Is it Time for Pool Screen Repair in West Palm Beach, FL?

Even though winter is well on its way, you wouldn’t know it stepping outside in West Palm Beach. That’s because year-round comfortable temperatures keep the beach vibes going all through December. At Screen Builders, we know that bird cage screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, FL are important for year-round enjoyment of your pool. That’s because these enclosures keep debris, pests and even sunburns from running your day. At Screen Builders, we offer the best enclosure construction, installation and pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL. How do you know when it’s time to call in our team for repairs on your pool screen? We’ve put together some top signs it’s time for updates or a new bird cage pool screen enclosure:

  • Your pool is getting dirtier than usual. Unless you’re having pool parties or more pool-goers around than normal, there’s no reason you should be seeing an increase in your pool’s grime. If your pool is growing dirtier, if it’s becoming filled with debris or if you’re noticing your automatic pool cleaner working harder than normal, it’s time to give us a call.
  • Sunburns are growing in frequency. Even during the cooler winter months, sunburns are a constant concern. At Screen Builders, we proudly work with SunTex 80 Solar Screens. These pool screens keep sunburns at bay. We can replace your existing screens with SunTex 80 Solar Screens to help reduce sunburn.
  • Pests are finding their way in. While pool screen enclosures help keep debris out of your pool, they also help keep pests out of your pool enclosure. If you’re getting more mosquito bites than normal, there’s a chance that your enclosure has a small rip, tear or hole somewhere within its panels. In that case, it’s time to give us a call.
  • You can see rust or damage. The mesh panels that create the bulk of your pool screen enclosure are just a part of its systems. There’s also a framework of bracing and metal pieces that hold the entire structure together. If you see damage, rust or other signs of wear in these metal components, we encourage you to seek out pool screen repair in West Palm Beach, FL right away to ensure things don’t become dangerous.

At Screen Builders, we’re committed to offering the best bird cage pool screen enclosures in West Palm Beach, FL. In addition to designing and installing the best enclosures around, we’re also proud to work with existing enclosures for repairs and maintenance as necessary. It’s easy to keep your pool and enclosures in great shape when you count on our experts at Screen Builders.