Is it Time to Update your Lanai Patio?

When you’re driving around any neighborhood in the area, you’ll have no challenge finding a lanai patio in West Palm Beach, FL. And it’s no mystery why. These open air patios provide some shade and optimal views of backyards and beaches alike. But, these classic patios have started showing their age. In a home design world where everything can be customized and improved, standard lanai patios simply leave a lot to be desired. At Screen Builders, we’re here to help make the outdoors enjoyable again. From new pools to enclosures, sunrooms and even outdoor kitchens, we can make your lanai patio the best part of your home. Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your home with patio renovations? We’re here to help you improve your lanai patio in West Palm Beach, FL.


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One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you should upgrade your patio is its current state. For example, if your patio’s deck is crumbling, you’re already going to be refinishing these surfaces. While you’re at it, we can help improve your old lanai patio with small fixes or major projects. The fastest upgrade we can bring to lanai patios all around the area considers sun and bug protection. Aren’t you tired of bugs making your patio their new home? Screen enclosures are the perfect way to protect any outdoor space without detracting from the natural beauty that surrounds your lanai patio. We can update your patio with screen enclosures that bring sun protection, protection from bugs and added security to your patio. Other safety features that can improve your patio include hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, FL. While hurricane season is winding down, bringing hurricane protection to your home is always in style.

There are plenty of other ways you can upgrade your lanai patio in West Palm Beach, FL. For example, some upgrades can bring improved usage to your patio. You can add an outdoor kitchen that makes BBQs, cookouts and weekend parties a breeze. Our team at Screen Builders can design and install your perfect outdoor kitchen. If you’d prefer to keep your lanai patio cooler, then converting the space into a brand new sunroom may be your best bet. After all, the sunrooms we create at Screen Builders are the perfect way to enjoy the views from your patio without the heat or discomfort. To discover your personalized lanai patio designs, call our team at (561) 793-6029.