Storm Shutters Are a Must for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season right around the corner, the rush for storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL has begun. Storm shutters are one of the most valuable items when it comes to protecting your home or apartment from the strong winds and rain that accompany a hurricane or tropical storm. Many resort to covering windows with pieces of plywood when a storm rolls through, but a new set of storm shutters from Screen Builders, Inc. can provide much more protection and are easier to put up and take down than a big piece of plywood. When you get your new storm shutters from a company like Screen Builders, Inc. you know you are getting the best quality product on the market anywhere. Screen Builders, Inc. uses only the highest grade aluminum on all of their custom window storm shutters so their durability is unquestionable.

The best part about a set of new storm shutters from Screen Builders, Inc. is that they are completely removable so your home doesn’t look any different when the sun is shining. The easy to install shutters go up quickly so you can wait until the storm is closing in before putting them up. It’s not the wind itself which blows in windows. Usually it’s flying debris which causes the most damage. With a set of aluminum storm shutters, any kind of flying projectile will bounce harmlessly to the ground rather than going through an exposed window.

Call Screen Builders, Inc. today at (561) 793-6029 for more information on protecting your home during hurricane season. Those looking for storm shutters in West Palm Beach, FL should trust the years of service Screen Builders, Inc. has in South Florida. With a reputation for excellent products and quality service, Screen Builders, Inc. is the company you can trust.

Check out our newest video below for more about how Screen Builders, Inc. can keep your home safe during Florida’s hurricane season.