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Screen Repairs

Screen Repair West Palm Beach

Screen Builders aims to assist you in getting the most out of your time outside. Avoid being bitten by bugs. Don’t allow flies to ruin your dinner or make you mosquito food. A repaired and modern screen enclosure can help protect you from diseases caused by insects and nasty insect-borne viruses. Enclosures with screens keep your outside spaces tidy as well. It helps to keep weeds and other waste away from your patio and pool.

Professional Screen Repair South Florida for your home’s doors or windows is a cost-effective and worthwhile solution to broken or damaged screens.

The most crucial consideration is which service to use. This is where Screen Builders makes all of the difference, offering South Florida reliable and quality service.

You will want to have a lot of information about the window and screen repair before exploring the options.

  • When did the structure get built?
  • Is the window a good size for screening?
  • What is the exact height of the area to be screened?
  • Is the window frame constructed of what material?

You will be able to quickly identify Screen Builders as the company with the most specialized services. You’ll also understand why we are the best choice.

Don’t let storms derail or derail your plans for a relaxing screened-in patio.

Is it time to rescreen or fix your porch or enclosure? Screen Builders is the company to contact. If you need a porch or patio screen enclosure repaired or replaced, we have the right option for you. We’re only a phone call away from professional service and free quotes.

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