Protect Your Family with a Better Vue Insect Screen

We all love to spend time relaxing at our pools. But while we enjoy great year-long weather in West Palm Beach, it does bring unwanted insects and harmful ultra violet rays from the sun which can cause damage to your skin. One of the best ways to protect your family and enjoy your backyard is to install a Better Vue insect screen around your pool.  Screen Builders has built its reputation as a pioneer in the screen enclosure business. It was the first company to offer Phifer Better Vue screen cloths. This enclosure provides greater visibility, 33 percent increased protection from insects and keeps your pool water warm.

You should never have to worry about spending time in the sun. Unfortunately, many people in West Palm Beach are at high risk for illnesses such as skin cancer and melanoma. Exposure to unprotected sun rays can cause your skin to burn within 30 to 45 minutes.  Standard mesh screens can improve your chances. But the professionals at Screen Builders take your safety much more seriously. In addition to the Better Vue insect screen, they can also provide a Sun Tex 80 screen which can keep you protected from the sun all day.

Mosquitos are not only a nuisance, they can also be dangerous to your health. These relentless blood suckers can spread illnesses such as the West Nile Virus and encephalitis. A bug zapper can only provide so much protection. The Better Vue insect screening system allows you to enjoy great visibility along with greater protection from invading bugs and pests. Designed by Pfiefer, this screen enclosure consists of square mesh with .008 core yarn to reduce the risk of damage. This material is known for its durability, easy fabrication, curbs appeal and is flame retardant. Better Vue insect screens can be easily installed in doors and window screens. They’re perfect for pool and patio enclosures by keeping out bugs and maintaining high visibility. The material allows light and air to pass through without invading bugs.

Your pool and backyard should be a safe place for your family or friends to gather or relax. Don’t let unwanted pests and the sun’s harmful rays prevent you from enjoying your backyard. Screen Builders in West Palm Beach has long been a leader in the screen industry. It’s hard to beat a company which has been around for 128 years. Screen Builders has earned an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and is a member of Angie’s list. Call them today at (561) 793-6029 and learn how a screen enclosure can keep your backyard safe and looking good.