Do you need your Patio Screen Repaired in West Palm Beach?

Being prepared for hurricane season is important in order to protect your screened enclosure and your home. While Florida hasn’t seen a hurricane in years, it’s always important to be prepared. It’s always better to be ready for a hurricane and not have one than it is to not be prepared and have one hit. At Screen Builders we’re here to help you get prepared for the next big storm, even if it’s not classified as a hurricane. South Florida is known for its strong storms even when it isn’t hurricane season, so make sure your home is protected in the best way possible. At Screen Builders we have some of the best hurricane shutters to protect your home. With reinforced wind bracing and corrosion-resistant screws our Accordion hurricane shutters are sure to withstand the heavy rains and high winds that accompany a hurricane.

How will Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach Protect my Home?

While there are many different types of hurricane shutters available, you want the best when it comes to protecting your home from a hurricane. Screen Builders has top quality hurricane shutters and our Accordion hurricane shutters are sure to keep your home safe in case of a hurricane. Some of the ways in which our Accordion hurricane shutters protect your home include:

  • Removable Panels
  • Reinforced Wind Bracing
  • Corrosion-Resistant Screws
  • Mesh Screen Panels

Removable panels for your patio or pool screen enclosure can help save your home from damage during a strong storm of hurricane. You can easily remove these panels prior to a storm hitting, and this allows strong winds to travel through your enclosure without breaking or damaging the panels. After the storm you can simply place these panels back in and you won’t have to worry about any large repairs from the strong winds or flying debris.

If you’re looking for new hurricane shutters to best protect your home, contact out team at Screen Builders today. Our team can provide you with the best hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, and also answer any questions you may have about your new hurricane shutters. Don’t wait until the threat of the next big storm or hurricane to take action. Get protection for your home today with the best Accordion Hurricane Shutters in West Palm Beach. Contact Screen Builders today to see the various hurricane shutters we have to offer and to learn which will best protect your home when the next storm hits.