It’s Always a Good Time to Install Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach, FL

Hurricane season is an annual threat to the beauty of West Palm Beach, but major storms can find their way to our shores at any time of the year. At Screen Builders, we know that hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL are the best way to keep your home safe in hurricanes and major storms. If you’re still relying on plywood shutters hastily purchased from a hardware store when a storm is already on its way, there’s a better way! With our custom accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL, protecting your home is easy!

Does my home really need custom hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL?

When it comes to keeping your home safe, hurricane protection isn’t exactly one size fits all. Each home has different window sizes, shapes and locations. This means that each home needs customized hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. At Screen Builders, we offer affordable customization that can help protect your home, your family and your peace of mind come hurricane season.

Our custom accordion hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL are created from the strongest alloy aluminum on the market. At Screen Builders, we mean business when it comes to protecting your home! Our shutters are the best way to help prevent window and door breakage during a storm. When a window breaks from debris, winds or rain during a storm, your whole home can be exposed to the elements. Worse yet, a broken window during a strong hurricane increases the risks of roofing damage or loss.

Giving yourself peace of mind is as simple as choosing our custom and sturdy hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL! At Screen Builders, our family knows that nothing is as important as protecting your family during a hurricane or major storm. We’ll work to create the best custom shutters that help keep your home safe during hurricane season.

Are there other ways to protect my home?

While hurricane shutters may protect the interior of your home, you may be wondering how to protect your home’s exterior during a hurricane. At Screen Builders, we have great solutions! For example, our pool and patio screen enclosures are engineered for serious storm protection. We include reinforced wind bracing that helps prevent your enclosure form detaching in a major storm.

Additionally, we’ve developed easy remove screen panels that can be removed when a hurricane is on its way. This allows winds to pass freely through your enclosure, helping to reduce destruction of the enclosure. Once the storm has passed, you can simply click the screens back into place!

Ready to keep your home in great shape? It all starts with our products at Screen Builders. For the best custom hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL, you can count on our team at Screen Builders. To discover all of our storm protection options, call (561) 793-6029!