Five Summer Benefits of Getting a Pool Screen

Summer in Florida is all about basking in the sunshine and warmth and enjoying the natural beauty our state has to offer. However, that beauty draws flocks of summertime tourists to our state each year, causing overcrowded beaches and clogging up roadways. Private pools offer the best of both worlds: you get to enjoy the sun and water without the annoyances of thousands of strangers killing your vibe. But pool ownership comes with its own annoyances in the form of maintenance needs, debris contamination, and pests drawn to the water. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid those drawbacks to pool ownership: install a pool cage screen enclosure! Here are the five summer perks of getting a pool screen: 


Bug Defense 


What’s more annoying than going outside to get in your pool only to have to spend half an hour or more skimming the water and removing bees, beetles, and other bugs who have fallen into the water and drowned? Getting bitten by mosquitos and other flying nuisances while you try to enjoy the water. A pool cage screen enclosure in Boca Raton can drastically reduce, if not eliminate that problem! The mesh screening used by Screen Builders Inc. is specifically designed to provide protection against bugs and other pests without interfering with the beautiful Florida sunshine. You can continue to enjoy laying in the sun with a good book or swimming during the hot summer days without worrying about mosquitos, dragonflies, or other common flying summer insects. 


Debris Protection 


Bugs and creepy crawlies aren’t the only thing that get into your pool during the summer. Falling debris like leaves and flower petals can also get in, clogging you drains and potentially causing serious damage to your filtration system. A screen enclosure around your pool can help to prevent these and other potentially expensive pool issues. With a pool cage screen enclosure in Boca Raton, you don’t need to worry about what clogs may lurking unseen in your pool’s pipes. 


Less Pool Maintenance 


Because a pool enclosure screen protects your pool from many of the issues that need to be addressed by regular maintenance, you can save money on weekly or monthly pool services. Because of this, pool cage screen enclosures in Boca Raton can pay for themselves in just one year. Even if you do pool maintenance yourself, the amount of time saved that can be spent on more important things makes up for the cost. 


Child Safety 


One of the greatest household risks to your child’s safety is an unsecured pool. It only takes a momentary distraction to lead to tragedy. Pool screen enclosures protect your family by providing a physical barrier between your child and dangerous waters. Unlike a pool net or covering which your child may slip through, our screen enclosures are reinforced and designed to keep young children from being able to open screen doors and get inside. The mesh is also strong enough to prevent rips and tears caused by flying toys, balls, and frisbees which may tempt your child to enter the pool area unsupervised. Screen enclosures can also protect family pets in the same way.  


Unobstructed Scenery 


Let’s be honest: older versions of pool enclosure screens are unattractive and take away from the natural beauty of your pool area and natural scenery. With modern technology, we can design a custom pool enclosure with minimal obstruction of your view. Our thin but durable screens are barely visible from the inside so you can enjoy all that nature provides!  


With over 128 years of experience, Screen Builders, Inc., can create a custom design for your needs and provide a free estimate today. Get your new pool cage screen enclosure in Boca Raton so you can enjoy your pool with less hassle this summer and all year round!