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Tips for Childproofing Your Screen Enclosure.

Kids are curious and always seeking adventure. Your backyard screened porch or patio is a great place for them to play while allowing you to keep an eye on them. A childproof screen enclosure can be easily built and installed by our team of experts. 

Below we give you some great tips to make this sanctuary a safe haven for your toddler. 

7 Tips to Childproof Your Screen Enclosure.

  1. Choose the right furniture. Make sure any furniture you have in their play area doesn’t tip over easily. Also, be sure to buy lounge chairs and any other seating that won’t easily fold up. Pinched fingers and skin are a far too common and easily avoided injury. Check to make sure they are made and painted with only non-toxic materials.
  2. Place furniture away from the screens. Kids love to climb on things, especially furniture. Properly placing furniture away from railings and screens will keep them from tumbling outside.
  3. Block stairway entrances. Installing a safety gate will keep your kids from falling down the stairs and wandering outside. This is an easy and safe solution to give you peace of mind. Make sure to securely fasten the gate with screws, don’t just rely on pressure locks.
  4. Install childproof doors. You want to make sure your little ones only go out when you want them to. Make sure the doorway that leads to your screened patio or porch has a reliable locking mechanism that your child cannot easily access. 

The bottom of the exterior door that leads to the yard should be solid or plexiglass. A screen in the bottom of the door can be ripped by your child or pets, giving them access outside.

  1. Install a door hinge guard. Pinched fingers or worse – a broken digit can easily be avoided. We will gladly install hingeguards for you when building your screen patio or porch.
  2. Make sure the handrails and guardrails are up to code. There are municipal codes in place to ensure the safety of your loved ones. They must be properly spaced and at the correct height. We will expertly install all guard rails around your screened deck or patio and handrails along the stairs. 
  3. Keep your space clear. An uncluttered screened patio is the best way to keep your child safe. Yard tools, fertilizers, and insecticides should be stored in a shed or garage. Make sure the bbq grill is shut tight and any fuel you use for it is locked away. Put away any tongs and forks you use to eliminate an invitation for a “sword fight”.
  4. Install childproof flooring. You might want to consider a synthetic flooring option for your patio or porch. This solution will eliminate splinters in little toes and toxic fumes from treated wood. It also prevents your little ones from slipping when the floor is wet.
  5. Check your electrical outlets. Make sure your outdoor outlets have ground fault circuit interrupters with locking outdoor receptacle covers. You should block them with bulky furniture, making them harder for your kids to access. Remove light fixtures that a child could reach. You will also want to make sure electrical cords are out of reach.
  6. Make routine inspections. Look out for splintered wood and sand or plane down sharp edges and corners. Remove and replace any loose nails as well as tighten any screws sticking out. Replace any broken or loose boards. Painted surfaces should be inspected for flaking and/or chipping.

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