The Nuts and Bolts of Replacement or “Retrofit” Windows and Doors

If you’re interested in replacing your windows or doors, the professionals at Screen Builders know that making an informed decision can be overwhelming! As you search for the option that’s best for you and your South Florida home, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of choices. Breaking it down into the simple nuts and bolts of replacement or “retrofit” windows and doors may help make your decision a lot easier.

A replacement window or door is simply any window or door that “replaces” an existing window or door. This can be done using “new construction” or a “retrofit.” But even window and door professionals often use the terms “replacement” and “retrofit” interchangeably, so don’t let that confuse you.

Wondering which is right for you? At Screen Builders we like to keep it simple. We like to find the most outstanding and excellent options for a quick home improvement project for our clients, especially when there are budget or time constraints. Replacement/retrofit windows were developed so that a contractor does not have to remove the exterior materials of the home in order to install the window; instead they are measured to fit in an existing window opening and will only replace the actual window itself, saving time and labor costs with all the benefits of a new window.

Did you know that there are many different types, styles and customizable options for replacement and retrofit windows in South Florida? Do you need bow or bay, double-hung or sliding, awning or casement? The choices can be dizzying! Screen Builders are here to help you sort through and discover the many available window styles and to assist you in choosing which option will work best for your personal design preferences and most importantly, the architecture and structural needs of your home.

When it comes to replacing doors, specifically patio doors, it can open up your home to more light and ventilation. In some cases, you may even enjoy greater comfort by upgrading old patio doors to the more current energy efficient ones. One of the most important aspects of choosing a replacement or retrofit door is the operation style. You can choose between in-swing, out-swing or sliding doors to best fit your home options, here are the nuts and bolts of those choices:

  • In-Swing Door: The hinges are located inside your home and not visible to the outside. You will need adequate space on the interior of the door to accommodate the swing space.
  • Out-Swing Doors: Out-swing (patio) doors will need a clear path on the outside. Hurricane doors or doors in high wind areas are often “out-swing” because of the greater strength it provides when the wind is pushing against the doors.
  • Sliding Patio Doors: Sliding patio doors are a great solution for spaces that simply cannot accommodate a full swinging door, such as a balcony or sunroom.

When it’s time to start considering replacing your home’s windows and doors, you may be evaluating the pros and cons of purchasing retrofit (replacement) windows and doors instead of new construction windows or doors.  While new construction may initially sound like a good choice, there are numerous reasons why retrofit or replacements are the better options.

The elite team of professional contractors at Screen Builders can help you decide from all of the different installation options and methods, and all of the different types of retrofit windows and doors – depending on whether your doors and windows are metal or wood. We have door styles that have been designed to enhance a wide variety of architectural styles and built strong enough to withstand kids, pets, and busy lifestyles.

Screen Builders offers a lifetime warranty, and we stand behind that promise. Buying replacement windows or doors is a great way to improve the beauty, value and comfort of your home and to endure safety through hurricane seasons. No matter how you look at it, they are a great investment.

Both retrofit or replacement windows or doors and new construction windows and doors have specific advantages designed and different installation methods. If you’re planning a window or door replacement or new construction project in South Florida, let the experts and professionals at Screen Builders help you bring your vision into real life!