Why You Need a Patio Screen Enclosure if You Live in Boca Raton

One of the best things about living in Boca Raton is the beautiful weather almost all year round. But it can at times be so hot and humid that the sun feels like it is beating down on you at all hours of the day. And to make matters worse, hot and humid weather attracts pests looking to enter your home for relief from the heat. Summertime, one of the rainiest seasons, also encourages mosquitos and other pests to hang around your patio area. So, what’s the best way to keep bugs and other pests out of your home and patio area? A screened enclosure from Screen Builders, South Florida’s leading screen building and repair company for over three decades!

There are Many Benefits to Having a Patio Screen Enclosure Installed in Boca Raton

While privacy is one of the key issues that prompts homeowners to purchase a patio screen enclosure, there are other reasons you might want to look into one including:

  • Mosquitos and pests are kept out- Having a screened enclosure allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather without having to worry about being bitten by mosquitos or have other bugs invade your home. You and your family can even enjoy a nice meal out on your patio without having to constantly swat away flies and other bugs.  That isn’t possible without a screen enclosure.
  • Protection from the sun- SunTex solar screens are Screen Builders popular brand. These enclosures block out up to 80% of the UV rays emitted by the sun, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather without having to worry about getting burned. Sun protection is always an issue especially in South Florida’s strong tropical sun.  Protecting yourself from its harmful rays is an important part of cancer prevention.
  • Kids and pet’s safety- The law in Florida mandates that if you have a pool, you need to have a screened enclosure around it to prevent accidents, especially for children and pets. So another great reason to get a screened patio enclosure in your home is to keep your kids and pets corralled in a safe zone. The kids can play outside, and you won’t have to worry about them wandering off. We also offer customized pet doors for small, medium and large sized pets.

At Screen Builders, we offer more than just patio screen enclosure installation in Boca Raton. We can repair your current patio enclosure if it has any rips, tears or holes. There are many reasons why having a screened in patio enclosure in South Florida is necessary, so whether you’re looking to get a new screened enclosure or you already have one in your home that is in need of repair, call our professionals at Screen Builders today at (561) 793-6029 for a free estimate.