The Pool Screen Enclosure Professionals

There’s nothing like sitting out on a back deck or patio and enjoying the beautiful weather of South Florida. People dream about sitting by the pool while waiting for the barbecue to heat up for a Saturday afternoon cook out with friends and family.

However, one of the major downfalls of having a pool and patio is the maintenance and upkeep required to keep everything looking great. Everybody hates getting out the pool cleaner and scooping dead leaves and other unpleasant items from their pool. It’s also never fun when you come out for a swim and find some that some little critter has beat you to the punch. If you’re like me then a little shade can be a wonderful relief from the hot Florida sun. All of these problems are solved with a screen enclosure for your pool and yard.

Save yourself time and money by installing a screen enclosure over your pool or patio. Screen Builders in West Palm Beach, FL is one company with a sterling reputation for quality and service. They’ve been providing high quality screen enclosures to the people of Palm Beach County since 1977! You probably wouldn’t be in business that long if you weren’t doing a great job! Not only does Screen Builders make custom screen enclosures, but they all specialize in gates and fences, storm shutters, roll-screens, and sun rooms.

Screen enclosures have numerous benefits that will keep your pool and patio in top notch shape. One of the biggest benefits is UV ray protection. We all know how damaging and dangerous UV rays can be to our skin, especially in South Florida where the sun is almost always shining. A screen enclosure helps to block out harmful UV rays so you and your loved ones can enjoy your pool and patio all day without worry. Screen enclosures also help to keep pools cleaner for longer so you lower the time and cost of maintaining your pool. If you’re someone who loves to eat outside, a screen enclosure keeps out bugs and other annoying pests so you can enjoy a meal in peace. A screen enclosure is perfect for people with pets or young children. Let your children and animals enjoy being outside without the fear of them wandering off.

Screen Builders in West Palm Beach specializes in custom built screens so properties of any size and shape can be accommodated. They also use the highest quality products that can withstand winds of 150 miles per hour. With multiple options when it comes to shape and color, you can fully customize a screen enclosure to fit perfectly with the rest of your home and yard. One of the coolest things about screen enclosures is you can choose which areas of your pool and patio receive sun and which parts that don’t. It’s like having a climate control setting outdoors!

If you’re looking for a screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, FL then check out Screen Builders today and discover a whole room you never knew you had!