Hurricane weather isn’t something Floridians aren’t accustomed to. We hadn’t had a large hurricane in quite some time, leaving many Florida residents unprepared for the mega storm, Irma. This hurricane left many families in a state of panic, as they tried to ready themselves as best as possible before moving North, out of the hurricane’s path.

One of the major hurricane necessities is hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach. These can make a massive difference in the state your home could be in when you return home. Hurricane shutters are meant to keep your home from being destroyed by flying debris, and landscaping that has come loose. Hurricane shutters are very affordable and extremely common in Florida, but many homeowners don’t know the first thing about how to take care of them or what to expect.

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If you did stick around for hurricane Irma long enough, you may have noticed the millions of families and business nailing plywood pieces to their windows and doors. At Screen Builders in West Palm Beach, we highly advise against this, as this does not help withstand the winds and debris in the same way hurricane shutters would. In the possibility that the next hurricane, it’s better to be safe than to have a house or business destroyed and flooded from the powerful hurricane wind and rainfalls.

There’s a lot of maintenance to hurricane shutters that many people don’t realize. When property owners invest in these safety devises, yet ignore the upkeep, it may mean that their home or property won’t be as protected as the shutters that have been cared for appropriately. Before hurricane season, it’s good to get your home or business inspected once a year to be sure that everything us up to date. First and foremost, you’ll want to clean your hurricane shutters. Usually warm water with soapsuds will do the job. You’ll also want to check for any imperfections, such as cracks, holes, or any other disruptions for functioning correctly. Certainly be sure to check your hurricane shutter’s motor, as you’ll want to know if it doesn’t work before a hurricane strikes, giving you enough time to fix the issue.

One important thing we cannot stress enough is that hurricane shutters need to be installed by a professional. The worst possible outcome is that someone without the correct knowledge decides to install on his or her own, and does the job incorrectly. This could lead to the hurricane shutters not doing what they are meant to do, leaving your home, once again, destroyed. If you suffered the last hurricane without the right protection and are in need of hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach, call us today so that we can get your home safe and secure from Mother Nature.