Five Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Fence

When something is wrong with your car, it tells you: there’s beeping alerts or concerning grinding sounds that tell you it’s time to visit a mechanic. The same can be said for within your home; you know pretty quickly if there’s an issue with the plumbing or if a window is broken. But what about something that’s less obvious? Fences in Boca Raton do more than just separate your property from your neighbor’s. They provide your first layer of protection from intrusion by providing a defined line of trespassing. Fences also keep your pets and children safely contained in your yard. If your fence is in disrepair, it can lead to injury or other accidents. Don’t wait until your fence completely collapses to deal with any issues. Here’s five signs your fence may need to be repaired.

Rotting and/or Warped Wood

Florida’s humid, wet weather can cause serious damage to any fence overtime. Whether they are metal or wood, fences in Boca Raton are exposed to the rains and winds of Florida’s temperamental weather pattern year-round. Even sealed wood can eventually begin to succumb to the moisture, rotting and warping as it ages. If you notice soft spots in your wooden planks or rusting of metal fences, it may be time to replace it. These signs of aging may only appear to affect certain areas of your fencing, but it’s likely the rest will follow shortly.

Broken or Missing Planks

Storm damage and accidents may cause structural damage to your fence, such as missing or broken planks. Not only is this an aesthetic issue that lowers the curb appeal of you home, but it can be a security issue. Pets and small children may be injured by jagged edges or splinters. Worse, they may slip through breaks in the fence if the space allows it. While patches may work temporarily, they should not be used as permanent solutions.

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Major Damage

Beyond a broken plank or two, major damage can because by falling trees, heavy winds like those caused by hurricane Dorian, or even a vehicle collision. If any of these incidents have left your fence bent, leaning, or otherwise broken, replace it as soon as possible. Removing the hazard of a fence with major damage can keep you and your family safe from additional harm.

Termite and Insect Damage

Termites and other wood eating insects are major pests during South Florida’s humid summers. While most home owners understand the threat they pose to a house’s infrastructure, this also extends to wooden fencing. Holes in the wood, live or dead termites found around the perimeter, and termite mounds are sure signs of infestations. Addressing these issues should be first priority, but once the termites are exterminated, replacing your fence should be next on the list. Existing termite damage can make it easy for secondary issues like mold to set in.

Repairs are Too Costly

Sometimes the cost of repairing a fence exceeds the cost of full replacement. If you are continually having to patch your fence, the maintenance costs can quickly add up. If this is you, let Screen Builders give you a free estimate for fence replacement today! For more information, call us at 561-793-6029 or visit our website at: We look forward to providing you with all your screen enclosure needs.