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Get Quality Screen Enclosure Repair in West Palm Beach

You count on your pool, patio, or deck’s screen enclosure to keep things comfortable. Screen enclosures help keep bugs, leaves, debris, and even harsh UV rays from invading these outdoor spaces. But, even the toughest of screens can face issues now and again. Have your screens fallen into disrepair? Are there tears, rust, or other signs of deterioration? At Screen Builders, we’re here to help. We offer the very best screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL for practically any enclosure. Torn screen? We’re here to help!

At Screen Builders, we offer the very best screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL. Our repair services are a popular choice to fix, you guessed it, broken screens. We can repair tears, missing panels and we can upgrade your entire enclosure with new panels as well.

Our enclosure repair experts at Screen Builders specialize in enhancing enclosures with the best screen options. For example, we offer clear view screens that can bring increased clarity while also stepping up the strength of your enclosure. Our SunTex Solar Screens are another popular choice. These screens can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, meaning you can enjoy more pool or patio time without the nuisance of a sunburn.

In addition to fixing screens, our experts at Screen Builders can bring repairs to your enclosures themselves.  We offer custom enclosure construction, and we can repair existing enclosures with this expertise. If your enclosure has broken support beams, missing screws, or other aspects that are putting its structure at risk, you can count on our team at Screen Builders to help with the best repairs.

Our team at Screen Builders offers a wide variety of services. From new pool enclosure construction to the best screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL, you can count on our experts! We bring the best materials and most thorough construction methods to your screen repair and installation needs.

When there’s a tear in your enclosure, we invite you to call on our team at Screen Builders for the best screen enclosure repair in West Palm Beach, FL. From simple repairs to major screen enclosure installations, we have the best solutions for your home!

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