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Hurricane Preparedness/Repairs to Existing Enclosures

Hurricane Preparedness

Protecting your screen enclosure, your home, and your safety during hurricane season begins with Hurricane Preparedness.  At Screen Builders we offer a free on-site evaluation of your current screen enclosure structural condition in preparation for hurricane season.  We’ll help evaluate your screen’s structural integrity, screen mesh air flow, attachment to structural gutter, and the wear and tear of the enclosure’s components including screws, bolts, and angle brackets.

Protect Your Screen Enclosure this Hurricane Season

Screen Builders’ 30 years in South Florida’s tropical storms has taught us to design with hurricane defense in mind. With that knowledge we use sophisticated wind load calculations to figure stress load on each aluminum frame piece of your custom frame structure. We continually invest in research and new development initiatives to withstand brutal weather conditions and achieve structural superiority.

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Did you know the primary reason for screen enclosure structural failure during Hurricane Wilma was inadequate bracing in the roof frame? And secondary damage of torn screens was due to debris clogging the screen mesh holes causing excessive strain on the screen cloth. Both of these can be avoided.  Screen Builders can help you prepare your screen enclosure for this year’s hurricane season.  Proper preparedness can be an investment protection plan for your home and your safety.

Turn to Screen Builders for a professional evaluation of your screen’s structural integrity and consider these Hurricane Preparedness Enhancements offered exclusively by Screen Builders.

  • Reinforced Wind Bracing The structural integrity of your screen enclosure begins with roof and front-wall bracing. Proper bracing is the key to providing stability to the entire structure. If the force of wind is coming from the side of the structure it transfers across the roof’s frame and is absorbed by the front-wall bracing and the home. If on the other hand, the force of wind is directed toward the front-wall it transfers across the roof’s frame and is absorbed by the home. Proper roof bracing allows the wind force to travel from the roof to the ground. At Screen Builders we employ a .090 heavy duty roof and wall K-brace connected with a stainless steel through-bolt and locknut compared to competitor’s standard of .050 gauge aluminum with a toe screw to an angle attachment. Stainless steel bolt attachment result is greater structural integrity to withstand higher wind load.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Screws. Corrosion of screws, washers and fasteners is caused by dielectric dissimilarity between steel fasteners and aluminum components. Rusted screws and fasteners weaken the overall strength of the screen structure. At Screen Builders we use a ceramic primer base coat paint with color stable topcoats on our screws and fasteners to provide superior corrosion resistance. Finally, we cap the concrete screws with a plastic hex caps. We offer to have all screws covered with plastic caps keeping the new look always.
  • Removable Panels. A challenge of tropical storms is flying debris – including small particles of sand and dirt that clog the pores of screen enclosures making it difficult for the winds to pass through. The greater the winds, the greater the amount of debris, and the greater the strain placed on your screen frame. Screen Builders exclusive removable panels are engineered for easy removal by the homeowner opening the flow of air from one side of your enclosure through to the other side. Putting preparedness back in the homeowners hands while eliminating waiting for a repair crew to arrive and repair damaged screens post storm. Removable panels easily store in your garage and can return to their structural placement immediately following the storms. The result is less resistance and less likeliness of screens tearing under unusual pressure.
  • NEW Finer Thread Phifer Brand Bettervue Mesh Screen Panels. This new clear view screen mesh provides a greater visibility without sacrificing strength and durability in the process. This 20×20 strand square mesh is engineered for optical clarity while its thinner .008 (standard screen yarn is .013 or 63% thicker) core yarn is designed to sustain extreme wind conditions tested up to 110mph with great simulated rain. The thinner threads also provide 33% more insect resistance. In all, giving you greater value for no extra cost!

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