debris so hurricane winds can pass through is made easy with removable panels. Putting the power of hurricane preparedness in your hands. This is a great invention!

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