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Screen Builders Builds Decks Too

People say that a lot can be said from a company’s name or logo. “Screen Builders.” What do you think of when you see when you hear that company name? If you said that Screen Builders is a company that specializes in building screens, you are absolutely correct. They can build pool screen enclosures, patio screen enclosures, sunrooms, and balconies. But did you know that Screen Builders builds decks, too? If you were not aware of that, then now your know.

Sometimes there’s more to a name than what the obvious is. Building decks is another service that Screen Builders in West Palm, Beach, FL provides. A deck is normally found in one’s backyard. It gives the person on the deck a bird’s-eye view of the rest of the backyard. From a deck, the person can see their pool from a higher platform and the person can keep an eye on their children and pets more easily. Decks can be built in many different designs. Some decks have railings. Some decks have roofs. Some decks have other kinds of construction on it like gazebos.

Decks should be big enough to give the homeowners enough space to put out their decks some outdoor furniture, maybe some tables, or perhaps even a Jacuzzi. A deck should be a place where homeowners can go to after work and just enjoy all that nature has to offer them. You can feel the wind and watch the sunset. It is a privilege to have a deck in your home. It will add value to it.

Screen Builders can build you screen enclosures with a difference. Screen Builders can build you remarkable decks just the way you envision it in your head. Overall, Screen Builders is a company your can trust to make your home more beautiful.

Take advantage of Screen Builder’s coupon available online on our website. It is for a free design drawing and estimate. To use this coupon, present it at the time of service. This coupon expires on June 30, 2014. This is great to utilize for when you call Screen Builders for a quote for your new patio deck. It is sure to look amazing outside by your pool.