The Benefits of a Sunroom in West Palm Beach Florida

Drive through most neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL and you’ll probably see your fair share of sunrooms. More common in the Southern states, sunrooms began growing in popularity during the early 1960’s. Essentially a sunroom is a room attached to a home which allows for people to enjoy the outdoors without really being outside. Sunrooms can be all shapes, sizes and functions but they all serve the purpose of making an attractive sitting area where the home owner can entertain guests while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. Companies such as Screen Builders, Inc. specialize in manufacturing sunrooms that fit perfectly with any home so you can enjoy it all year round.

Traditional sunrooms are built so they fit in with the theme of the rest of the home. Sunrooms are very easy to add onto existing structures even if it is an older building. Most houses in Florida have a backyard that can be accessed by a sliding glass door. Screen Builders can transform a back patio into a screened in sunroom that looks beautiful and fits in with the rest of your home. They can design any sort of structure depending on what you want. You can have a full roof covering the room so it’s livable even in the rain and you can furnish it with nicer furniture. You can make a screen enclosure big enough so it covers a pool, or small enough so it maximizes the space in your backyard.

The benefits of having a sunroom are well worth the price. The most obvious is bolstering the resale value of your home. Adding a new room to your home makes the square footage bigger which can add to the home’s value. You also have a wonderful new room in which to entertain guests. Being able to enjoy the natural beauty of Florida year round is one of the major selling points for people looking to buy a home in the West Palm Beach area. Just having more room in your home can be great, especially if you’ve got a large family or pets.

Adding a sunroom to your  West Palm Beach, FL home is a great idea for many reasons. It gives you more space in the home, it raises the resale value, and it gives you a lovely new place to entertain guests. Most sunrooms  were built along with the house, but Screen Builders can transform any patio or pool deck into the sunroom you’ve always wanted.