The Best Fence Company in West Palm Beach

Fences serve a lot of purposes. Some work to keep things in, like pets or children. Others are designed to keep things out. Some fences are built for style and aesthetic appeal and can add a certain element to any yard. Still others are meant to mark a divide between two areas. Whatever your need for a fence, there’s one company who have the skills and expertise to build you the perfect fence every time. Screen Builders is known for their high quality pool screens and their outstanding customer service. However, they are also one of the best companies when it comes to fences in West Palm Beach. When you’re in the pool screen business for as long as the pros at Screen Builders, one thing you try to do is expand your services to help out customers who want to get all their home improvements done through one reliable company. Using the same high quality materials like alloy aluminum that go into our screen enclosures, the fences at Screen Builders can stand up to the test of time.

Not only does Screen Builders excel at manufacturing fences but they can also build any kind of gate system for homeowners all over Palm Beach County. Many people think that a fence is a fence, but that isn’t accurate. Fences come in a large variety of styles, colors, and size so they can be personalized and tailored to fit perfectly with the landscaping décor. Privacy is one of the main reasons why people build fences. Those who live in neighborhoods where the next house is a stone’s throw away are the most likely to build a fence. It helps to define the property line and can add a little bit of privacy to your backyard. If you don’t want to completely shut out your neighbor, consider installing a gate somewhere in the fence. Most gates are manually operated but some can be motorized depending on the location. Many people are concerned that metal fences are ugly, but simply installing a line of shrubbery blocks most of the fence from view and can really liven up a back yard.

The other significant motive for install a fence on your property is for safety. Fences are always a good preventive measure when it comes to keeping your family safe, but they also serve to keep things in. If you have a pet that likes to go outside or children who love playing in the yard, letting them run around outside without an adult is not safe. With a fenced in yard, let your dog or kids play without having to worry they can run away. Fences also ensure that nothing finds its way into the yard. Those who live in Florida, particularly near the everglades, know that it’s not completely unheard of for a gator to wander its way into someone’s backyard swimming pool. Imagine going to take a dip and seeing a reptile cooling off! For those in the market for fences in West Palm Beach, FL, looking into a company like Screen Builders could be a great way to get the fence you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford.