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Things You Want to Think about to Select the Best Patio Screens in Jupiter

Patios are excellent ways to enjoy South Florida’s nice weather year-round and socialize with your friends and family. 

The challenge is when you are sitting on your patio and bugs (such as mosquitoes and flies) are swarming around you. These critters ruin the experience and send you running inside to get away from the constant biting and irritation. The best way to address these issues is to use patio screens in Jupiter that offer protection year-round. In this article, we look at the things you want to think about to find a patio screen that is right for you. 

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Before installing any patio screens, you should think about your activities on the patio now and in the future. Sometimes, patios are ways to sit outside, relax, and enjoy the cool breezes coming off of the ocean. 

Others look at their patio as an essential part of bonding with family and friends. They do lots of entertaining and have a full set of tables, chairs, and lighting to make everything perfect. You want to consider how you are using the patio and if things will change in the future. 

For example, most of the time, you use your patio to relax and enjoy being outdoors on your property. However, at some point, you may want to start entertaining guests and will require screens that offer protection against bugs. If you are doing these events during the day (such as on Sunday afternoon) you will need a screen that the sunlight and keeps out the pests. 

Thinking about your current and future needs makes the selection process easier when choosing a patio screen. 

Screen Builders can help with our expertise and experience in everything related to patio screens. We will give you a solution that matches your current and future uses that is durable, sturdy, and safe.


For most people, pets are an integral part of the family, and you will spend lots of time with them on the patio. The challenge is that pets can damage your patio screen by scratching or playing near it. You want to consider the number, size, and kinds of pets you, have to select a durable patio screen. 

For example, pet-friendly patio screens can withstand biting, scratching, or pushing. The last thing you want is to replace the patio screen. 

Taking into consideration the pets you have will help select a patio screen that works well for you. 

Screen Builders has numerous types of screens that can match your needs and help you find the perfect solutions. We can assist you in selecting the right one and installing the patio screen at your property. 


Patio screens in Jupiter are a broad category, and the costs vary depending on what you want and your budget. The best approach is to think about your lifestyle, your needs, and any special items (such as pets). All of these factors can help you choose what type of screen you need and establish a budget.

The best approach is to talk with a professional that can help in the selection that considers your budget. We will give a final price for the screens and the installation at your property. 

You also want to check on the warranty for the screen and the quality of the work for installation. Thinking ahead and visiting with a trained professional can simplify shopping for the right screen for you. 

Screen Builders is here to help you find the right patio screens from selection to installation. We have been serving South Florida for over 30 years, and patio screens are one of our areas of expertise. 

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