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Be Prepared for Hurricane Season with Impact, Storm, and Hurricane Windows and Doors

Living in South Florida may be is easy on the eyes, but it’s harsh on exteriors like windows and doors. Brace yourself, the Atlantic hurricane season for 2019 starts June first and runs through November, putting South Florida residents on edge. But have no fear, Screen Builders is here, and we’ve got your back… and your front, your doors, windows and roofs too, in fact! Screen Builders helps you prepare for Hurricane Season in South Florida with top-notch impact, storm, and hurricane windows and doors.

One of the most important benefits of impact or hurricane windows and doors is that they are extremely strong and can withstand major storms and weather, including the heavy rain and strong winds of hurricanes. When windows stay intact, uplift forces are prevented from entering the house, lifting up the roof, and pushing the walls outward. By providing a protective shield against hurricane and storm damage, Screen Builders windows and doors can cut down the price of regular repairs and help you to save your home from damage.

Screen Builders has been delivering sound structural services to South Florida home and condo owners since 1987. We have a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and also specialize in custom-designed screen enclosures for your pool or patio, fences, sunrooms, remote controlled electric roll-up screens, and storm shutters. We are excited about the expansion of our business to include the most state-of-the-art impact, storm, and hurricane windows and doors!

When your home design, construction, or remodel project is located in a coastal area, you know the highly volatile weather conditions your buildings are up against. If you’ve made it through any of these storms and hurricanes, you know exactly what needs to be done to safeguard your home, property, and loved ones in the event of a future storm. You also know that the windows and doors you choose are critical. You need products specifically designed to stand up to wind, rain, moisture, salt and sun, hurricane-force winds, driving rain, humidity, flying debris, endless sun and more. Screen Builders can deliver long-lasting, worry-free, energy-efficient, and an exceptional value promise for your windows and doors.

South Florida has been the driving force behind the development and implementation of stricter and better building codes regarding hurricanes and storms, and specifically with impact window and door codes. All of these codes or standards are designed to give a uniform standard to test and grade impact windows for safety and reliability – to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Here are some of the benefits of using impact, storm, and hurricane windows and doors:

  • Improved Security: An added bonus and benefit of installing hurricane windows and doors is the increased security and protection from burglars and intruders they provide. The combination of a double pane of laminated glass and single pane of tempered glass makes it extraordinarily hard to gain entry
  • Superior Insulating Value: Corrosion-resistance is key for coastal residents and people who live in the damp, salty and humid air. This not only affects your air conditioning systems but also corrodes your doors and windows. Impact windows and doors are made with a special corrosion-resistant design.
  • Airtight, Watertight Efficient: Screen Builders windows and doors are designed to keep out drafts, moisture, noise, and dust, and they exceed the industry standards.
  • Peace and Quiet: For people who live in crowded or metropolitan areas, the noise and heat can be unbearable – especially during summers. Impact windows are extremely resistant against strong heat waves and loud noises, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet and live comfortably in your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Heat is blocked from entering the house while visible light is admitted – meaning lower utility bills!
  • Insurance Discounts: Ask us about how our impact windows are recognized by a number of different insurance agencies and may qualify for a mitigation insurance rebate.

At Screen Builders, we know that your home and your family are not the only top priority, but one of your biggest investments as well. Therefore, protecting your home is at the top of the list in order to live safely and comfortably. The installation of impact storm and hurricane doors and windows with Screen Builders is certainly worth the investment and the peace of mind.