Screen Builders Offers Aluminum Fabrication in Palm Beach County

When it comes to being strong enough to stand up to the wind and rain of South Florida, the experts at Screen Builders only trust high grade aluminum alloy which is not only strong, but also light and easy to install. Much of the aluminum fabricated by Screen Builders can withstand winds of up to 160 MPH thanks to the strong alloy and unique designs.

All of Screen Builders’ fences, gates, and railings are made using the top rated alloy aluminum and accessories. You can get them in bronze, white and several other color options. Screen Builders offers welded gates that are custom built for each individual location. They can choose to get their gates with hinges, swing or rolling options. We also offer to install mechanical gates. The powder coated paint that we use is maintenance free and they never need to be repainted.

Screen Builders’ fence and gate team are sure to provide you with great customer service, quality work, and time efficiency. We want to help you keep your property safe and private. We want you to enjoy your time with your pets in the backyard without needing to keep a leash on them. We want you to keep your children protected from nearby lakes or outside areas with a high fence. Don’t wait. Call us today at (561) 537-5122.