Top Five Reasons to Choose Screen Builders

Screen Builders has cemented their legacy as one of the best pool screen enclosure companies in South Florida. With more than 26 years in the business and a combined 128 years of experience between all three founders, Screen Builders is the absolute best option for anyone who wants to turn their backyard into something special. It doesn’t matter how big or small your backyard is, Screen Builders can design a high quality, hurricane resistant pool screen that fits perfectly with the rest of your home.

Trust Screen Builders with your Pool Screen Enclosure!

The advantages are clear when you work with the best. Here are the top five reasons why Screen Builders are the pool screen experts in South Florida.

5. Hurricane Shutters: Storm shutters are extremely helpful when it comes to protecting your home or apartment from the howling winds and driving rain that come with a hurricane or tropical storm. Some people use plywood to cover windows when a storm comes through, but a new set of storm shutters from Screen Builders, Inc. can offer much far better protection from the elements and are much easier to put up and take down than a gigantic piece of plywood.

4. Fences & Gates: Need a custom designed gate for your walkway, driveway or foyer? Interested in some balcony or stairway railings? Screen Builders, Inc. has what you need! Our gates and fences are made from high quality materials and they look great too! Choose the design that fits your needs, there are tons to choose from!

3. Pool Screens: Our staff will guide you through the entire planning process for a new pool screen from beginning to end. Pool screens help keep harmful UV rays from hurting your family, they keep pests at bay and they reduce your pool maintenance costs. Why wouldn’t you invest in one for your backyard?

2. New Pool Construction: Those looking for fresh ideas for a pool construction should consider some of the quality products offered by Screen Builders, Inc. We have worked with nearly every pool building company in South Florida for the perfect pairing of pool and screen enclosure. Working with Screen Builders means you are cutting out the middle man and getting a great price on a quality screen enclosure.

1. Customer Service: Screen Builders, Inc. understands that customer service is paramount to running a great business. We go out of our way to ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with our work every time. We work closely with each client so their comments, questions and concerns are always addressed by our professional staff. Call Screen Builders today for a consultation!