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Is A Pool Screen Enclosure a Good Investment?

What is a screen enclosure investment? First of all, a screen enclosure is a luxury item that is important for Florida outdoor living quality. We live in a jungle that has been converted to neighborhoods & subdivisions. The lizards, palmetto bugs, mosquitoes are still here and even the lawn man grass clippings are flying in the pool and patio deck.  A screen enclosure keeps the pool and patio pristine clean.

Some people have chosen a fence in substitute of a screen enclosure, because it’s cheaper. You do not have outdoor protection from bugs, snakes, lizards, toads, raccoons, alligators and lawn debris. You have an exposed pool or patio that isn’t comfortable for your guests when cooking out and entertaining. By the way, we sell lots of fence too.

When purchasing a car, the average price is $20,000. A car is not a luxury, but it’s a necessity for a mobile lifestyle. A screen enclosure is a luxury, but is necessary for a quality outdoor lifestyle. So, is it a luxury after all? The question is “is it worth the investment”? An average cost for the screen enclosure is approximately $5-10,000. When the car is driven 15,000 miles per year for 5 years, it has accumulated 75,000 miles. Now, how much is the worth for a 5 year old car and 75,000 miles? It is worth about $8-10,000 not including there are going to be repair costs if you don’t sell and purchase a new one.

When considering housing appreciation value, the home worth is going upward as we know when hearing the real estate news. Considering the home value after 5 years the screen enclosure is installed, has it lost value or is it appreciating with the home? When selling a home, the screen enclosed patio or pool always attracts the customer since this is a selling point to more than 75% of customers. No one wants the Florida critters attacking when sitting outdoors.

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