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3 Signs You Can Benefit From a Patio Screen Enclosure

Are you looking for a way to spice up your patio and backyard? If so, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is one way to do it. With the patio screen in place, you can enjoy your backyard in a more intimate manner. 

The protective screen also enables you to decorate knowing that your furniture has a layer of protection from the elements. But, we know that having a patio screen enclosure installed is a big decision to make. 

You might have some questions and be unsure if it’s something you can benefit from. If that’s the case, our team at Screen Builders can help. To see if a patio screen enclosure can benefit you, keep reading. We review the three signs that indicate you may enjoy your patio more with one built.

  1. Pests Keep You From Enjoying Your Patio

After being inside all day, nothing is better than getting some fresh air. And the patio is one of the best places to kick back and relax. However, one thing that will quickly put a damper on your relaxing time outdoors is pests. Whether these pests are those flies that won’t leave you alone or mosquitos that constantly bite you, they can prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors. 

But you don’t need to let pests get in the way of you getting some fresh air outside. 

With a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach, you can relax on your patio without being bothered by the countless pests. There’s no better time than now to invest either. With summer around the corner, you can expect to see more bugs.

  1. You’re Bored of Your Patio

After living in your home for some time, you might get bored of the look and feel of your backyard. Or, maybe you bought the house with the intention of one day switching up the backyard entirely. 

Either way, you might be looking for a way to change up the look of the patio. If that’s the case, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is a great way to spice up the outdoor patio.

Some people find that with the patio screen, they feel more comfortable adding furniture outside. Taking the one step of getting the patio screened in could lead to your dream backyard set-up. 

If you have a pool, it might also give the backyard a more intimate feel. One thing is for certain, with a patio screen enclosure, you make an impact on the way your backyard looks and you make an impact on the amount of time you spend enjoying it!

  1. You Constantly Find Debris in Your Pool

There’s no way around it; keeping a pool clean is timely and expensive. Regardless of if you clean the pool yourself or have a professional come out and do it, it doesn’t come without a price. After spending the money or time, or both, dedicated to your swimming pool, it’s frustrating to see debris always in it. As a homeowner, you likely expect to see some dirt, bugs, and debris in the pool from time to time.

However, seeing it every single day, and to a large extent, gets exhausting. 

It either means you have to shell out more time and money or live with a dirty pool. With summer right around the corner, the last thing you want to do is swim in a dirty pool. The best way to ensure your swimming pool is clean and ready to take a dip this summer is to protect it from debris with a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach.

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Are you ready to change up your backyard or want to prepare for summer? 

If so, a patio screen enclosure in West Palm Beach is the solution. With these enclosures, you can enjoy the sunny weather and fresh air without worrying about any pests or debris flying around. 

You can also enjoy a greater sense of privacy as the enclosure makes the patio a more intimate setting. To learn more about these enclosures and how Screen Builders can help you by getting one built, visit our website Or, give our team a call today at (561) 793-6029 to get started or get a free quote.