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Welcome to the thriving community of Royal Palm Beach, where the allure of outdoor living meets the innovation and expertise of Screen Builders, the paramount authority in creating stunning, durable screen enclosures for pools and patios. With a legacy of over three decades and an astonishing 128 years of collective experience among the owners, Screen Builders remains a cornerstone of excellence in the industry.

Who We Are

At Screen Builders, our journey in the screen industry spans more than 30 years, backed by an outstanding Better Business Bureau A+ rating. We pride ourselves on pioneering the art of crafting bespoke, customized screen enclosures that redefine outdoor spaces. Whether it’s enclosing your pool or patio, installing fences, designing sunrooms, integrating remote-controlled electric roll-down screens, or fortifying properties with storm shutters, we bring innovation and craftsmanship to every project.

Our expertise extends beyond design and installation. We operate a dedicated department specializing in the repair of screens and fences. Uniquely, we offer solutions for various concerns like rusted screws that plague screen enclosures in humid weather, ensuring a lasting, impeccable look through custom-fitted screw caps.


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Innovation & Quality Products

What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation and high-quality products. Our range includes:

  1. Pool Screen Enclosures

Transform your pool area into an oasis while safeguarding it with our premium enclosures.

  1. Patio Screen Enclosures

Redefine your outdoor living space with our custom-designed enclosures, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

  1. Sunrooms

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors in a comfortable and protected environment with our expertly crafted sunrooms.

  1. Fences & Gates

Enhance security and privacy while elevating the appeal of your property with our durable fences and gates.

  1. Aluminum Roofs

Our aluminum roofing solutions offer durability and style, adding a finishing touch to your outdoor haven.

  1. Roll-Down Screens

Experience convenience and protection with our remote-controlled electric roll-down screens, a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

At Screen Builders, we merge artistry with innovation to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Our dedicated team is ready to turn your vision into reality. Contact us at (561) 770-6576 to begin the journey toward an outdoor paradise.

Choose Screen Builders for unparalleled expertise, quality, and a legacy of innovation in pool and patio screen enclosures in Royal Palm Beach, FL.