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Choosing the Right Patio Screen Enclosure Design

There are a lot of designs to choose when you’re exploring various screen companies. At Screen Builders, we literally measure and design each and every job from the smallest to the most complicated. It’s your design and we help you from the beginning to the end. Don’t worry about complexities, because each sales person measures your home patio or pool deck. Then, the sales designer will go through a series of questions for your job design concept. It’s fun for you, because it allows you to ask design questions as we tailor your design answer to your home with a design drawing for each bid. A picture tells a thousand words! How cool is that?

What to Consider When Shopping for a Screen Enclosure:

There are a few things to consider when shopping for patio or pool screen enclosure. Don’t forget it’s a construction product. How long has the company been in business? Screen Builders has been in the business for 36 years and we’re on job number 110,340. That’s a lot of jobs! There are many screen companies to choose from. What makes one company more appealing than another. It’s service that customer’s want. Service is our goal while delivering what we say. There are many companies that are operating without a functional office. Their office is the phone that’s in their back pocket. Typically, it’s average service or maybe bad service. All screen enclosures are aluminum frame. It doesn’t rust. The screws or fasteners are steel and are painted with ceramic coating giving the best protection. We offer Marine Grade Stainless Screws as an option. Stainless Screws is the best choice for the life of the job, but it’s expensive. The screen cloth is fiberglass thread patterned in a “criss-cross fashion”. Beware, there’s a lot of inferior imported screen that is cheaper, but it won’t handle Florida’s Sun Burning Ultraviolett Rays. Screen Builders screen cloth has a special UV Protecting Coating for giving it a long life. I’ve seen screen last over 15 years. This is important for your home. By the way, a screen enclosure should be pressured cleaned at least every year. I like pressure cleaning in November, because the rainy season is over. Like it or not, there’s mildew slightly building up and pressure cleaning removes and kills the root from growing.

Benefits of Installing a Patio or Pool Screen Enclosure:

Let’s face it, we live in a jungle that has been developed into subdivisions with retention ponds, canals, golf courses and simple backyards that face your neighbor’s. When you have your neighbor’s home in your view, it’s intimidating since they can see everything going on at your home or visa versa. Well, you especially need a screen enclosure for privacy alone, but the benefits of keeping the critters on the outside as you’re protected from the bugs. It’s a wonderful and comfortable feeling that you can have friends and family over for a drink or cookout while the outdoor lights are on and no mosquitoes. Oh yeah, it keeps the inside patio area pristine clean from the landscaper to your bushes and trees shedding debris. It gets old cleaning yard debris every week and sometime daily. Screen enclosures keep out Mosquitoes, lizards, poisonous Bufo toads that can kill your pet, snakes, raccoons etc. You get the message. Remember we converted the jungle into a living paradise, but the critters stay outside. In other words, we live it their home. A screen enclosure allows you living in harmony with mother nature.

Finding the Right Contractor for Your Job:

You’re new to the area and it’s not home like up North. You don’t have the same contractor contacts you trusted like home. This is why Screen Builders is successful. We have a great track record. We’re on Job Number 110,340 today as that alone is why everyone wants Screen Builders as their contractor. There’s no game playing going on. It’s all business tailored to your needs and design. You have a question and we are always there with an answer and results. Isn’t this what you want ? A no nonsense company that gets to your inquiry with an answer. Let’s say you choose Screen Builders and they installed your job 10-12 months ago. Uh Oh—the screen door won’t close properly. You make a call within the one year warranty, Screen Builders will be out to adjust the door closer or maybe install a new part. It will be WARRANTED! No Games, just service. Doesn’t that sound secure and comfortable ? Let us have a chance to give you a free bid design and begin the process. If you like us, we begin by applying for the building permit getting you on schedule. That’s an excited time for you and us.