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Why Sunrooms Are Worth The Cost

There’s a reason that sunrooms are the perfect addition to your West Palm Beach home. The constant year-round summertime weather has earned Florida the nickname as The Sunshine State, and the best way to enjoy the Florida sun is with your very own sunroom. At Screen Builders, we think that all homes can be improved with our high quality sunrooms in West Palm Beach, FL. Now’s the perfect time to outfit your home with a stylish and affordable sunroom, and our experts at Screen Builders are ready to help you increase your home’s square footage and comfortable living spaces. Beat the heat and still soak in the sun with your very own sunroom!

.Sunrooms West Palm Beach, FL

When you have friends or family visit from out of town, what’s the first thing they want to do? Hit the beach and get some rays? Imagine how impressed your friends, family and out of town guests will be when they’re visiting your home over the holidays if you have a brand new sunroom to share. Sunrooms are the perfect place for family gatherings, relaxing mornings and even birthday parties. At Screen Builders, we can create the most durable sunrooms from our customized aluminum structures that we strengthen with our high quality coatings. A sunroom can improve your existing lanai patio in West Palm Beach, FL. Or we can also transform outdoor decks in West Palm Beach, FL and create the perfect sunroom in these spaces.

Sunrooms can brighten a home in more ways than one!

Converting your existing outdoor space into the perfect sunroom takes more than simply building new siding. At Screen Builders, we focus on including customized elements within your sunroom’s design to make sure the space fits you and your home perfectly. You can choose between acrylic or vinyl pane windows, depending on your preferences and weather needs. No matter which type of enclosure we construct, you can rest assured that a sunroom from our company will:

  • Increase your living space
  • Bring UV protection
  • Allow your family to enjoy the outdoors
  • Increase your home’s style
  • Give your home added appeal

We can also include elements within your sunroom that fit your family, such as increased sun protection with window tinting or doggy doors for ease of use. Our design options are customized to your home, your family and your budget. A West Palm Beach sunroom is the perfect addition to your home, it helps you enjoy the year-round sunshine with all the comforts of the indoors. If you’re ready to add a durable, weather-resistant sunroom to your home, call our team at (561) 793-6029 to learn more about our customized products.