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How to Design A Screen Enclosure?

A custom-built screen porch provides you with an almost year-round outdoor living environment. You can enjoy the sunlight in peace and stay protected from the harsh UV rays with the addition of patio screen enclosures. Boca Raton, FL, has almost 231 sunny days, which means that installing a patio screen enclosure is a luxury that is well worth the money. 

Your screen porch can be a peaceful, private place to start your day and an insect-free party room. On a hot summer afternoon, it’s the perfect spot for a cold lemonade. And on a crisp autumn morning, it’s the perfect spot for a nice mug of coffee, without worrying about the insects and other pests surrounding you or the South Florida heat beating down on you. 

Here is how you can design your screen enclosures.

Decide A Perfect Location For Your Screen Porch

The location of your screen room can have a big impact on how much you like and use it later. Take a look at the weather in your area before installing screen enclosures. Boca Raton, FL’s scorching heat, frequent tropical rainstorms, and accompanying wind can make it difficult to enjoy outdoor lunches, parties, or lounging by the pool. 

It would be best to think about the view from the screen porch and how private the location is from the street or neighbors. Consider the direction in which the air normally blows and where you might put an outside grill. On BBQ days or nights, you don’t want the smoke to waft into your screen room and disturb you and your guests.

Another location would be your poolside area for installing screen enclosures. 

Boca Raton, FL, almost never runs out of sun, which is why a pool enclosure would be a great barrier to skin damage due to UV rays, bugs, and extra dirt, which will make it easy for you to keep the poolside clean and well maintained.

Determine The Size Of Your Porch

Decide whether you want just a sitting space or a dining area when selecting the size of your screen enclosures. Boca Raton, FL, mostly has bright sunny days, and installing a screen enclosure that is open on three sides will allow more light to brighten your happy space while blocking almost 80% of the UV rays. It will also give you an impression of sitting outside and allow air to flow.

A peaked roof allows for high windows, which aid in air circulation and give space for a ceiling fan. On chilly spring and fall evenings, gas or wood-burning fireplace will keep the room warm.

Can You Install Windows In Your Screen Porch?

Shortly, yes, you can! But installing windows in your screen porch will change the visual vibes and feels of your outdoor space. You surely do not want to end up having another room in your house, do you? Window sizes do not limit you to a room that is completely equipped with screens, and you may install larger pieces of screen enclosures to create a more outdoors effect.

However, if you want windows on your porch, installing the ones that can be clipped on and off will increase the room’s usability.

Decorating Your Porch

When it comes to decorating a screen porch, think about how the space will be used most of the time. A screen room dedicated to entertainment will require ample comfortable seating for guests, as well as a coffee table or a couple of side tables to place drinks and food. 

A large indoor-outdoor area rug and comfy pillows or throws on the furniture will add warmth and individuality to a screen porch. If there are no windows on the porch, make sure the textiles are weatherproof. Make room for a table and chairs on the screen porch if you wish to eat there. When it comes to decorating a small screen porch, keep in mind that a circular pedestal table, rather than a rectangular one, will be easier to move around in a smaller space.

Let’s Talk Money

The price of a new screen porch varies widely, but for a start, plan to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for a screen porch that matches your house’s decor and style. You may spend up to $25,000 or more on a personalized look.Overall, screen exposures will provide an open yet safe area with increased relaxation and enjoyment. Designing your screen porch exposure yourself will give it a more unique and individualized look that will also resonate with who you are! Contact us here at Screen Builders once you’re ready to learn more!