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Looking for the Best Storm Shutters in West Palm Beach?

Investing in Accordion Storm Shutters in West Palm Beach is a Great Way to Protect Your Home  

West Palm Beach is simply a beautiful place to live. The sun shines bright and the beaches are long and plentiful. It’s no wonder so many people choose to retire down here. Living in South Florida is a pretty great place to be, unfortunately we are susceptible to major storms and hurricanes. Property damage to your home during these storms can be massive and heart breaking. Doesn’t it make sense to go the extra mile and protect your home with a little bit of preemptive maintenance? At Screen Builders, we offer just that. Our accordion storm shutters don’t just protect your home they give you peace of mind. Our shutters will keep your windows whole and crystal-clear during Mother Nature’s most extreme outbursts.  

West Palm Beach Is No Stranger to Hurricanes 

South Florida is well known for having parts of the region absolutely devasted from huge hurricanes. The large-scale destruction from Hurricane Irma is still very fresh in our minds. When a hurricane or large storm does happen the first aspect of a home to break are the windows. While it is not hurricane season yet, it isn’t that far away either. Now is a great time to safeguard your home and give your family an extra layer of protection with our accordion storm shutters. We fabricate our shutters from the highest quality material available. You can rest assured your windows are going to be safe.  

Replacing broken windows in your home tallies up quickly and can amount to a small fortune. Besides the monetary cost, broken windows during a big storm leaves your home open and venerable to dirt debris and other small hazards being thrown around from high winds. The valuables inside your home can easily get destroyed leaving the whole family devastated. Don’t let your family become this sad example. Accordion storm shutters are inexpensive and last for many years. They are a smart investment that potentially pay for themselves every time a major storm hits close by.  

We can custom fabricate our accordion storm shutters to fit over even the most unique windows. Our storm shutters look great too. The high-quality material we use can complement any home and they will continue to look great season after season. So not only do our shutters protect your home, they also add to the curb appeal, couple in our low prices and you have three great reasons to invest in our storm shutters today.  

Investing in preemptive maintenance to protect your home is always a great idea. It ensures the security of your personal belongings and your family. Our accordion storm shutters offer just that. Hurricane season will be here before we know it and we never know when the next major storm will hit. There is no better time to protect your home than now. For accordion storm shutters in West Palm Beach, call Screen Builders today at (561) 793-6029!