Hurricane Bertha Passes South Florida, But Are You Ready for the Next Hurricane of the Season?

As you have seen in the recent news, the second named hurricane of this season has passed South Florida. The highest wind speed Hurricane Bertha has was 80 MPH and they didn’t sustain that long. A few hours after that wind speed was noted, it had lost its strength and was lowered back to a Tropical Storm with just 60 MPH. It moved to Florida’s North West. This was a relief for West Palm Beach and the rest of Palm Beach County, but are you ready for the next hurricane of the season. already has eyes on Hurricane Iselle and Tropical Storm Julio. Do you have the hurricane shutters or accordion storm shutters you need to ride the storms and maybe even hurricanes? Getting your home the protection it needs like accordion hurricane shutters is just one way to protect your family. It is very effective because it is never too early to start preparing your home for a possible hurricane.

Screen Builders is a trusted pool screen enclosure company in West Palm Beach, FL. Screen Builders does an exceptional job at installing patio screen enclosures and pool screens. There aren’t many people who know that Screen Builders also installs hurricane shutters and storm shutters. But it’s true. It’s beneficial to have storm shutters. Not only do they protect your home when there is a hurricane, but they can also save you money. If you have accordion hurricane shutters, your insurance premiums may be lowered significantly. You will also have peace of mind. You won’t be stressed out. The storm shutters sold by Screen Builders can be handled quickly and easily by just one person. They can be custom designed to make it easier for you to store your patio and pool furniture behind the shutters. Screen Builders can also provide you with roll-up screens.

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