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SunTex 80 Solar Screens

Suntex 80 functions as a great shade screen while also keeping insects at bay. Here’s an example, in 2002 we purchased a new home and converted a western exposed bedroom into a work office. My wife complained she set the AC thermostat to 70 degrees, but the AC isn’t keeping up with the radiant heat. The room was too hot to work. I remembered that Phifer brand Suntex 80 is a shade screen used in the hot southwestern states for keeping the home cool. People in California, Arizona and Texas use shade screens as a way to lower their energy bill and create a nice, cool location to spend the summer months. I had all of the house windows covered with Suntex 80. Immediately, the home office was cooled and that problem was solved at a low cost home improvement. The lowered power bill makes it a must for its affordable efficiency. Cool comfort and saves money= (no brainier).

SunTex 80 Offers Extra Strength UV Protection

Shade, saving electric cost, cool comfort and privacy is what Suntex 80 delivers as an affordable product. Call 828-278-0824 or (954) 485-8393 for a free estimate.

Suntex 80 is used as a protection for screen enclosures below the screen frame chair rail. With Suntex 80 below the screen wall chair rail, it protects the screen from being damaged by the yard man while he’s weed wacking near the screen wall with the spinning string.

Some customers want a shaded screen patio for sitting, but protected from the sun’s harsh burning rays. Suntex 80 is the answer. It blocks 80% of the sun’s UV rays. That’s a lot of protection. It allows you to sit outside and not worry about skin cancer. Your guest will like it as much as you. It’s a shaded play area for protecting your children’s skin against cancer.

A Suntex 80 shade screen is a great privacy screen when your home or screen patio-pool is positioned close to your neighbor’s. You’ll feel more comfortable outdoors while keeping your lifestyle private.

If you live on a golf course, Suntex 80 is a perfect way to protect your house windows from wildly hit balls. You will want your windows protected if I am playing in your backyard. It is installed with a special sleek screen frame fastened on the outside of the glass window. It creates protection, privacy and cool comfort.

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