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How To Clean And Maintain Your Front Entry Screen Enclosures?

Screen enclosures look spectacular on your porch, pool, or patio. Apart from the visual appeal, they also offer a range of other benefits. Screen enclosures boost your property’s value and provide extra interior space. You can even spend quality outdoor time without worrying about bugs and annoying mosquitoes! 

Front entry screen enclosures make a quaint addition to enhance the aesthetics of your house.  But they can also make your space look cluttered and unappealing if you don’t maintain them. Cleaning the screen-enclosed area is as essential as scrubbing the rest of your home. That’s how you ensure your screened-in front entry offers tranquil vibes! 

Do you want to install screen enclosures but are worried about keeping them well-maintained? We’re here to offer you the reassurance you need. Read along and find four noteworthy cleaning hacks for your front entry screen enclosures!

1. Daily Dusting 

Your screened-in porch is similar to the rest of your house. As you wake up every morning and dust off the living room, you can also spend a bit of manual effort on the porch area. You can sweep the floor with a dry mop or broom every day to clean the area from dust particles. 

You can use a cleaning cloth or a brush to dust off the door frames and windowsills to remove the debris. It’s ideal to use soft and smaller brushes to offer a gentle grip against the screen enclosures. 

2. Weekly Pressure Washes

You may come across some tough stains that wouldn’t disappear from the daily dusting. It’s nothing to worry about, though. You can pressure wash the flooring of your screened porches and remove even the most stubborn marks. 

Pressure washing can wash all the dirt, grime, and even mold. You’d be surprised by how brand new your area looks after a Sunday deep cleaning session! Because screen enclosures are sensitive, you should begin your pressure washing at a low speed to avoid damaging the screens. And then gradually increase the intensity as you turn towards the floor. 

3. Use Detergent For The Screens 

It’s common to see handprints, watermarks, or other stains on your screens. But it’s nothing that some dish soap or detergent can’t fix! 

Get a bowl of warm water and add either your usual dishwashing soap or detergent into it. Soak your cleaning cloth or sponge in the mixture and squeeze the excess moisture. Use the sponge to lightly scrub the stained areas of the front entry screen enclosure. 

After you see every inch of the screen squeaky and shiny, you can use a dry cloth to wipe down your screened-in porch. You must ensure that the screens don’t remain even slightly damp. Or else, the water stains will stay even after you’ve spent so much time tidying up the porch. 

4. Get Rid Of Mold With Bleach 

Do you see mold growth inside your front entry screen enclosures? Don’t let it expand even more, and treat it immediately. If someone told you there’s no solution for mold, you heard it wrong. Warm water and cleaning chemicals like bleach are all you need for your next cleaning mission.

Before pressure washing your screened porch, you can scrub the area with bleached water. Mix bleach in a bowl of lukewarm water, dip the brush into the water and use it for cleaning the patches containing algae and mold. 

Pro-tip: Protect your hands from the irritation and burn from the chemicals by wearing cleaning gloves- they work wonders! 

Install Front Entry Screen Enclosures Today! 

Cleaning your front-entry screen enclosures isn’t a hassle when you know how to keep them neat. Now that you know vital tips to make your screened-in porch look brand new, what are you waiting for? Get your screen enclosures right away! 

Expand your interior area and create a safe space for your children to play in. Bask in the sunlight as you read your favorite books without feeling irritated from the constant buzzing of the flies either. 

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Add screen enclosures to your front entry and transform your porch into a serene and safe area for your loved ones and pets!