Prevent West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever with a Pool Screen!

Imagine this; it’s a beautiful day in South Florida and you’re getting ready for a backyard barbecue with all your friends and family. You’re pool is cleaned and ready to go, the grill is hot and the people are having a great time. However, all of a sudden a mosquito lands on someone in the pool and starts doing its thing. A harmless swat sends the pest buzzing away, but an itchy red dot might be the least of your worries. Mosquitoes have long been a summertime pest, but new blood-borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever are making mosquitoes much more problematic. West Nile is the original mosquito disease that people have heard of and it wasn’t even a common thing until the mid to late 90’s. One of the most dangerous aspects of West Nile is that many people don’t experience symptoms after infection so it can be tricky to diagnose. Dengue Fever is similar to West Nile in that it is transferred via mosquito, but it is a much older and better known ailment. In fact, millions of people are infected with Dengue Fever every year. Mosquitoes transfer illnesses from one person to the next and you could be next unless you take the proper precautions.

The easiest way to prevent mosquitoes from biting you and your loved one is to limit your expose to them. This could mean wearing clothing that covers your skin or using some kind of insect repellant. However, you can’t wear clothes or bug spray in the pool, so then what? The experts at Screen Builders West Palm Beach recommend one of their high quality pool screen enclosures which keep mosquitoes and other pests at bay so you can enjoy your backyard pool as much as possible. Screen Builders has decades of experience when it comes to building high quality pool screens that not only resist hurricanes, but also keep mosquitoes from transferring dangerous diseases like West Nile and Dengue Fever to your loved ones. Modern medicine means that both ailments are treatable with proper medical care, but why take the risk? A pool screen can help keep you and your family safer while you enjoy a swim in West Palm Beach.

Screen Builders uses a special type of screen and brace combination that keeps pests out without compromising on strength and structural integrity. Certain advancements like roll-up screens for hurricanes make our screen enclosures in West Palm Beach one of the most durable and reasonably priced options. Call Screen Builders today to schedule a consultation with one of our pool screen professionals.