Storm Shutters Can Protect Your Property

In the past two weeks, Hurricane Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo have both caused damaged to the island of Bermuda. The weather changes from one day to another to another. In the same way, South Florida can be affected by hurricanes and nasty tropical storms. Hurricane Season for 2014 is not over until November 30. The best way to get the fewest damages to one’s house or business is to be prepared.

Storm Shutters are a type of application that is put on the windows of a home or business. They are used to protect the inhabitants from flying glass and other kinds of debris. There are many different kinds of hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL that can be bought to help protect your West Palm Beach, FL property.

Roll-down hurricane shutters are storm shutters that can be bought in West Palm Beach, FL and they are attached above the window. They roll up and down. They are stored in an enclosed box when they are not being used. There is usually a push button or hand crank on the side that is used to roll the shutters down and lock them. They are permanently placed on your home or business property and they can be easily be set up by one person. Colonial and Bahama hurricane shutters are most like decorative shutters. They help protect the home or office as well. They are visually appealing even when they are not in use.

Accordion storm shutters from West Palm Beach, FL are a popular choice of hurricane preparedness that South Florida residents tend to buy. They get their name from the movement they make when they are set up. One person can easily make these storm shutters storm-ready. Some accordion hurricane shutters can be locked with a key for extra protection.

Screen Builders is a patio screen enclosure company. They specialize in constructing pool screen enclosures and sunrooms. Screen Builders can also provide West Palm Beach residents with safe storm shutters. Their team will go to their homes or businesses and help install the shutters onto their property. If you would like a free quote on screen shutters, call Screen Builders today at (561) 793-6029. Be ready for the next possible hurricane that can hit South Florida.