Fences in West Palm Beach Keep Things In and Out!

We’ve all heard the dream of owning a home with a white fence. Don’t just dream about it. Make it happen. The professionals at Screen Builders can install the perfect fence to enhance your home’s natural beauty and provide the privacy and protection needed to keep your family and pets safe. Fences in West Palm Beach are an effective way to improve your property and increase your home’s value. Whether you need a custom designed gate for your walkway, driveway or foyer, the professionals at Screen Builders have the skills and experience to build the right customized fence or gate for your property.

.Screen Enclosure West Palm Beach, FL

Fences are an effective feature to provide security as a physical barrier to prevent intruders onto your property. But it also creates a defined outdoor space, which allows a place for your family to engage in backyard recreational activities and your pets to roam without a leash. Depending on the size of your property and the design of your fence, fences also provide added aesthetic beauty. Our gates and fences in West Palm Beach are constructed using only the highest grade of alloy aluminum in the industry. This gives your property the proper level of security to ensure your yard is safe.

When choosing a fence, you want a barrier which blends in with your property. Over the years, our team of service professionals has successfully installed fences in West Palm Beach for countless homes. Because each property is different, there is one-size-fits all mentality when constructing a fence for your home. Our team can carefully evaluate your property to provide the best fence for your property. When it comes to security and beauty, nobody installs better fences in West Palm Beach than Screen Builders. Our fences are built using only the strongest alloy aluminum 6061-T61 on the market.

Although we are mainly known for our high-quality screen enclosures, sunrooms and patio enclosures in West Palm Beach, there is so much more Screen Builders can do for your home. Our gate and fence solutions can provide the finishing touches to your outdoor living space. Screen Builders also places a high priority on safety. As a licensed and insured contractor, our workers are covered under our worker’s compensation insurance. Security, beauty and protection are the qualities every homeowner wants from their fences in West Palm Beach. Call on the professionals with more than 125 years of combined experienced in the industry. Contact Screen Builders today.