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Four Locations to Add Railings in West Palm Beach, Florida

If you’ve been considering adding railings in West Palm Beach, Florida to your condo, home, or commercial location, many places could use them. Many people don’t think of all of the unsafe locations they have on and around their properties. Without the use of railings, multiple parts of a property can be a danger waiting to happen, especially for young children and older individuals. Here are four places that may need a railing installation today:

Ramps Need Railings in West Palm Beach, Florida

Some ramps are left entirely open, and while this may seem like common sense not to fall off of them, young children and wheelchairs have little control over the matter. Instead, adding a railing provides safety and a sense of security for all who approach.


Of course, most balconies have a railing. In fact, all balconies should have a railing. However, there are some that are in need of replacement. Railings can quickly become outdated, especially as they are usually left to withstand South Florida’s extreme weather patterns. The weather in the south can easily weaken metals, and without sure durability, these too are an accident waiting to happen. Replacing any old railings can give everyone peace of mind.


Some outdoor gardens in Florida offer small, quaint bridges that wrap over a stream or pond. These are beautiful additions to any outdoor space, yet pose a threat to small children or older people. While the chances are slight for an accident, it doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Adding a protective barrier along the sides gives everyone the comfort to enjoy, without worrying about someone falling in.

Front Porches

Decorative railings are also an option, though they still provide a bit of safety. Adding a wraparound railing or a simple addition to the front of a home can increase the value of a house, and enhance curb appeal.

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