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Storm Shutters South Florida

Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Storm Shutters in South Florida

If you’ve been a resident of the sunshine state for many years, it may be time to change your storm shutters in South Florida. There’s nothing more terrifying than realizing that your form of protection didn’t hold up when it needed to most. Fortunately, at Screen Builders, Inc. we’re helping hundreds of Floridians safeguard their homes before the next Hurricane Irma arrives. Your valuables are important to you! Don’t let negligence be the reason you lose it all.  

Insurance Claims and Storm Shutters in South Florida 

If you have storm shutters, instantly your insurance premium goes down. You’re taking the appropriate precaution before a hurricane rips through the beautiful tropical shores. However, what happens when a hurricane does ruin your home? What if your storm shutters were not up-to-date enough to keep the inside of your home safe? The insurance company may see that as a failure to perform proper maintenance, and they may not give you the adequate financial assistance your policy would otherwise entitle you to.  

Resale Values and Storm Shutters 

If you’re planning to sell this season, it may be time to buy new sets of storm shutters. Homebuyers, in most situations, are looking for homes that are ready to go, as is. If they need to replace storm shutters, you could be losing out on a large part of your financial profit. Additionally, new storm shutters can be an enticing reason to buy. They know that their insurance will be lower and that your home will provide a safe haven for their family. 

Save Money with New Storm Shutters  

Last, but not least, you can save money by purchasing new storm shutters. How is this so? If a hurricane ruins your old and inadequate protection, then the torrential downpours, flooding, and winds can reek havoc on the internal portion of your house. Not only will you be dealing with flood removal and furniture repairs, but you’ll also be looking at a potential mold case. Mold and mildew are very expensive to remediate.   

If your storm shutters in South Florida aren’t up to date, start fresh with the professionals at Screen Builders, Inc. We’re a team the prides ourselves on giving our customers quality care and durable materials. In fact, our products are meant to withstand Florida’s many different weather patterns. Don’t be caught in a surprise hurricane without the proper protection. Call us today at (561) 793-5804 and see how we can get you geared up for the next named storm!